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  1. Carolyn1963

    Plastic Surgeons

    Hi has anyone used Adrian Brooks for Tummy Tuck?
  2. Carolyn1963

    November 2012

    Hi Julie I'm still struggling with my weight too up and down. Gained 7 kg .i have 6 ml in my band but it dosnt stop the hunger still. Can eat a lot . doesnt seem like 3 yrs
  3. Carolyn1963

    November 2012

    Good you got your port sorted good luck achieving you goal.
  4. Carolyn1963

    Band pain - 7 months post surgery.

    I would go to another banding surgeon for advice if your not happy with the one that did surgery .sorry to hear your troubles.
  5. Carolyn1963

    November 2012

    Darn weight gain my fault hope every one else is doing well.
  6. Carolyn1963

    Seeking advice

    I don't have any advice sorry I recon age makes a difference and genetics . I'm 50 and Have lost 39 kg my skin has been stretched for too long .I have about 10kg of excess I hate it. But I hated being huge even more.
  7. Carolyn1963

    November 2012

    Wondering how Leanne's big day was .. She's probably still on her honeymoon.
  8. Carolyn1963

    November 2012

    Hi All I have finally reached my personal goal weight lets hope I can maintain it. Hard to believe I finally made it was off track for a while.
  9. Carolyn1963

    November 2012

    That's great Leanne well enjoy your day and make sure you have some photos to share with us..
  10. Carolyn1963

    November 2012

    Luce I'm feeling much better now I'm back on track 1kg to my personal goal. I'm just doing opti during the week splurge with a nice dinner out on Fridays. I decided to get moving and got myself some exersise wear today... Just walking for now. I'm sure you will look wonderful on your wedding day.. We should organise a get together coffee and chat for the the perth November 2012 Bandits..
  11. Carolyn1963

    53 Kgs Gone!

    Wow you look great well done.
  12. I'm 50 wish I had of done this years ago. Feel so much better physically and emotionally.
  13. Carolyn1963

    Bad banded day

    What ? A whole block ? I freak if I have a couple of pieces.