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  1. Ive sort of gone the other way and gotten back on the wagon with my eating and exercise. I was trying to maintain my weight at around 75kg give or take a kilo, until after my wedding. I was being too careless with my food and it jumped up to over 77kg so ive been taking long walks the last few days and eating sensibly and its going back down. Bit of a reality check for me.

    Prior to banding, a gain of 2kg wouldnt have bothered me much at all, or id tell myself it wasnt much so it didnt matter. But i've learnt that every kilo counts and when you stop caring about "only 1 kilo" is when it gets out of control and suddenly you find yourself morbidly obese. It feels good to be exercising again actually, especially now our heatwave has settled and im looking forward to getting back to losing after the wedding.

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  2. Hello,


    Just thought I would share these two easy recipes. I was sceptical at first when I saw these but they do actually work and I will be using them a lot from now on. :) Enjoy.


    First one is Flourless Pancakes


    - 1 ripe banana

    - 2 eggs


    Mash and mix them together and fry in a pan until golden and cooked through. They dont take long, flip when required.


    My Notes: They make delicate crepe-like pancakes. They do have an "eggy" taste and texture, they are not like "real" pancakes, but its all about the toppings, and it's still a great alternative if you are gluten intolerant and still wanting to have pancakes with the family! Or if you are like me and need to get rid of those blackening bananas. You could add a little stevia or vanilla to the mix as well, or some of my friends add some protein powder or coconut flour to give them a little substance. But I like them just as they are.


    Serving Suggestion: I had mine this morning rolled up like crepes, served with  strawberries, a dollop of greek yoghurt and a drizzle of sugar-free maply syrup. they were lovely :)



    Second one is Pizza Dough


    - 1 cup of Self-Raising Flour

    - 1 cup of Greek Yoghurt


    Simply mix together, and knead dough for 5-8 mins. Sprinkle bench and hands with more flour as required to prevent sticking. No prooving required, just roll it out into a circle and top with your sauce and toppings. Bake in oven at about 190 degrees celcius until edges are crispy.


    My Notes: This sounds like it couldnt work but it makes a beautiful pizza base! crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. It's almost a scone-like base, it would go beautifully cooked on its own with jam and cream lol. As it is, it's quite a plain base, I added some herbs and a little salt for flavour.



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  3. I have had an eating disorder from a very young age and have only been thin for a very short period of time in my life. When I was thin I weighed myself 6 times a day and became obssesed with exercising.

    I still weigh myself everyday and I constantly think about food and if I am being good or bad with food.

    I am hoping when i get the band it will help me stop thinking of food constantly as I won't be feeling hungry. In saying that I can't remember feeling hungry for a very long time now.



    Getting the lapband has made me much more obsessed with food, calories and weighing than I ever was prior. Some days I wonder If I will ever have normal feeling towards food. I both love and hate it and I literally THINK about food all day. in my head I am always planning my next meal, or thinking up a new recipe to try out, what i have eaten so far that day and if i can get away with a treat, or if i need to have lettuce for my next meal.

  4. Leanne when is your wedding? and I hope everything is going well with the preparations :rolleyes:


    April 5th :) everything is going pretty smoothly so far but its getting so close and I'm starting to freak out a bit. I'm worried about getting everything organised and paid for on time! I have no idea if it's all going to come together on the day or be a stressful nightmare

  5. Pasta doesn't agree with me, also I'm a fussy eater so have never been a taster. My mother in law reckons that's why my food has no taste but how can you taste things that you don't like it just tastes yuk lol

    Lol i think the real question is why are you cooking foods that you dont like?! :)

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  6. A good cook always tastes while cooking! Lol but unfortunately, now it does mean by the time im ready to serve up, im not that hungry any more :( I try my hardest to just "taste" and not eat a whole meal's worth while im cooking. It is a tricky habit to break.

    Tuna mornay is great just on its own for me now. The protein in it will fill you up quickly, you shouldnt need the pasta :) but you can still serve it over rice or pasta for your family. Or sometimes ill just spoon it over some steamed vegetables.

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  7. I flew home to Perth and back and was very comfortable on the plane. Wasnt offered an extender belt of any kind.

    I got dressed up in a cute dress and heels for my Hen's night and felt sexy and "normal".

    I ate good food (like really naughty good food) and drank over the 4 days I was there and I come home to find I havent gained anything. I love my band.

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  8. Is it just me, or does the fact that eating disorder clinics/help generally seemed to be focused on anorexia and bulimia make you mad? It's like as if anorexia and bulima are the "real" illnesses but obesity related issues are just people being fat and lazy.

    Probably because being severely underweight puts people in more immediate danger than people who are overweight. Im not saying being morbidly obese isnt dangerous, (of course it is) but in most circumstances, a severe anorexic could starve to death long before someone will eat themselves to a heart attack.

  9. I agree! What's "naughty" for me is the frequency and quantity.

    If I eat healthy for 5 days and then have a cappucino and a piece of cake at a cafe when I go the shopping, im happy.

    If I know I havent been eating well and I bake and eat a whole batch of brownies in 2 days, then I feel guilty as anything for the next week. Im still trying to overcome my binge eating and I think its something I will continue to struggle with for a while.

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  10. I've been subbing kale for spinach as well but I use much less because it doesn't wilt down to nothing like spinach does, it tends to hold it's shape and stays quite firm. I've been putting it in this frittata type thing I make. I call it a SpanTish Frittolette ...lol.

    yess thats what went wrong. I put extra in thinking it would wilt right down like spinach. It didnt

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  11. I tried using kale instead of spinach in a quiche once and it was a total failure. I think maybe I used too much.

    im not a huge fan of eating these dark leafy greens do I hide them in stirfrys and quiches. Im going to give these kale chips a go.

  12. Our weather forecast for this week:

    Monday:39, tuesday:41, Wednesday:37, Thursday:43, Friday:37.

    2 years ago, even 1 year ago, these temperatures would have been absolutely unbearable for me. Im proud to say that I can now put on a singlet and shorts and leave the house in...well not comfort...but im sooooo much more comfortable in the heat than ive ever been and it feels great. Hopefully this time next year I am at goal!

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  13. May I ask what other people have given as bridesmaid/groomsmen gifts? For ours:

    Groomsmen: a small bottle of black label Johnny Walker (looked a bit classer than Jack Daniels), a cigar, a tie...and still tossing up wether we should getvthem a tie bar or cufflinks?

    Bridesmaids: a satin robe for getting ready that says bridesmaid on the back, a wine glass and a mini bottle of champagne, a wooden hanger with their name on and some earrings.