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  1. Oh my gosh, I had so many wedding nightmares leading up to the day, even had a few after!!! The worst one was where the whole day happened, except I couldn't remember any of it at all, but everyone else could, and there was no video or anything!! I woke up feeling ill at the thought. Lol!! It's totally normal, I promise!


    OMG de ja vu! One dream was that after the ceremony, daniel and i disappeared home, got drunk and fell asleep and missed all our photos! then we rocked up to the reception and it was decorated completely wrong, it was like walking into a stranger's wedding day. and at the end of the night i was just crying and crying because we had no photos of us with our families or our son from our wedding day lol.


    this is highly unlikely lol

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  2. My advice to you would be to wait a day or two regarding following up on the alterations email. I don't think it's that they're not interested, in my experience it's usually that people are time poor and they probably haven't done it yet and don't want to stress you out by saying so. No one will ever really understand the stress or rush except the bride, to be honest. Try not to bombard them if you have a few days to spare on the follow up. How many Bridesmaids are you having and what date is the wedding? It's hard when it's your entire focus but someone's side note!!


    Thats great advice, and you were right. When it's all i have to think about, i tend to want things done right away, and i forget that its just not as important to other people as it is to me. The girls did respond and they put my mind at ease, im confident they are still keen and they will get the dresses looked at. There are 3 of them. The wedding isnt until April, but I want to be on top of things early if I can, to avoid any surprises, and make sure I have time to correct any hiccups.


    Last night was the second night in a row i've had a negative dream about the wedding/my relationship, i think i have a bit of anxiety at the moment about everything. I'm not having second thoughts about marrying him at all, its just the stress of the organising and the financial committments we've made so far.

  3. I admit I do miss eating sometimes, especially this time of year. Christmas gas traditionally been a huge day of good food and eating til we burst. I know I miss that concept lol but id much rather be comfortable in the heat than big and sweaty like I have been at christmas for years

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  4. Im starting to get really stressed out. After the celebrant issue ysterday I was having wedding nightmares last night about missing out photos and the reception being all wrong.

    Yesterday morning I sent a facebook message to my bridesmaids asking if they had organised any alterations for their dresses yet? Facebook tells me they had all seen the message but only my maid of honor has responded today saying her dress is a bit too bit,,too long and no she hasnt organised anything. No response from the others. I sent her another message asking if she can round up the other 2 in an alterations shop and get it sorted, let me know the cost. She saw that message immediately and hasnt responded at all.

    Im starting to think that they're losing interest in being bridesmaids and dont understand that its not something I can leave til the last minute. If they want to pull out or hate the dress, I need to know NOW so I can get replacements sorted. I understand they have their own lives and limited budgets, and I dont know how to bring this up without sounding like a bitch/bridezilla. They all live in perth and I live in adelaide and I feel like im planning everything on my own. I dont have my mum, step-mum, sister or even bridesmaids here to help me with anything and it sucks.

  5. We had a drama today. We met with our celebrant to start structuring the ceremony, it was all going really well until the end of the meeting, when Daniel notices she has 4/4/2014 written on her forms...our wedding date is the 5th....


    long story short, either we didnt confirm the date, or she just wrote down the wrong one when we booked in February, and she has double-booked us for our wedding date! Nightmare...


    Anyway, our options were to keep her and have a morning ceremony, or find another celebrant. I wasnt keen on having a morning ceremony, i dont really want to move it at all. But I sent on one...yes only ONE email straight away to another celebrant, and she is available but has another wedding to do 1 hour after ours starts...so i've said we can move ours forward an hour to give her enough time to get our ceremony done, and get to her other wedding on time.


    I'm meeting with her this week and have a chat, and im emailing our other services (photographer, cars, dj etc) to make sure they wont have any issues with it being an hour earlier than planned. I'm going to have to spend another $50-100 on more card to reprint all the invitations with the right time.....but that seemed easier than moving everything else to the morning!!

  6. I picked up my dress today!! Im so glad I did because the are shutting their shop and trying to get all the brides to pick their gowns up before they lose them to liquidators!! Id have been so devastated and pissed off if I lost the dress ive already paid over $1000 for!

    But I got it, with my veil and headpiece, it fits beautifully and im so happy with it :)

    Also I picked up our wedding rings which came ip amazing as well. The jeweller had a sale on so we decided to put a replacement engagement ring on layby too. It was $2500 marked down to $999!!! Its a gorgeous square cut diamond on a plain white gold band. It looks great with my wedding band, just nice and simple and "me".

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  7. Personally I wouldn't try "playing surgeons off against each other". That's a stupid thing that PHI says. They told me that for my plastic surgery quotes which I ignored. The fact is WLS is a specialized surgery. If you're not happy with the price then you have the option of seeing other surgeons. But I'd doubt that your current surgeon will reduce your cost as I doubt he'd be short of patients wanting to take your surgery date. You are establishing a long term relationship with your surgeon as your going to be going back to that clinic for a longtime getting fills and unfills and you don't want to start off that relationship upsetting people at that clinic.

    I couldnt agree more. Haggling is something you do at markets, not with elective, specialty surgeries.

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  8. So sorry to hear that Merrynda :( Thats one of the reasons I didnt buy a dress online. I looked forever and fully intended to only pay a couple hundred dollars for my dress, but I just couldnt bear the thought of it turning up a disaster and having no time to get something else. I feel for you, must be very stressful. I'm sure you will be able to find something beautiful in time, try browsing through some formal wear shops and see if they have some nice dresses in white? Thats a cheaper way to go. Or a bridesmaid dress you like, but in white and off the rack?


    Dont fret. You will look beautiful on your wedding day no matte what your size :)


    I'm excited! My invitation card and stationary has arrived in the mail, so I have been printing like a mad woman the last few days. I still need to buy some basic things like labels, stickers, postage stamps etc, but they will be all ready to go on the 1st January :)


    Our wedding rings are being resized and dipped in rhodium, and they should be back in by Friday, so I get to pick those up. Also my wedding dress should be in this week too so on Saturday I have an appointment to go try it on and hopefully pay the balance and bring it home. I'm so nervous that it wont fit (ive lost weight since my fitting) or it wont be as gorgeous as I remember, it WAS a while ago that it was ordered....


    Aaaand I have appointments with our photographer and celebrant this weekend, just to touch base, discus some details like ceremony content, timing etc. So it's all coming together. Need to start working on setting money aside to pay for particular services, maybe in envelopes or something? Eg, one for the cake, one for the photographer, one for the DJ, etc...

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  9. During my optifast phase I was having a shake for breakfast and lunch, and free veggies with a SMALL piece of grilled chicken or fish for dinner around 6pm.

    you cant just eat vegetables, you NEED the protein. If you arent using the optifast anymore you should be having some lean fish or chicken with it.