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  1. My fridge vegetable drawer is always filling up and emptying....and its not going in the bin. Instead of wasting vegetables like I used to, im eating them! Instead of planning my meals around meat and carbs, I start with whatever vegetables I have and work around that. Its a good feeling knowing that most of it isnt being wasted and all that nutrients is going into my body.

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  2. Ive been regressing into my old snacking ways. I need a fill, I shouldnt have cancelled my last appointment so now I have to wait til mid Jan. Ive put on a couple kilos leading up to Christmas with my baking, so im watching my food again to not put on too much over the rest of the year. I used to be a notorious grazer as well, never really hungry, just eating. I dont want to go back to that. Night time is the worst, especially when im alone. After 7pm my brain just wants to snack and snack

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  3. My whine is that despite telling my family repeatedly that I don't celebrate Christmas and won't be buying presents, my mother has pretty much told me in no uncertain terms that I HAVE to. I offered to buy everyone for Eid (which there are two, so they would have been doubly spoiled) and was told "no, we don't want your stinking Eid presents" and now she's forcing Christmas on me..... Sigh.....

    Just dont. She needs to learn to respect your beliefs. If you dont take a stand now, you will be buying Christmas presents every year. She's your mother, she loves you, and she will get over it. :)

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  4. A good snack ive been enjoying lately is slices of cucumber with hummus dip. My toddler loves it and we snack on it together. Im not sure of the calories but its very tasty and refreshing. Also watermelon im loving at the moment for a snack. Beautiful sweet and crunchy, perfect. Just forget the packaged foods and go back to the basics for snacks. Fruit and vegetables! Carrots, apples, strawberries, a banana. Even a small 130g tin of baked beans would be a good snack.

    I avoid juices and mostly drink diet cordial or water.

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  5. I try really hard to buy thoughtful gifts and detest when all the adults just give each other gift vouchers. Unless the voucher is for something specific like a massage or a cool experience, whats the point? Just keep your $50 and I'll keep mine and we'll both go shopping together.

    I like to actually pick, wrap and give something that they want or need. Its when you are force to buy obligation presents rather than thoughtful gifts of love, when the laziness strikes and we buy vouchers or soap and candles that nobody uses.

    in our house we buy for the children and do a secret santa eith the adults, so we only need to buy one adult gift.

    unfortunately my hubbys family does a big extended family christmas and we're expected to buy for all children under 16. Thats a LOT of money to be asking me to spend on children I barely know and only see once a year. I dont like it and I dont think those kids need all those presents from every adult. I love Christmas but I really hate the whole expectation and obligation that this time of year brings. I give gifts because it makes me happy to spoil the people I care about. But at the end of the day, I would rather just sit back with the other adults with a drink and watch the kids open their stuff from santa

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  6. Merry christmas! :) ive put on a couple of kilos due to my christmas baking but im working on getting it back down, im exercising on my bike again, stopping cooking and im watching what im eating again. But still, im sitting at around 75kg and compared to this time last year, Im waaaay ahead :).

    Im really going to be working hard come new year to look great for my wedding in April. I bought my husband to be a barbell set for Christmas so im hoping to borrow it and start some weight training.

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  7. Bit of a Christmas gripe, I'm flying to Melbourne with my partner for Christmas, a journey that is costing over $2500 for us so my brothers and I decided no presents because they too have a huge cost to get home. My mother rings today and say long lost uncle John is coming to Christmas and to pick him and his new wife up a present before I come over. I hit the roof. I haven't seen this man for going on 15years and am not even buying my own siblings presents due to cost and not to mention restricted baggage. It old her in no uncertain terms that placing her expectations on others was not on, I wasn't buying him or his new wife a present. Gahhhh families.



    just get them a magazine and a neck pillow from the airport :P

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  8. We bought my father-in-law personalised number plates for christmas, for his beloved ute. My hubby did it online, and was having the plates mailed to our house.

    on Sunday he was pulled over by the cops in his ute for driving an un-registered vehicle. Well naturally he didnt know about his plates and swore black and blue it was registered and he had the papers at home. The cops followed him home and when the mother-in-law heard what was going on she had to pull a cop aside and explain that we'd got him plates for christmas. He got on the radio and found that the car was registered, just under the new plates and not the ones it had on.

    when we ordered them, nowhere on the site did it say they would cancel the original registration straight away. We thought they would just swap it over when the new plates came.

    anyway it all turned out fine and the new plates came the next day. He got off with a warning from the cops and the surprise was ruined.

