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  1. Bandedkikki

    Tattoo to signify your weight loss?

    When I reached my goal I got my surgery date tattooed on my shoulder in roman numerals.
  2. I was banded at 94kgs in Nov 2011. I am now 57kgs. Best decision ever! I never thought I'd actually be skinny.
  3. Bandedkikki


    I recently got the date I had lap band done in roman numerals tattooed on the tip of my shoulder. It reminds me everyday not to go back
  4. Bandedkikki

    Christmas 2012 @ 62kg - take two

    Thanks ladies
  5. Last post didn't attach the photo Trying again
  6. Bandedkikki

    Christmas 2012 @ 63kgs

    For the 1st time I wore a bikini and mini shorts at Christmas. What a feeling Things certainly aren't perfect but I felt amazing!
  7. Bandedkikki

    Just not feeling 100%

    Hi all, I am just not feeling 100%. For the last week or so I have been very tight and struggling to keep food down and yesterday it got worse. I woke up, couldn't eat a thing and had the worst reflux and pain in my chest it eventually got better after some more vomiting. I slept fine and then this morning I took it easy and felt good until I tried some lunch (mushie food) and it again didnt stay down and the pain is back!!!! Just worried i might have damaged my band Any thoughts on what it could be and if it's gonna fix itself. Help??? Thanks
  8. Bandedkikki

    The difference 10 months has made

    You look so fantastic. You should be very proud
  9. Bandedkikki

    Reached my goal today

    Thanks for sharing Mooch. It's nice to hear someone else taking a little longer to loose the weight. I was starting to think I was broken I'm 6kgs away from my surgeons goal and 1 month shy of the 12 month mark. I really thought I'd be there already but as long as I get there i guess I don't mind!!
  10. Bandedkikki

    3/19 people have WLS

    My older sister had lapband surgery 4 years ago and after seeing how amazing she looked and felt I just knew it was right for me. I appreciated her support and guidance through the whole experience too! It's actually kinda nice to have someone so close going through the same thing
  11. I had a BMI of 33 and my surgeon was happy to give me the band. Like Maxie, I too had a harder time getting the referral from my GP!! Good luck Pink74.
  12. Bandedkikki

    A typical day of surgery - Tugun

    Hey Vixta99. Are you having your surgery with Weightloss Solutions Australia based out of John Flynn Private Hospital?? If so, I had my surgery with them and I couldnt recommend them enough. The support is amazing and Michelle the nurse there (she does my adjustments) is just fantastic.
  13. Bandedkikki

    I Want...

    I'd just love to be normal and be like other 21 year olds. Bring on my goal weight
  14. Bandedkikki

    What's my chances??

    I too was very concerned that I would be rejected. I was only 94kgs and 20 at my intial consultation but with my height I had a BMI of 37.7 I was booked in I also strugled with my weight - constantly lost and gained. So having lapband has been the best thing ever!! I am currently 76kg and after being banded on 10 November 2011. Cant wait to reach my goal of 60kgs... I hope every thing goes well and you too get accepted. Fingers crossed!!!!
  15. Things are at a stand still :(