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  1. I bought chook food today. Not a victory in itself lol.

    The bag weighed 25kg and I couldn't get it out of the back of the car. I mean, I suppose I could have struggled it to the ground and walked it to the deck inch by inch. I may even have been able to heave it up on the count of 3 by planting my feet and bracing my core for a big effort.

    I chose to have my OH lift it out instead.

    Now, I have lost 30 kg and can hardly believe I used to carry on my body more than that chook food weighed.




    i bought my hubby a 20kg barbell set for christmas. when i had to carry it, i was shocked to discover how difficult it was to carry and also couldnt believe that ive lost 14kg MORE than that.

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  2. Hi all,

    Did anyone reach the goal they set themselves for the new year?

    i didn't but i got close, my goal was to be under 100kg, i am 400gm off that.

    still i am happy

    not quite. Was hoping to get to 70kg but only made it to 75kg. But im still happy with that. Hoping to get to goal this year :)

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  3. Now that the new year has ticked over im starting to panic a little. The wedding is only about 12 weeks away and I have soooo much to do and pay for!! Im anxiously awaiting some more card in the nail so I can reprint the invites and get them out asap.

    Those that are having/had a bar tab instead of a drink package, what do you think is a fair bar tab? I only want to put a max of $1500 on the tab and if people want to drink past that, they can pay for themselves? I feel like thats fair, after all its a wedding, not a piss up!

  4. I can officially join this thread... my beautiful man proposed last night after a romantic meal. I'm so thrilled and so excited! And as a result of my excitement, I've had a stuck moment every meal since last night...! Hopefully this sorts itself out as life resumes normalcy!

    yaay! Congratulations! And welcome :)

  5. All the gifts I was given were ones I told people to purchase for me. I'd like to have a surprise just once in a while. But at least I was given things I wanted and like - the latest Terry Pratchett book, a 30 minute massage voucher (that I won in a giveaway so I gave to my son to give to me), an electric toothbrush that my mum bought for me (I chose it and she paid for it).

    MIL gave me a book, a notebook and a tube of handcream - very nice! and my sisters in law gave us lotto gift packs (fingers crossed!)

    when people (like my hubby) ask me what I want, I like to give them a list of ideas. That way they can pick something or get some inspiration and I still wont know what it is until the day :)

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  6. Can I just say Lizzy, that knowing Kazbo (sorry Bergman, don't know you.. yet!) I can absolutely vouch for her tone and can guarantee you this was not a comment directed at you. Try to avoid taking this personally, this is just a safe space for everyone to vent!!


    On a side note, in reply to your earlier comment Kaz, I did have a dummy spit, but about a different issue. After being with my husband for 7 years, it came up on one occasion recently with my MIL that I had a piece published on Mamamia about living with anxiety. I was trying to open up to her about the tough time I'd been having in relation to work and living with the illness. Well, it turns out, surprise surprise, that she didn't KNOW I have anxiety. (Add it to the list longer than the circumfrence of the earth of things she doesn't know about me, because she never asks, and I never get a word in edgewise!)


    The VERY. NEXT. DAY. She sent me an email with this attached.


    Needless to say, I cracked it. I forwarded it straight to my husband, noting that it was interesting that she had not included him in the email conversation, which is her usual MO. Stu cracked it and sent her a very stern message about not making insensitive comments regarding illnesses I had, that it implied I was somehow bringing about anxiety on myself because apparently I just eat rubbish all day long. Never mind the fact that out of all of those foods listed, I only drink 1 cup of coffee a day and have the odd chocolate here and there. I don't eat pizza, chips, salt, fast food, or drink any kind of alcohol at all.


    She replied "I didn't mean anything by it, perhaps something to do with her condition caused Beth to read something into this that wasn't intended."

    I'm sure you can imagine how well that went down with my very protective husband. We had about 2 months of peace after that. It was lovely.




    I know she means well, but it's so very hard to explain what it's like to live with chronic illnesses to someone who has never had any.


    Awww Beth. I'm sure she didnt intend to upset you by sending that. it looks like like something my mum would send me if i had mentioned i had anxiety. I could see her flipping through a magazine in a waiting room or something, seeing it and thinking"ohh, she might find this helpful". she constantly floods my facebook wall with recipes and other things she thinks i might find interesting lol. Its from a good place in her heart, however annoying it is.

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  7. Just for fun, thought we could all share what we received from our loved ones this year, or maybe share a special moment from your Christmas (or other religious holiday) celebration (cuz its not ALL about presents). Maybe you went out of your way to include someone in your festivities who would otherwise be alone, or maybe your grandchildren have made you a special gift?

    Starting it today because some people celebrate early. Lets just share highlights! :)

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  8. Never been a BIG drinker but 2 Christmases ago I could have had about 4 or 5 rums and pepsi max. Now 1 of those will get me tipsy and 2 will have me ready for bed. 1 and a half is the perfect amount for hubby to try it on lol.

    cider does nothing for me, I struggle to drink enough for a buzz. 1 to 2 glasses of moscato is also plenty for me!

  9. Me too. Evenings are hard and it's a battle I'm not winning at the moment.

    Last week I even bought secret food to eat after everyone had gone to bed. I haven't done that since before banding, and am determined not to do it again. If I eat in the evening it will be food I have to be accountable for to the family.

    I actually stopped the treats and hot back down to the weight I was which is great! But in the last few weeks I have had to re-buy the stocking choccies twice cuz I got a craving and was eating them. Note to self: next year dont buy stocking chocolate/goodies until day or two before Christmas!!

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  10. I think regifting is fine providing that the gift you are passing on is something that you know the other person will want/need and appreciate. And you arent just using it because you cant be bothered putting thought into a gift. For example if I got a Top Gear dvd I would be happy to gift it to my hubby as I know he loves top gear. You also need to make sure the person who gave it yo you will not see or hear that you've passed it on. Id rather regift than have something sit around in a cupboard collecting dust and not being used. If someone else will get joy or use out of it, then why not

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  11. I saw my surgeon on Tuesday, I only have 1.6 in a 10m band but I think I'm at green zone, well as close to it as I can imagine. I don't have to eat too much to not feel hungry, it takes 3 or four hours before I feel hunger (I mean real hunger, not head hunger which I feel all the time) and my doctor was talking that if I don't lose some weight by when I see him in march he may take a smidge out. I have not gained or lost for a while and he was thinking I eat too many slider type foods and not enough bigger real food because of my fear of things getting stuck. Over the last week I have noticed what my problem is, I just don't chew enough so I'm really working on eating whole foods I did not eat before and taking longer with my meals and chewing. Last thing Id do without a seriously good reason would be to remove anymore fill from my band

    your so lucky, I have I think 8.6ml and I still need more. Im worried that I'll reach capacity and it still wont be enough

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