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  1. Dawn

    Dr Kathi's Diet BMI

    Hi Team, Does anyone go to see Dr Kathi at BMI and follow her diet? Thanks
  2. Hi all, I'm a bit overwhelmed searching for best insurance to cover band removal and replacing it with the sleeve? Any help much appreciated I'm in Perth
  3. Hi all has anyone used Inspire protein shakes? http://www.bariatriceating.com/product-category/bariatric-protein-powder/ Thank you :)
  4. Hi there, has anyone else gained weight with their band however managed to get back on track? I've had mine for about 6 years and not using it to my advantage, I've got into some bad habits but finding it really difficult to get motivated :/ I keep seeing high protein shakes advertised, do these help? I know where I'm going wrong and just need to sew my mouth up! Thanks in advance
  5. Dawn

    Band to sleeve

    Ahh thanks soo much!
  6. Dawn

    Band to sleeve

    Hi guys, has anyone had band removed and sleeve fitted? Mine band was done by Mr Dolan 7 years ago as a public patient, can I ask what the cheapest way to go about it is? I believe the wait list for public is very long ;/ I currently go to BMI Joondalup for adjustments, thanks in advance
  7. Dawn

    Medibank v BUPA

    Hi there, I'm also thinking of having the band removed and sleeve fitted, can I ask what he average monthly insurance s to cover this? How is the sleeve working for you? Well I hope :)
  8. Dawn

    Dietician BMI Joondalup Perth

    Thanks so much Tina! Ive been there for fills before their great for that! do you just go for a weigh-in and a chat? I've booked for tomorrow to see a dietician however it's $75 :/ not sure if it's worth it but need to do something, thanks for your help!
  9. Hi guys, not been on here for a while and completely not been focused Mr Dolan fitted my gastric band about 5 years ago, I've booked an appointment for tomorrow to see dietician Shannon at BMI in Joondalup has anyone been there? I'm just hoping they can help motivate me :/
  10. Dawn

    Getting back on track :(

    Oh for all 3 meals do you think!?? Thanks everyone much appreciated!!!!!!
  11. Dawn

    Getting back on track :(

    OMG sounds just like me!!! I dont walk or do any exercise I'm useless gonna give my self a kick up the arse too!!! Thanks
  12. Dawn

    Getting back on track :(

    Ahhhh thank you and good idea about the grazing!!!!!!!!
  13. Dawn

    Getting back on track :(

    Yeah never really new about the 8 rules until the other day! Looks like 1 cup of food 3 times a day and no snacks 😲I'm a terrible picker and wine flows way to easy but I now have just under 5 months to do my best ))
  14. Hi all, had my band fitted about 5 years ago by Dolan and was really happy with it but I've slowly slipped back into bad habits 😪 my daughters getting married in the UK in 5 months just don't know how to get motivated any help much appreciated 😫 grazing is my worst thing also is one cup only 250mls????
  15. Those videos were so helpful thank you!!!!!!