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  1. Ruthie

    September 2012.

    I am sure we all feel like this at some stage or another. Is anything in particular bringing you down? Feel free to vent that is what we are here for.
  2. Ruthie

    September 2012.

    No problem Jenni. I am thinking the hairloss might have accounted for why i didnt put on weight this week. Do you think it is possible that I have lost 5 kgs of hair because I feel like that is how much I should have put on
  3. Ruthie

    September 2012.

    Hi September Bandits. I hope everyone had a good Christmas. No loss this week but also no gain so I am considering that a victory I just wanted to check in and see if anyone else is having a problem with hair loss. I am losing hand fulls of hair each day and my hairdresser is saying that she thinks I have lost 40% of my hair density in the last month. I have googled and apparently this is normal after surgery or crash dieting (I am pretty sure opti fast counts as a crash diet) but I am still freaking out a bit. Luckily I have naturally thick hair but I have booked into my GP to discuss it but cant get in until mid Jan. Anyone else experiencing this? Hope every one has a safe New Year and here is to a happy, healthy and skinner 2013.
  4. Ruthie

    So when will it be noticed

    I was quite big to start with but I started getting comments at the 10 kilo mark and they keep coming. Some of the nicer comments though have been about the "sparkle" in my eyes and the new glow I have about myself. I put this down to just being happier and healthier in general.
  5. Ruthie

    Best comment I have had so far

    It has been nice to hear other people's positive comments. I agree Ladyfortythree that it is a shame that it is seen that way. I have decided to take all the comments as a congratulations on all the hardwork that we have had to do to get to where we are. I am still at the beginning of my journey but it has definitely been hard work
  6. Just thought I would post this comment and see if anyone else had something similar. It made me laugh so hard at the time. I am a primary school teacher and while doing yard duty a grade two child came up to me and noticed that I had been losing weight. After telling me that I looked very pretty (a nice comment in itself) he proceeded to ask me if now that I was getting skinnier was I going to get taller. I looked at him confused for a second before he explained that they had been doing volume in maths and the tall skinny container contained the same amount of sand as the short fat one. He assumed that the missing fat had to go somewhere and the only option was up. This conversation left me with a smile on my face for the rest of the day. I have seen lots of posts on here about the nasty comments we have all received. I thought that coming into Christmas it might be in the spirit of things to hear some of the nicer and funnier comments.
  7. Ruthie

    September 2012.

    Hi everyone. I have been away for a while dealing with that pesky thing called real life. It looks like everyone is doing really well but it is good to see that I am not the only one battling the motivation demon on occassion. I had my second fill this week bringing me to 6mls and I have to say I am very surprised by the outcome. The surgeon told me to expect big changes but I have hardly been able to notice the difference. Yes my appetitie has decreased some and I am rarely hungry but I am still able to eat virtually any food that I want. So far I have zero stuck moments and I am still able to eat all the supposed "boogey" foods such as steak, white bread, hot chips (I had to try and see though a handful was well and truly enough). Don't get me wrong I am not complaining just a little concerned. I had a horrible case of gastro and have been a little worried that band may have slipped. The surgeon seemed to think it was okay but he would check it in January if this fill did not need help me with restriction.My weight loss has slowed to a crawl but at least it is going in the right direction. I came out of the closest so to speak this week and have officially told most people. There have been so many positive comments about my weight loss to date and so many people have told me that they are learning a lot from my experience having only previously heard negative stories. Love and best wishes to all September Bandits. Keep up the hard work but don't forget we are still allowed to have fun this holiday season.
  8. Ruthie

    September 2012.

    Jab so glad to hear that you are finally home. It must be completely surreal, you have gone through so much. Congratulations on the weight loss though I can safelt say that you have done it the hardest way I can imagine. Hopefully your Doctor can help you with the pain and the nasal tube. Try and take it easy out there in the real world. Thanks for keeping us updated through the journey.
  9. Ruthie

    September 2012.

    Hi Lilly you are always welcome to post here. I think most of us were in the same boat. I had very little restriction before my first fill and still not that much after. I would chat to your dietitian if you are worried but I have found by sticking to a diet plan of between 1000 to 1200 cals a day (using my fitnesspal) I was able to maintain my weight and eventually start losing again. I wouldnt stress too much during this period as your body tends to use extra calories to help you heal from the surgery (at least that is what my surgeon told me). I hit a plateau for about two and half weeks after i went on to mushies but eventually the weight loss kicked in as I became more active. Just my experience and I know it is different for everyone but I hope it helps.
  10. Ruthie

    September 2012.

