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  1. Carislb

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    My first NSV in a while... blood pressure is down to 118/86 and heart rate to 80. Previously even on medication I couldn't get BP below 140/100 and heart rate below 100bpm.
  2. I had something very similar - only hurt when I moved. All tests negative. GP surmised it was scar tissue rubbing on the nerve, or that the nerve had 'come through' the muscle and every time the muscle was used, the nerve was firing. Could barely walk without pain! After about 8 weeks it disappeared on it's own. I saw my surgeon and port was fine, although he wanted to take my band out regardless... anyway that's another issue.
  3. Carislb

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Ever since I was in hospital for my wisdom teeth (3 October), I've lost 3.2kg. That's a nice, steady loss! Only thing I've been doing is eating breakfast (something I was told not to do.. that it meant my band wasn't tight enough!) and also parking on the top level of the car park and doing the stairs twice a day. I think my band is working better for me, and I'm finding it easier to say "no more" when eating.
  4. I don't have any recommendations as I'm currently looking myself, but I've had the same experience with lack of compassion and understanding with Dr Dolan in Duncraig, so I don't recommend him. Every time I have a problem his solution is to take out my band. I recently had very similar pain and his reaction to every doctor was "take the band out, that'll resolve the pain". Turns out I had a trapped nerve which was causing the pain - no issues with my band - and I would have gone through another surgery and be without my band if I had blindly taken his advice.
  5. Carislb

    Condemned for a piece of fruit

    If she's the receptionist/office manager, it shouldn't make a difference to her day why patients are coming in for fills - it's a band adjustment and she wouldn't know if it's a top up or an unfill unless someone tells her. I'm not sure why she would be sick of it TishTish - at least she has a job booking appointments and isn't bored sitting behind her desk. Keeping the surgeon's wallet full keeps her in a job, so frankly she can get stuffed if she thinks she has any right to make comments like that. Make a formal complaint if you feel you need to, but hopefully her boss is your doctor and the apology you received is enough for you.
  6. Carislb

    Question prior to surgery

    I had a last meal and it was bloody delicious. I'm glad I did it. It's your body, your choice. We didn't become overweight overnight, so one meal won't make you enormously bigger overnight. To each his own.
  7. Carislb

    Weigh In Wednesday

    104 over the weekend
  8. Carislb

    Weigh In Wednesday

    105 point something - happy days
  9. Carislb

    CPR and Defibrillators

    The port isn't metal so shouldn't be a problem? In fact I don't think any part of a lap band is metal?
  10. Carislb

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Lost the 1.5 plus an extra 100g, down to 106.4
  11. Carislb

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Back up 1.5kg... I've been out of the gym for 10 days thanks to an awful viral tonsilitis bug I've had for 2 weeks. Not paying too much attention, as after a month in the gym we took my measurements and I've lost 17.5cm over my whole body.
  12. Carislb

    Weigh In Wednesday

    2kg loss - down to 106.5kg. No idea where this has come from... happy nonetheless
  13. Carislb

    Vlcd 500cal good or bad idea.

    Can I ask why you are choosing this method? Please don't just think weight loss is the only health benefit you need to acquire - 3 years post band with lots of up and downs, and eating healthily for the most part, my blood work is a little all over the place... Just because you have lost weight, it doesn't mean your insides are healthy.
  14. Carislb

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I'm up a few grams thanks to a carb party yesterday! I'm not worried
  15. Carislb

    After Hours fills etc

    Yep, she can do emergency unfills