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  1. Hi everyone! My name is Elle and it's been probably 5 or 6 years since I signed on to this site. Basically, I had a lap band inserted at the age of 18 (2011) as part of a publicly funded study on adolescents in Adelaide. I lost 40kg in 2011/2012 and have successfully kept the weight off since then! Three weeks ago I (finally) underwent a circumferential body lift to remove the excess skin from my abdomen (my surgeon removed a whopping 4.8kg of skin!!!), and will undergo a mini thigh lift in 8 days time. So here are a bunch of photos of me over the years! The first two pictures I was probably around 90-95kg at 16 years old - the biggest I got was 110kg but there are no photos of me at that size because I was too ashamed to have my photo taken. The third picture shows me at 95kg versus 65kg. The next two are a couple of travel photos - I always wanted to travel but was too self conscious before banding, I am so happy that I have been able to see and accomplish as much as I have post weight loss. The 6th photo is me at 70kg (my happy weight, 65kg was impossible to maintain) three weeks ago, the night before my body lift surgery. The last photo is me now, three weeks post op! I am still swollen, but I finally don't have an apron!!! I will certainly not be missing the 4.8kg of skin that they removed! So excited for my thigh surgery next week - I feel like it will kind of mark 'the end' of this weight loss journey
  2. mudstock

    Only 3kg to go till I reach my goal weight!

    Thanks so much! Good luck with it- its certainly hard work but worth it and I loved Ireland! I actually had this lovely Irish boy propose to me in Dublin! Thats such a lovely thing to hear congrats on getting your band! I hope you are progressing amazingly You have inspired me more than any other post. I got banded 10 days ago and I was 93kg - you look amazing and exactly how I hope to look. Congratulations on all your hard work.
  3. That would be fine! Maybe no public wall posts though? There are lots of people who dont know I was banded! And dont worry, we have all been disheartened by the plateau but it will pass! http://www.facebook.com/ellen.burne
  4. You look absolutely amazing! Well done!
  5. Thankyou so much! You absolutely made my day and your post reminded me that I havent been on this site in forever! I just put up on a new thread a couple of new photos as I have lost a bit more weight now!
  6. I was banded in July 2011 and weighed 100kg, I am now down to 63kg and only have 3kg to go until I get to my goal weight of 60kg! Getting the band was the best decision of my life! Only 6 weeks ago I was trekking around Europe on a solo adventure, something I never would have been confident enough to do before I lost all the weight. Even if I dont lose the last 3kg, I am so happy with my progress. The first photo of me is pre band (at about 93kg - so not even my heaviest weight) and the second and third photos are of me in Ireland about eight weeks ago at 63kg! (I am the one on the left in the second picture)
  7. mudstock

    Young Bandits

    I am 19 and living in adelaide and I would love to meet and catch up with others who have had the band!
  8. Thank you so much and yes, much better!! Best decision I ever made was having the surgery. Can I ask what your starting weight is? My goal is 58kg at 168cm tall and happy belated birthday! Thank you so much!!!!!
  9. Good luck!!!! And yeah I lost the first 7kg in a few weeks, so maybe you will have some good progress
  10. I must admit, I am not the biggest exerciser :/ I just hate the thought of people seeing me jiggle! But I really control what I eat and try to stick to 600-800 calories a day And thankyou!! Thankyou so much! My daily meal plan is: Breakfast: 30g oats and 120ml skim milk OR a small piece of fruit Lunch: 90g tin of flavoured tuna Snack: Apple OR pear OR banana Dinner: Veggie soup (250ml) OR 150g veggies Fluids: Low calorie cordial, water and flat coke zero Good luck!!!! I hope it all goes well for you :) Thankyou very much Im sure you will look absolutely beautiful when you get to 68kg! How much weight have you lost so far?
  11. Thankyou! And yay for you! Did you have to wait long to get your band? I hope it all goes well for you and that you meet all your weight loss goals
  12. Wow about the lack of fruit! Can you handle bananas? (I live for my bananas haha) Thankyou so much! Having the banding was the best decision I ever made. My mother and a lot of my friends didnt love the idea, but they all seem to be okay with it now that they see how much happier I am. I was clinically depressed and suicidal before I had the band, and now I am just a really happy person Well done on losing 40kg!! How much better do you feel? And sorry to be a bit dense, but what is an extender?
  13. mudstock

    What is your daily menu now?

    I stick to a 600-800 calorie a day diet! Breakfast: 30g of oats with 120ml skim milk Lunch: 90g tin of tuna Snack: Medium red apple (or a small banana or some berries) Dinner: 150g veggies (cooked or raw) Fluids: Water, low calorie cordial, flat coke zero (and every now and then I have a square of dark chocolate) People think this is way too little but I function just fine on it!
  14. mudstock

    Adelaide-South Australia get together

    Is anyone from Adelaide still meeting up? I do not know anybody else that has had the band, but I would love to meet others!
  15. Thankyou so much!! It has been very hard work, but so worthwhile!! The only real hassle I had was actually qualifying for the surgery! Because I was just (BY ONLY 600g) under the BMI limit and only 17 when I first consulted with surgeons, there was talk that the surgery would not happen - luckily it did! The only other hassle is the foods I cant eat! I have had to cut out all bread, sushi, rice, pasta, popcorn, chips, ALL red meat, chicken, some fish, nuts, apples and anything doughy! Otherwise I get really bad pain when the food gets stuck and I have to make myself vomit - not at all pleasant! Have you found similar food restriction?