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  1. leesha

    Tummy tuck?

    Thanks for that info guys. I have a few decisions to make.
  2. leesha

    Tummy tuck?

    How many of you have reached your ideal weight and gotten a tummy tuck? My doc has advised if i want to do that, he is happy to book me in. My sis in law has the same doctor and got one 14 months ago and loves it. I just want views on everyones experiences? And has anyone gotten a tummy tuck and had kids afterwards as well?
  3. leesha

    Tummy Issues.

    Did you find out what the problem was? I think I am having a similar problem.
  4. Very happy with my band. Best decision of my life!

  5. leesha

    June 2012 Bandits

    Hi everyone. Wow. I can't believe how fast the time has gone! Everyone seems to be doing great! Well done! I haven't had any fill put in yet. I was worried I would put on weight when I went to America, but when I weighed myself when we got home, I had lost 2kgs. So I was pretty happy with that. But over the last 3/4 weeks I have only lost 200 grams. So should probably think about getting some fill put in. But I'm liking that I can still lose weight without it. Might look at booking in for some fill in the new year. Having said that, I have reached the weight that Dr Dolan originally said that he would be happy to see me at. I still want to lose another 9.4 kgs. But will see how I go. I'm pretty happy where I am now, but would still like to lose a big more. This has been the best thing I have done. I am so much happier now, it's unbelievable! It has made such a big difference to my life in so many ways. I'm so glad I got it done now, rather than waiting!
  6. leesha

    Half way...

    I have been so lucky and have had it so easy, it's hard to keep writing blogs, because nothing really seems to change. And I dont want to be like "oh look at me, its all so easy for me, blah blah blah", because I know that some of you have had a tough time of it, so I dont want to kind of rub it in, if you know what I mean? :/ I am still doing really well, even though I haven't got any fill in. I have found that when I am at work or busy out doing things, that I don't really get that hungry, and can easily survive on small amounts of food. It's when I am stuck at home and bored that I get the head hunger, and want to eat crap food. So I try and limit those times as much as possible. I do allow myself a few treats each week. But still try and limit it to a small amount each time. I am able to eat quite a variety of foods. Even ones I thought I would have to give up, because they wouldn't go down! I have been able to have nandos, lamb cutlets at hogs breath, and tonight I had a small slice of bruschetta and some fettuccine pollo. One of the best things that I did though, was buy smaller plates for myself. I bought rice bowls to use, and I know that if I fill them about half full, then that is roughly one cup if food. And that is more than enough for me for dinner. And if I stick to that, then I don't over eat, but it's enough to fill me up and I don't want or need to eat any more. The last couple of nights I haven't actually eaten everything in my bowl either. So I am really happy with how everything is going! I have lost 13.4 kgs to date. So I only have 13.3 kgs until I am at my goal weight! That's unbelievable! When I saw Dr Dolan last week, he said I could easily get to 50kgs if I want to. But I might find that would make me too skinny, and to re-evaluate when I get to 60kgs. My goal at the moment is 55 kgs. A couple of weeks ago, I fit into my 'old favorites', my size 14 jeans. But I wore them today, and they are already feeling too loose! I think I may have to throw them in the dryer to try and shrink them a little so they fit for a bit longer! But I'm really excited, coz I am going to America on Tuesday with my husband (we are leaving our daughter home with family) and I am planning on doing a lot of shopping! I can't wait! But I am going to miss my bubba soooooo much!! I so wish we were taking her with us now! But I don't think she would cope too well with the long flights. But we are hoping we can take her next year. At the moment I am also looking at doing some training so that I can maybe look at getting a new job next year. I am thinking of doing a makeup course and a hair styling course, and I would also love to do a photography course. I would love to be a photographer! After doing all of that, I would love to start my own business! It's a bit of a dream at the moment, but am going to try and put it all into practice very soon!
  7. Am I supposed to love my band as much as I do? I almost feel guilty that it's been such a dream so far for me. And I almost feel that it's making me a bit complacent... And it's going to get really hard soon.

