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  1. richard

    Different Types of Bands

    Hi if anyone could help me I am in my 3rd week and feeling quite hungry do you feel I should see if I could get my fill done earlier or is there a reason for 6 weeks after op. Kind regards Debbie
  2. I am on my 3rd week with puree food but I am finding I am quite hungry and I need to eat more do you think I am to have earlier fill thank you if anyone could help me Debbie..

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    2. Belsie


      Everyone is different, I think the time between banding and 1st fill is four weeks due to swelling. How long between eating and feeling hungry? If its less than 3 to 4hours you may need a fill, ring the receptionist and ask them they may be able to answer your questions. Good luck :)

    3. Karin


      I had the same problem. My surgeon put 4ml in at day 14 - thank goodness!

    4. richard


      Thank you guys I really needed to talk to someone....as I have been so concern, I feel I am puttg on some weight again as I need extra food and have been so so worried. Ladyanni, Belsie, & Kip how long have you all had your band on for...Deb