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  1. demmilanni

    Desperate and need HELP!

    Another thing you could do is focus on one new good behaviour at a time. Instead of thinking I must do this, this and this, choose 1 thing. Eg - I will walk 30 mins a day I will cut out snacks etc One small thing to focus on at a time and small weightloss targets not a big one of 45Kg - maybe aim for 600g a week and work on that. Good luck
  2. demmilanni

    Weekly weigh in

    Well done Kazbo! I know you have been waiting for this for a while. I have been maintaining for about 6 months now, I sit between 77.8 and 78.5. Down from 150kg, size 26 to size 12. 18 month checkup and my dr is very pleased. Here are some words of wisdome from my surgeon. *Have the potato or the chocolate, not both. *Its ok to let your weight fluctuate by a kg or 2, any more than that is yoyo dieting and you had the sleeve to avoid that. *Rational people do better at long term weight loss and maintenance - by rational he means that you know you can have the occasional treat but you work it into your day.... *Weigh in at least fortnightly so things dont get out of hand. Great job to everyone else who is loosing weight and keeping it off.
  3. Pouch test - this will be your breakfast 1 can of rice cream, scales and a timer required. Open can and weigh it Eat as much rice cream as you can as fast as you can till you are full. Capacity full. 10mins max Weigh can again.this will tell you e volume of your sleeve. I can eat less than half a 400g can at 15 months. Some sleevers can eat up to 250g. The other thing to be mindful of is what your eating and when. Carbs are easier to eat than protein. I can eat 2 cups of popcorn or 50g of protein. Eat your protein first every meal and protein every snack and you may find your not as hungry as you thought. also drink! Lol, water not wine! Some days I feel I can eat heaps and I have nibbled all day but when I look at what. I have eaten it's very low protein. A price of steak or a sausage shows me my pouch is still small because I can't get it in . If all else fails you can try a pouch reset. Day 1+2 - just protein shakes, up to 5 for the day Day 3 - 2 protein shakes and soft protein once like soft fish, cottage cheese etc Day 4 - 2 shakes and firm white protein such as chicken Day 5 - 2 shakes and firm red protein As much protein as you want day 3-5. I haven't tried it myself because I don't do shakes and I don't need a reset but many people have done it and say it really helps. Good luck. Oh, and my dietician does email and phone consults, she is sleeved so she is very familiar ith sleeve issues. Here is her email, drop her a line and she will hetbackto you fiona@nutrition4life.net.au
  4. demmilanni

    Weekly weigh in

    Victorious nanna - here is my dieticians email- she does phone and email consults and is sleeved herself so a sleeve specialist. fiona@nutrition4life.net.au Haven't checked in for a while - 66kg lost and now in maintenance. I allow my self a weight range of 75-80 kh, no lower or higher. As long as I stick within this range I don't care what I weigh.
  5. demmilanni

    Weekly weigh in

    Im very close to goal now so the weight isnt moving enough for a weekly weigh in. Sitting at 79 now, size 14.
  6. demmilanni

    Weekly weigh in

    Well I hit my 1 year anniversary. Down to 81 from over 150, 133 on sleeve day. My goal was to loose another 12 by end of year but I don't think I have it in me. Time to stop loosing and start getting strong
  7. demmilanni

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    Nearly 12 months out and my BMI has dropped by 20 points!
  8. demmilanni

    Weekly weigh in

    4kg lss in the week since gb came out. Some might come back but good to see some movement. Good to see that in 12 months my BMI has dropped from 47 to 27. I would love to be in the 70's by my anniversary!
  9. demmilanni

    Weekly weigh in

    Gallbladder came out Friday. No weigh in for a while as I've been eating funny to accommodate the pain. Will try again next week after I recover a bit.
  10. 11 months, 58 kg. 2 month stall
  11. demmilanni

    Weekly weigh in

    I had gallstones before surgery but he did say I wouldn't last 12 months without having the gallbladder out. I'm 11 months and it comes out tomorrow. A lot of people with rapid loss do have gallbladder issues.
  12. demmilanni


    I couldnt phisically fit it in but i know where your coming from. Why do we do this to ourselves?
  13. demmilanni

    Weekly weigh in

    Impatiently awaiting this gallbladder surgery so i can get back to proper eating and exercise. my weight is fluctuating wildly as im so limited what i can eat.
  14. demmilanni

    Weekly weigh in

    1.3 kg since my last weigh in. Mainly due to a liquid diet ATM.