  8. leesha

    I love my band

    I had my appointment this morning with Dr Dolan. He was really happy with my weight loss. So am I! On Friday, I weighed 71kgs. That's a total loss of 10.7 kgs in 7 weeks, and being banded for 5 of those weeks. I am so happy! I go on holidays to America in 2 weeks, so am hoping I get under 70 kgs by then. And I also hope that I don't put too much weight on while I am over there! I didn't get any fill put in because 1. I don't think I need it at this stage, and 2. I don't want the plane trip to affect anything. So I'm going to go and see Dr Dolan when I get home, and decide on whether to get fill or not then. On a completely different topic. I bought some oracle cards on the weekend, and I absolutely love them! I have done a couple of readings with them, and they have been pretty freaky! I am also going to see my favorite psychic tomorrow arvo with my family, so I'm really looking forward to that. I love her and she is just amazing! Always so spot on with her readings, and you come out of it feeling soooo good. Another thing I am quite excited about is that I got a call back this morning for an interview for a job that I applied for last week. My interview is on Wednesday and I am so hoping that I get the job! And I hope they will be ok with me not being able to start for 5 weeks! Everything seems to be going so good at the moment. Almost too good. I hope it stays that way!
  9. leesha

    Travelling good so far...

    I can't believe that its been nearly 4weeks since I was banded! Time is flying! Officially on the weekend I can start "normal, solid" foods. Even though I have had a couple of normal things, I just make sure I chew than really really well! Tonight my husband had a home made pizza. I cut up the chicken/chorizo/mushrooms really small to make a slice that I could try and I put crushed pineapple on as well. I only had one slice and I used a knife and fork to cut it into little tiny pieces, and chewed it until it was mush, and it went down fine. I'm really happy with that. Maybe I will be able to have a slice of takeaway pizza if my husband gets it for dinner. But I still want to try and make a portabello mushroom pizza. Sounds like it would be amazing. And I might try and find a nice recipe for stuffed mushrooms. Yum! Hopefully I will have lost a little weight this week. But I have been eating some really yummy food this week, and maybe ate a little too much on a couple of occasions. I tried the Mexican potatoes from the mushie recipe posts, and it was amazing! So I've had that for 4 different meals so far. And I still have some more mashed potato to make more! I am still eating a great deal less than I was before. And I am finding a lot of new things to try, which I never would've looked for before I had the banding done. So it's really opening up a whole new world of food for me.
  10. leesha

    Mexican Mash Potato.

    I made this tonight, but i used grated cheese, and it was amazing! Definitely going to make it again! Thanks!
  11. leesha

    BUPA + General Information

    I'm in Perth and had my surgery done by Dr Dolan. My out of pockets for the surgery were $1000 admin fee, $180 for blood tests, $400 for anaethetist, and $250 private health insurance excess. My initial consult with Dr Dolan was about $170 from memory. Can't remember how much the follow ups were? And I think the first dietician appointment cost around $90, but I think follow ups are about $60. Or something like that? Can't remember, coz it was 2 months ago that I saw them! Lol! Oh yeah, and I'm with BUPA as well.
  12. leesha

    Keeping Banding a secret

    When I went for my pre admission appointment, they said that you can tell people that you are having your gall bladder removed, as it has same sort of recovery time and diet. I have told most people that I have had it done, and the reactions have been very good. But I didn't tell many people before I had the surgery. I figure there isn't really much they can say afterwards.
  13. leesha

    Sooooo Nervous

    I was banded at mercy by dr Dolan, and I was really nervous beforehand also. It's an overnight stay. I felt great the whole time I was in hospital and when I got home. But that night and for the next couple of days I didn't feel that great. Might be because I was a bit ambitious and went out the night I got home from hospital. I also so that in the notes given to me, but I didn't have to pay any assistants fee. Hope you don't have to either.
  14. leesha

    Weigh in

    Yay. I did lose this week. 1.7 kgs. Happy now. I was feeling like I hadn't lost anything at all. But I must be doing ok. I originally thought it was 1.2 kgs. So I am REALLY happy with the 1.7! 9.6 kgs lost in 5 weeks! Fantastic! Loving my journey so far!
  15. leesha

    June 2012 Bandits

    Yeah, pre banding I would eat so much! I would fill the plate up with food, and eat all of it, even if I was full. But I am really finding it refreshing to not be able to eat as much. It is starting to take away the focus on how much food, and put it more on to what food to eat. Which I find helps. I want to eat better and be a better role model for my daughter who is 1. I am just worried about over eating and then having the band not be as effective as it should be. I don't want to waste this opportunity to lose weight and keep it off, and be happy and confident again. I know it's only early days though, and I still have a ways to go yet. But I am afraid of going backwards really early in my journey. It's probly silly, but I think all of the worry is because I am going to weigh myself tomorrow.