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  1. mez1977 added a post in a topic: Nausea   

    And I found once I stopped the meds that were given to me at the hospital I felt much better, I think the drugs were too strong in my tummy.
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  2. mez1977 added a post in a topic: Nausea   

    I am 10 days post op and not a day goes by that I don't feel nauseas, I thought it was very unusual but from what I can gather it seems quite normal, Im sure its just my body reacting to no food, I am still on clear liquids and all seems to be going well, other than the nauseasness. I have started my walking and I feel much better after a walk, I just cant wait to feel completely well again
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  3. mez1977 added a post in a topic: where are you?who are you?   

    HI there, I am currently living in little old Kaikoura, Was banded 9 days ago by SOS Dr Richard Flint, I was advised by my dietician to jump on board Ozzy chat forums as they are better than kiwi ones?? Altho I have only been back in NZ 1 year and spent the last 10 years in Sydney, I am really keen to hear about other peoples experiences, I am finding it a bit frustrating getting to know how my body feels every day, one day I feel ok and the next 3 Im still very nauseas not sure if this is hunger or not, sticking to what my DR recommmended altho Im not sure its making me feel great, How long does it take to feel normal again???? In saying that I have nearly lost 10 kilos now so very happy
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  4. mez1977 added a post in a topic: Air Travel ?   

    I was banded 9 days ago and flying to Oz in 5 days, I hope this is not right, I am a bit worried about it, but my surgeon seems to think it will not affect it whatsoever
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