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  9. Thanks, Ill have a look at Fat Chance and Accidentally Overweight.

    im really after a book, not so much a documentary or video clip. I want something to explain why I make the choices I do and what I can do to overcome them. I dont want to blame others, society or foods for my being heavy, im trying to find the answers within myself. (And thats not a dig intended at anyone).

    Themore I think about it the more I think I probably do need to seek some therapy but its just not in the budget at the moment

  10. Ive hit a major wall in my weightloss journey. Ive been banded for just over a year and there are a few reasons why I havent lost any weight for months. (Im trying to maintain my weight to avoid alterations to my wedding dress). But its like when I made the decision to postpone my weightloss until after the wedding, my brain also gave itself permission to give into every craving. Im really struggling with my food choices and portions. I KNOW I need a fill, but I still feel like I can eat way too much for a banded person. Im worried about the possibility of having a pouch? (I will be making a doctor appointment tomorrow).

    I'll be honest, I never saw a psychologist because it wasnt a requirement of my surgery.

    Im hoping somebody can recommend a book or two to me about being banded. I know theres a few out there, im interested in one that can sort of replace a psychologist, that talks about the psychological reasons we over eat and some strategies for dealing with it.

    (I really dont want to see a psychologist right now, its something I may look into when my budget isnt so tight).

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  11. I love being able to cross my legs. But I try my hardest not to because its really bad for my back.

    My NSV? Im comfortable with how I look in swimmers! My boobs are very flat and deflated, but the suit sucks my tummy in, no fat hanging over the top at the back. I'll never wear a bikini (unless I have some surgery) but im happy to get in the water again.

    Just need a new bathing suit to help hold my boobs up! :)

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  12. Yes they are nanny, they are wireless so go straight to your smart phone. I got mine with my Qantas frequent flyer points.

    lol bummer. We just used all our points for 3 return flights to perth. I want one

  13. I also have an obsession with food. Sometimes I will plan for days what I will cook for dinner when my hubby gets home. I browse through pintrest looking for new recipes, saving them to cook later. Im the same with leftover food, I cannot just leave it in the fridge, I have to eat it at my next meal if its there calling me, so I try my best to freeze leftovers immediately where possible.

    Im also a "feeder" although im working on this. I like to cook for my family and friends, because I love baking but dont want it in the house after to tempt me. I often want to make yummy things for my son and hubby but I know in my heart that they dont need it either. Especially as my hubby is also trying to tone up and lose weight, so im becoming more conscious about not sabotaging that for him. He doesnt see it as sabotage, he just enjoys his treats! And sometimes is disappointed when I come home from the shop without his treat Lol. A lot of people here get really upset about so-called "saboteurs" who give them treats, so I think ive recognised this behaviour in myself, and I know that it doesnt come from a nasty, vindictive or jealous place, just one of love where I like to make people feel good with food. Needless to say I have this under control now.

    my band doesnt take away my obsession with food at all. If anything its made it worse because im so much more conscious of the nutritional value (or lack of) in the foods I buy/eat, and I now have overwhelming guilt when eating something I shouldnt be. I never had this prior to banding. I wouldnt ever want to go back to being the weight I was, but I do miss being able to eat without guilt. I so rarely eat anything without guilt these days, whether its because I think im eating too much, too little, too fast, too often, or just the wrong thing.

    Food = guilt.....I so need therapy

  14. I can eat far too much as well. I try to eat off my portion perfection plate and bowl wherever possible but lately I have found myself snacking or picking while im cooking etc. Even when I stop, I know I COULD still eat more. Im not sure if I should try to get a fill in before christmas or just enjoy it and do it in the new year...

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