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  1. Bandetto

    Private health

    Sorry another question... is anyone aware of any private health companies that don't have a 12 month waiting period for bariatric procedures?
  2. Hello all, I am looking at getting a gastric sleeve or bypass however my local clinic (Canberra) is booked up and the next appt for me to see the doctor is end of Jan with surgery being in March! Can anyone recommend some clinics near Canberra i.e. Sydney that you have been happy with? Also any pros and cons between the sleeve and bypass? Thank you!
  3. That's so expensive!! Do they have their one off yearly payment?
  4. Bandetto

    Where has everyone gone!?

    Thank you all for your responses. It is lovely to see that there is quite a few people out there lurking around Yes I understand we are all "adults" and can skip past all the negative stuff. That is not what my point was- it was that in the past there was a lot more action on this site and lately its been very slow... I have noticed a lot of narking back and forward between people and I just wanted to know if people were reluctant to post because of this. I myself don't appreciate the nastiness that was being exhibited by some, whether it be to myself to others! And again, I know we all have different views however there is a way to portray them without being nasty. I think BeeBop hit the nail on the head with what she wrote: I came here for support, the good and the bad feedback none the less but things that are going to help not hinder the journey. At the end of the day if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all?
  5. Bandetto

    Where has everyone gone!?

    Where has everyone disappeared to? Is there another helpful "SUPPORT" group out there for us lap banders? I have noticed recently a lot of negativety in these forums (from one particular person however I won't mention names!) and I myself have been reluctant to post for fear of being shot down and imposed with some pretty nasty personal views. Are there other people out there lurking who have the same views? Or have people moved somewhere else and if so where because I am really missing the positive environment where I recieved a lot of helpful support (particularly given I am a secret bander it was one of the few places)...
  6. Bandetto


    Oh god I hate the cross trainer! That damn thing hurts!!! lol
  7. Bandetto


    Has anyone had a session with a personal trainer and had a plan draw up for them for the gym for weight loss? I am awaiting a phone call from a personal trainer but am keen to get in there and start doing things that are actually going to help me loose weight. I am sitting at about 95kg and dont have any restrictions for exercise. Is there anyone sitting around this that could give me some suggestions? Thanks
  8. Bandetto


    I still eat.. I just bring it back up lol... funny thing is my mum booked an appointment yesterday and is in earlier then me (not lap band related) which sucks for me!
  9. Bandetto


    Still the same issues... still waiting for my appointment lol
  10. Bandetto


    Hi Kazbo thanks so much for all the information!! I will follow up again
  11. Bandetto


    I'm in Canberra. I can live with it until then- its not like it hasn't been going on for a while now lol. Just disappointed that although expressing concern they fit me in 5 weeks later!
  12. Bandetto

    Do u feel hungry all the time?

    Oh yes I am always hungry lol
  13. Bandetto


    Ive made an appointment to see my doctor... a month and three days away. earliest appointment :S despite advising I was having several stuck moments a day- is this normal practice? I thought I would be seen sooner given the issues? :S
  14. Bandetto


    Thank you atgreg for the link too!
  15. Bandetto


    Thanks Kazbo for your response. I too am in Canberra and would love to hear more about your experience... I have considered getting a sleeve but am so apprehensive at the moment maybe I have this mentality that it may not work too and its such a drastic measure? If that makes sense! I know the results are there for some people definitely but then again some people have amazing results with the band too..