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  1. BVSP

    May 2012

    Hi there I'm a May banded too; banded 19 days ago. Not so lucky with the recovery phase... Still in pain at times, 1ml fill taken out after 2 weeks because I got esophagus spasms: hurts like hell btw. If pain persists I might have to get then band taken off, but I'm trying to be tough, I've been waiting too long for this band.
  2. BVSP

    1st Fill

    Great weight loss. I'm jealous! I'm very disappointed. Didn't have a 1st fill but a 1st empty. My band is too tight and they had to take all the fluid out. If symptoms persist i might have to get the band loosened for months before it can be put back. Non of this was part of the agenda
  3. BVSP

    Severe pain since banding

    I've had a similar pain since day 9. Virtually no other pain before and then it all started on Saturday. It a similar pain as to when you had a icy drink on a hot day. Ten seconds of and ten seconds on. It gets worse through the day and is so severe at night that I can barely care for my toddler. Seeing my surgeon on Thursday (if I make it till then). Hope there isn't anything seriously wrong.