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  1. JemJem

    Day one !

    Congtulations! During liquid stage I mainly had V8 Juice, Vive Up & Go's and drinking yoghurt.
  2. JemJem

    Eating so slow my dinner goes cold

    I figure if I have been eating long enough for my meal to go cold I probably served too much up to start with! It's a good indicator to me to stop eating.
  3. JemJem

    How long did you wait?

    I imagine it would be different for each doctor and hospital. I had my consult on the Thursday, surgery the following Tuesday so not even a weeks wait!
  4. JemJem

    Starting weight - Current weight

    Great thread! Banded April 2012 Start weight - 144kg Current weight- 115kg My Goal - 85kg Dr's Goal - 80kg
  5. I would say closer to 3.5kg. Chances are a lot of your weightless those six days would have been from being dehydrated.
  6. JemJem


    I get the hiccups if I eat too much or too fast. It's a good warning signal for me. If I hiccup I stop eating!
  7. No! Noodles are defiantly not a liquid! There are plenty of nutritious, filling liquid options. Try something with protein, it will fill you up quicker and keep you fuller for longer. Liquid yogurt, homemade soup, up & go etc
  8. JemJem

    Stress = band tightening

    Yep! If I'm really stressed I stick to coffee and soup until I have time to wind down, relax and distress. I also find I have a lot of restriction a couple of days before my period, then can eat too much for a couple of days, then I'm back to normal!
  9. Love your blog! Thanks for the inspiration.
  10. JemJem

    Foods you cant eat

    I find meats can be an issue if they are a bit dry but if cook nicely they are okay. Anything too doughy tends to get stuck. Some days I can barley eat anything so I stick to soup and coffee on these days (mainly when I'm having an arthritis or fibro flair up).
  11. JemJem

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    Went swimming a couple of weeks ago, my swim shorts kept sliding down! That was only a week after having to replace my bathers top as it was too big.
  12. I don't think there are any 'answers' to your questions. There are so many variables. How well your body naturally digests food, how much fill you have, the types of foods you eat etc. Sometimes we do mistake hunger for thirst. Are you drinking enough water? Do you have issues at a certain time of the day? I don't eat until a couple of hours after I get up. I get discomfort if I try and eat breakfast (too much mucus I think). I find starting the day with a hot drink helps.
  13. JemJem

    April Bandits

    Everyone sounds like they are doing really well! My weight is slowly coming off and I am feeling great! Just need to work on the head hunger side of things! I love not feeling hungrey all the time and I think I'm getting close to the green zone!
  14. JemJem

    April Bandits

    Hi Everyone, Great to hear you all seem to be doing well! I haven't been on the forum for a while - life has a way of getting in the way I have now lost nearly 20kg and while I have had a couple of weeks where I haven't lost much weight, overall I am feeling heaps better health wise! I have just done a wardrobe clean out and have had to get rid of quite a few things that no longer fit properly! This is exciting but also slightly frustrating as my wardrobe is slowly dwindling away and I don't want to go and spend money on new clothes just yet! I have only had one stuck moment so far (hopefully they will remain few and far between)!
  15. JemJem

    before and after 60 kilos loss

    Jade you look amazing!!