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  1. MrsSlim2012


    I think all tattoos hurt! My back killed, I sat for 4.5 hours and it was very painful! My wrist didn't hurt too much, but it is only small and took about half an hour to do. My hubby says underneath his arm, near his armpit hurts like hell, and his elbow and around his nipple! Yup, hubby is tattooed a fair bit (not enough, I want him to get more!!) I think ribs would cain! I love tattoo's, I need to add to my back tattoo at some stage, but want to make sure I've lost the weight first so it doesn't affect it!
  2. MrsSlim2012


    Sorry and if you wanted to get one where it shouldn't change, ankle or foot would be good, or your wrist.. everywhere else i would wait
  3. MrsSlim2012


    I have 3, one on my wrist which I doubt will change as I lose the weight, one on my lower back, doubt it will change. I have a back piece, in between my should blades half way down my back.... I think it will be ok.... I don't plan to get anymore till I'm close to goal weight. I want to get a sleeve done, but I have to weight till I've reached my goal, gotten skin surgery (cause my arms are horrible) and then I plan to get my sleeve done!
  4. MrsSlim2012

    How often...

    I try to only weigh myself once a week. I find it keeps me accountable, although hard to do at the moment being pregnant. I would go insane if I didn't weigh myself at least weekly. My weigh in day is Tuesday, because that was the day I had my surgery done. I find if I do it weekly, it keeps me accountable for any gain I might have (which I am due to being pregnant)
  5. MrsSlim2012

    June 2012 Bandits

    Hey everyone! Has been hard 6 months! Being pregnant has been easy enough, but it's been playing with my mind because we didn't plan it, I had wanted to lose weight not gain! I had to get some fill taken out before Christmas, which showed a 10kg increase in weight which I also know is my baby as well, so I'm not stressed, but I do know my surgeon wanted to try and keep me at my weight before I got pregnant. It's been really hard. I got a bit of fill put in a couple of weeks ago, which has curbed my appetite a little but not much, and I've gained 1kg over the past 2 weeks, which I'm guessing is more baby than anything else. My OB and surgeon are keeping in close contact with each other to make sure me and baby are healthy and that my bubba is growing the right amount, so I'm not stressed about any of that. I see them both now every 2 weeks. I'm 27 weeks and just can't wait to have her, so I can firstly meet her, and then get this weight off me! How's it all going for everyone else?
  6. MrsSlim2012

    June 2012 Bandits

    Sounds like everyone is doing well! I had to get 1ml taken out before Christmas because I think being pregnant, I just couldn't eat. I was lucky if I could get one meal down a day. Since getting that 1ml out, it's made all the different which is great, but I've notice I have put on weight, but I'm also not sure if that is baby weight, because I have noticed my belly is actually starting to show! Freaky Can't wait to meet my little girl. I can feel her moving around every now and then and it's a pretty cool feeling. Good luck to everyone for the new year. I am looking forward to giving birth and then getting my fill put back in and losing the weight and experiencing motherhood
  7. MrsSlim2012

    June 2012 Bandits

    Went and saw my surgeon today, and got 1ml taken out, as I've found the more pregnant I get (I'm only 18 weeks at the moment) the harder it is to eat. This is my first baby and it's made me VERY hormonal and emotional, and I find when I'm emotional, my band get tights and I can't eat, which then stresses me out more. I got the one 1ml out this morning at 8am and I already feel so much better and had a little breakfast and everything went down without feeling sick, and saliva forming in my mouth and horrible pains! Amazing the difference 1ml can make. I hope now, everything is just smooth sailing. I was disappointed with no weight loss, but he told me if I had no baby in my belly, it would of been at least a 10kgs weight loss and he is so happy with my progress. So that is nice Merry Christmas to everyone and I hope all is going well!
  8. MrsSlim2012

    Travel insurance

    Wasn't suggesting that was what happened with you Beth.
  9. MrsSlim2012

    So when will it be noticed

    I don't expect anyone to notice or make comments... I've lost 20kgs, and my mother and sister said nothing, but my little nephews saw a pic of me and said to my other sister.. "Oh wow Aunty has lost so much weight, she's so pretty". The thing I know with kids they don't say anything unless they mean it I've not lost significant amount, but it is noticeable, but you know I expect nothing for it.
  10. MrsSlim2012

    Travel insurance

    My view on travel insurance, if you can't afford to pay for travel insurance to sufficiently cover you, then you can't afford to travel. I've not travelled since being banded, but I know I will be adding it in, the extra cost will be nothing compared to what it could be. And Beth's story just goes to prove you never know what's going to happen! Not worth the risk.
  11. MrsSlim2012

    June 2012 Bandits

    What are you struggling with WM?
  12. MrsSlim2012

    June 2012 Bandits

    Hey all, all is going well, I'm now 15 weeks pregnant and finding I might need to get some fill out because I'm finding it hard to eat, but it's only when my morning sickness plays up.... I'm still losing weight, all be it very slowly, but it's good and I'm happy with it. I see my surgeon on the 20 of December, so will discuss my band with him then. I think I'll get a ml or so taken out just as a bit of a relief for me.
  13. Since meeting my now husband, I've really realised until him, I never had great support. From the moment I told him I wanted to get the lapband done, his support has been amazing. He makes me feel great all the time and just an amazing man. I know I'm a strong person, but with him standing by my side, I believe I'm unstoppable. It's great to have someone in all aspects of your life, not just the band, who supports you unconditionally. I know, it's a big spiel about my hubby, but I would love to hear your support persons stories too!
  14. MrsSlim2012

    Lap band, why so many problems

    I've been banded since June, and I've not had any problems. I just follow the rules and like most people say, I "chew chew chew". Even being pregnant now, I'm not finding too much problem with the band. When I had bad morning sickness, I found it hard to eat, but I think half of that if not more was the morning sickness. Best thing I ever did, because I believe it was because of the band I got pregnant. Good luck with it all.
  15. Had my 12 week scan, and my baby is healthy and all is good :)