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    21/12/2012 116.5kgs
    21/01/2013 Banded with Plication 114kgs
    28/01/2013 110.4kgs (4kgs in one week, yippee!)
    01/03/2013 108kgs (2months and only 2kgs :( )
    15/03/2013 107.5kgs (1.5ml added to my band)
    01/04/2013 106.6kgs (yay, 10kgs in total, down!)
    08/05/2013 104.2kgs (pants feeling a bit looser!)
    01/06/2013 100kgs (nearly 2 digits!)
    23/07/2013 98kgs (starting to feel great!)
    01/08/2013 96.5kgs (my band got so tight I couldn't hold fluids, lots of PBíng. I had 1ml removed and now I can eat anything! maybe add 0.5ml at my next visit in 2 weeks.)
    10/10/2013 85kgs My band had slipped and just had it replaced. Very disappointed I had to have this done, but feeling so much better as I was feeling very sick with a slipped band.
    08/12/2013 Finally had some fill in my band, I am now 89kgs, having put on a few after not having a fill for 8 weeks. Pretty much no restrictions, looking forward to getting back on track!


    01/11/2013 80kgs
    25/12/2013 75kgs (my 40th birthday!)
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    6 Months Post-Op
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  1. Mrs Y

    January 2013 Bandits

    it's hard to say how it slipped Lozz88. Dr T said my band had absolutely adhesions which he found odd, because after 9 months he would expect some adhesions. I had had gastro and something happened during that time, but I still say to this day it wasn't really bad. My vomits were no worse than a few of my previous PB's, so I was shocked. Maybe because I was dehydrated!? I don't know. I do know I was very dehydrated, in pain for a few weeks after the slip until it was fixed, lost lots of weight in those weeks. it all came back in the 6 weeks post op, until the doctor could give me a fill. I was desperate for my fill! I am not back to my second op weight. I just had 1ml removed because it felt a bit tight and I didn't want to do any PBíng. I am keen to get 0.5ml back on my next visit. Anyhow, all is well that ends well.... initially after my first slip I wanted it removed, but so happy it is fixed and I am back on the road to weight loss. Have you thought about getting optifast to kickstart your diet.... have one for lunch and one for dinner for at least 3 days. It really reduces your hunger. Goodluck!
  2. Mrs Y

    January 2013 Bandits

    I just realised I was 1 year banded yesterday. I started at 116.5kgs and am now about 89kgs, so that is 27.5kgs. It hasn't always been a smooth road, I have had my band replaced already (Dr Taylor is my surgeon) due to a slipped band, but after this was fixed up in October last year I was back on track. I don't often write on here any more but always have a sticky beak to see how familiar names are going. Looks like most are doing really well..... Happy New and here is to another year and hopefully another 27.5kgs for me (get me to 60kgs, how awesome would that be!?)..... Jodie
  3. Mrs Y

    My band has slipped

    My band slipped and I had to have it re-done. The doctor replaced it with a new band, the second op seemed easier than my first... I was dreading having to do it all over again, but it was all fairly smooth going and now I feel good again. I felt very uncomfortable for the time my band had slipped, couldn't sleep, reflux, pains in my shoulder, i could only get fluids down... it was quite awful. The band should be sitting at a 45'C angle and mine was at 90'C (or horizontal with the ground, is that 90?). I am very careful these days not to have to vomit, but occasionally something just won't go down and i have to. If i have a vomit i go onto fluids for a day or two following just to make sure everything settles. I do not want to go through that again! Good luck!
  4. Mrs Y

    January 2013 Bandits

    Pregnant!! woohoo, congrats Mrs B... How exciting for you! Jodie x
  5. Mrs Y

    700gms. . Bit disappointed.

    for the past 6 months I have averaged a 700gms loss a week (on average).... so far that has added up to 20kgs. some weeks it felt like I was going nowhere and I felt like a failure and other weeks it felt like a lot.... trust me, it is a bit of a rollercoaster ride! good luck and take each loss as it comes!
  6. Mrs Y

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    so many NSV's in the past 5 months since my Op (jan 21st!), for my band and gastric plication! I feel so lucky to be able to cross my legs (makes me feel like a lady once again!) fit into a size 16 (still a fraction tight on my tummy, but so close I can taste it!), my son can nearly get his arms all the way around my waist (he asked me not to get too skinny cause he wants me to be soft still! no need to worry about that...)
  7. Mrs Y

    Just a little concerned

    My first fill had about a 2 week delay also.... i thought maybe it was just my period but after my period it stayed tight..... and still is tight! on a plus note, i am slow losing weight!
  8. Mrs Y

    Protein website

    try again, ticker update please!
  9. Mrs Y

    Protein website

    just updated my ticker....
  10. Mrs Y

    Protein website

    Hi Mrs B! i was at the Addison Road markets in Marrickville a few weeks ago with my sister who is banded and she said she eats Biltong all time (they have a biltong stall at the markets). She said she buys 300gms each week and snacks on it when she gets hungry. For whatever reason she said it never gets stuck...... Just letting you know!
  11. Mrs Y

    Angel Juicer

    hi n-s-c nanna! will be interested to see how it goes... i have also been thinking about getting one....
  12. Mrs Y

    Foods you cant eat

    rice paper rolls, bread, chicken breast.....
  13. Mrs Y

    Day 1 of Optifast + An Anxiety Attack

    i say fab ladies in their undie-wears!
  14. that's great Angelina! it's very similar to me, i lost 6kgs in the first 2 weeks and now nothing since. I don't get a fill until March 13th, i can't wait until i get totally full on a small amount. I guess be careful with stringy meats and things like ham (if it got stuck). Not sure about the pains in your chest/back, maybe call your doctor and ask.
  15. Mrs Y

    Gastric Band Vs Gastric Band Plication

    As it was explained to me the reason you do both is that the as the stomach is smaller the band doesn't need to be as tight so the quality of food you eat can be higher and not as limited as with the band on its own. Also the risks of complication are lower than a sleeve as nothing is cut off and therefore no risk of leeks, infections etc. This is also reversible, whereas a sleeve is not. All the articles that i read (mostly from the US) show this as the newest type of procedure and so far, has shown a good success rate.