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  1. louisep

    Big big thanks to my band

    About 3 weeks before I flew out my band was really playing up. I couldn't eat anything & at times could barely get up & go down. I'm sure it was stress related as work was incredibly busy & stressful & I still had stuff to do for my trip. I was so upset about it, I made appt with my Dr to get ALL the fill removed. Fortunately my Dr talked me out of this, I only had 0.75ml removed. I'm so glad I had fill removed, Argentina is the land of BBQ red meat & the land of spongy white bread, which I just could not have tolerated otherwise. I still had to eat slowly & chew chew chew, but I watched what I ate & I only ate small portions. I did indulge in deserts & cocktails at times & certainly didn't feel I missed out on anything. I have not put on any weight according to my scales at home, and I have an appt for next week to start getting band refilled in 0.3ml increments to get my restriction back gradually. Exercise regime restarts on Monday, hopefully I'll be over jet lag by then. I had an absolutely cracking time on my holiday & can't recommend Intrepid Travel enough (I don't work for them, but I've done several tours with them now). It was a great reward to myself for the band related hard work & 40kg weight loss in the past 10-11months.
  2. I am so thankful to my band. I have just returned from THE BEST holiday ever. Hiking in Argentinian & Chilean Patagonia for 2.5 weeks then off to Peru for 8 days. Climbed Huayna Picchu, the big mountain behind Machu Picchu for a better view of the site. Simply amazing, and there's no way I could have done any of it pre band.
  3. louisep

    who's up for a feb or march lunch ????

    I'll have to give it a miss as I'll be trekking in Patagonia & then seeing the sights of Peru. See you all at the next catchup.
  4. louisep

    Lacking Protein

    Make up some chilli concare (easy using old elpaso mix) or spaghetti Bol. Then just purée the meat up a bit with a stick blender. I also found a small tin if tuna or salmon mixed with a little bit of mayo & some avocado and pureed with the stick blender was good too.
  5. louisep

    Funny PB foods

    Yesterday ate scrambled eggs no probs. Today PB'd on scrambled eggs from the same cafe. Very sick of PBing so much lately, very unpredictable and socially unacceptable. I'm eating small amounts very slowly & chewing well but it still happens. Off to get some fill removed on Monday. I can't wait.
  6. Try one of the thai soups or laksa. Just avoid the meat in them or have tofu. Chew all veges REALLY well as often they are still crunchy even in a soup. You still need to be social, the band isn't about missing out on anything, just modify and reduce the amount you eat.
  7. louisep

    Real complications of the sleeve.

    Also google Dr Reg Lord & his endo sleeve barrier procedure. Just something extra to throw into the mix. I only know about this procedure coz he operates where I work (just thought I'd add that in the intrest of full disclosure etc). Honestly, I'd seriously consider it if anything happens to my band.
  8. louisep

    Funny PB foods

    A grape, lettuce, that white/clear wrapper stuff on Chinese steamed dumplings. And the usual suspects of steak & bread. Lately on ice-cream (WTF) and up & go. I don't understand why I can eat chocolate, but not ice-cream, don't they both melt to fluid at body temp? But still, I'm remaining friends with my band.
  9. Just wondering what people found was the most helpful bit of info they gained from this site? I have three 1) everybody is different and loses at a different rate 2) every doctor seems do things differently & 3) having a hot drink (water or tea) in the morning helps "flush out" the band and can help food from getting stuck in the morning.
  10. louisep

    question for those who have already lost a lot of weight

    30kg down. My chronic back pain (result of prolapsed discs years ago) is nowhere near as bad, I rarely take medication for it now. I don't have to wear knee braces when I go out for a walk/hike, and when I come home my knees don't ache for days like they used to. My knees and ankles don't feel like they are going to give out when I run/jog on the treadmill. I don't huff & puff when walking up hills or over longer distances. I can carry my 2.5yr old nephews around the house and carry them both home when we go to the park to play, and I exhaust them. My makeup doesn't sweat off my face 30mins after Ive applied it, because I'm not a "sweaty Betty" anymore. So overall, feeling much better about myself & what I can now do. Still very happy I had the band, not so happy that I made myself so ridiculously fat that I needed the band.
  11. louisep

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    And another...weighed myself this morning. Have reached my goal of losing 30kg before the end of October (only made it by 3days, but it still counts). Now onto my next goal, to lose another 5kg by Xmas.
  12. louisep

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    woo hoo. Today I fit into size 14 pants... from a regular shop. I am so going to be a size 12 by the time i go on hols in Feb. Cant wait!!!
  13. louisep

    Mushy for work?

    Small can of tuna or salmon, drained & mixed with mashed avocado & fetta spread on 2-3 Cruskits (usually i just eat it without the cruskits). Tasty & filling & easy to take to work.
  14. louisep

    What did you eat today?

    Today I have been the pinup girl for what NOT to do. I had an up + go at 10ish and I had a white chocolate + pink icecream magnum on my way to work at 2.30. Now I am starving hungry, but dont get a break till 7.30pm, when i can eat my dinner (1 cup of chilli concare brought from home)
  15. louisep

    Optifast and did any cheat?

    Proud to say I did not cheat once on my 2 weeks of optifast. Not so proud to say I was an horrendous cranky bitch to everyone whilst on my 2 weeks of optifast.