    Hi Vanessa and welcome. I have spent the weekend end being a little naughty and testing my boundaries (admittedly in much smaller amounts than I would have in the past). I was very curious about what foods I would be able to eat after my surgery so I followed my surgeons advice and just dove in tried some of the things I had been scared of. Five days since my first fill - 4mls and so far zero stuck moments - I can eat fresh white bread, roast lamb, rice and rice paper paper rolls. I know that this will all most likely change in a month when I get my next fill but it was a massive psychological boost to know that I can still enjoy those foods just in healthier quantities and ways. I have been given the ok to start back at gym and start with my first PT session on Tuesday. I have to say I am feeling very much in the season of Spring at the moment, the sun is out, I am the smallest I have been in eight years and I actually feel that there might be light at the end of my tunnel. Just thought I would share some of my uncharacteristic optimism with my fellow Sept bandits and I hope everyone out there is doing well.
  11. Ruthie

    September 2012.

    Hi guys I have been lurking for a while but not much has been happening. Had my first fill today and so far not feeling any different (of course I am on liquids only so I guess the real test is tomorrow). I had 4 mls put into the band and I am going back in 4 weeks for another fill. This was the first time I have seen my surgeon since the Operating Theatre but he seemed quite happy with my progress at the moment (just under 16 kilos since date of referral). I asked him about a diet like yours Siobhain and he said he just wants me to concentrate on learning to eat and figuring out my yes/no foods as he calls them. He was happy with me using my Fitnesspal but told me to aim for 1200 calories a day. I have been averaging 800 to 1000 which he said was not enough particularly when our bodies are still healing. He said after three months we might revisit my diet plan but for the time being just to keep going. It does sound like you have a very hands on doctor which is great. Maxie you are definitely a cautionary tale for me, everytime I take a bite I hear your voice (well what I imagine your voice to sound like ) tell me to slow down and not get distracted. It is very helpful so thanks. For those of you who have had fills what did you eat when you started on solids again. Is it back to mushies or just back to normal soft foods? Keep up the great work everyone
  12. Hi all. I am due to have my first fill on Tuesday and I have come done with a really nasty cold/flu. Will this effect me getting the fill? Do I need to call my surgeon and let him know? I guess like most newbies I am a little mystified as to what affect the fill is going to have on me. I am already have trouble with a swollen throat thanks to the cold. Thanks in advance for any advice
  13. Ruthie

    September 2012.

    I started on mashed potatoes ( a naughty version with real butter, a little parmesan and milk) I used a ricer to make them nice and smooth. Once I was sure that was okay I moved on to versions of salmon and tuna mornay using the mashed potatoes. I was lazy and did not puree it but still had not problems. I am on soft foods now and have literally had no problems with any food yet (multivitamin was another issue). I even had a couple of chips when the family ordered fish and chips. They apparently are almost universally a no go for bandits so I am wondering if I will not be able to eat them after my first fill. At the moment everything is going down quite well though occassionally it feels like something is caught in my throat which is annoying but not painful.
  14. Ruthie

    September 2012.

    Thanks for the responses guys. Feeling better today went back to work and got lots of lovely compliments (plus I was wearing a pair of new shoes which always cheers me up). Note to safe that three weeks post surgery is still to early to do reading groups on the floor and sitting in grade one chairs. Struggled to get up big time I ended up teaching the entire class from the floor lol. Kjay thanks for the hope at the end of the tunnel. I move onto soft food on friday and I think I will end up eating healthier than I have on mushies - too many white sauces and mashed potatoes.
  15. Ruthie

    the "last meal"

    I had a long wait for surgery (first appt May surgery September) so instead of a last meal I had a "Farewell to Food" tour. Each fortnight I went to one of the restaurants that I was going to miss. My trade off was that I had to use my fitness pal the rest of the time and try and stick to it as much as possible but for that one meal a fortnight I could have what I wanted. Very enjoyable but in hindsight probably a little extravegant. Oh well that was the old me