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  1. VintageMum

    June 2012 Bandits

    Hi Everyone! Well I have now seen the Dietician, Exercise person and Dr and they all say no band.. They want me to try losing the weight on Optifast which I am 99% certain won't work - never has before! Will give it a go for a few months then go looking for another dr methinks. Thank you all for your kind words and support and I wish you all well with your weight loss journeys!! xxx
  2. VintageMum

    June 2012 Bandits

    Hi everyone and especially to all our newbies! I had my appt on Wed with the bariatric dr at Dr Bessells rooms and am absolutely devastated! They don't want to give me a band!!! Even though my BMI is 50, they say my eating habits won't work with a band (I don't actually eat much at all, just the wrong things) and that as I want to continue with IVF soon, I should just do Optifast to lose some weight quickly then go in for the band after I have finished IVF! The main reason I wanted the band was for rapid weight loss to help with the IVF. I don't have time to diet slowly as I'm 42 and if I could lose weight on Optifast don't they think I would have tried before now!! So upset..
  3. VintageMum

    June 2012 Bandits

    Wow! Lots of new members today! Nice to find a lovely supportive group to go thru this with. I have decided not to tell anyone about the surgery except for my hubby and best friend. Anyone else keeping it secret? Also anyone else seeing Dr Bessell in Adelaide? Haven't seen him yet - first appt Wed. Very nervous!
  4. VintageMum

    June 2012 Bandits

    Hi everyone! I'm hoping to be a June Bandit. Have my first appointment with the surgeon this Wed 23rd May, so will hopefully get a date then. Nice to meet you all and hope everything is going well for those on Optifast already. Sooo not looking forward to that!
  5. VintageMum

    Surgery with Dr Bessell - Adelaide

    Thanks for that Tessa. Sounds pretty standard 2 weeks opti and 2 weeks off work. A FB friend just had lapband surgery and she took 5 weeks off work. Was hoping that wasn't standard as I can't have that long off work!! Two weeks opti doesn't sound like much fun tho!
  6. VintageMum

    Surgery with Dr Bessell - Adelaide

    Thanks for the info QB. Getting excited.. I think... :S
  7. I'm booked in to see Dr Bessell next Wed for my initial appointment. Has anyone had surgery with him? Any feedback? Did you have it at Flinders Private or Wakefield? Any preferences? How long did you have to be on Optifast for beforehand? Lastly how long did you need to take off work after being banded? Sorry for all the questions but have been reading and Googling madly and getting more and more concerned about the whole process.. Thanks!
  8. VintageMum

    Questions to ask your surgeon?

    Thanks so much for posting this topic. I have my first appt next week and had no idea where to start with questions. Some great suggestions and a good idea to write them down too or I would forget them all!
  9. VintageMum

    What To Tell People about Surgery?

    I'm so glad so many others are being secretive about their banding. My hubby thinks I'm nuts not telling anyone and that I should blurt it out to the world. But to me it is a sign of my failure.. that I couldn't do it by myself and needed the extremes of banding to finally (hopefully) shed some weight.. I have been undergoing (unsuccessfully ) IVF treatments, so I am telling people that I am having a laproscopic check for endo, which technically I am at the same time!