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  1. Working Mum

    August Sleeve Buddies ???

    I seem to have a good day then a bad day. In my attempt to save money and get a cheap hotel I think I may have picked the worst one! Filthy. No light in one room and have killed 6 cockroaches so far! Still, it has a washer and dryer and a small kitchenette to heat my soups and make my shakes. I'm missing my kids terribly. Went shopping yesterday and walked around a fair bit but today I couldn't even muster the energy to leave the room! I see my surgeon tomorrow and then I'm home the next day thankfully. Yay!
  2. Working Mum

    August Sleeve Buddies ???

    Hi guys. Its been an on and off time. Some discomfort and the fact I have to remain close to the hospital for a week is making me homesick. Im getting a funny feeling that feels like my tummy rumbling from hunger but I know that can't be right! Probably gas or reflux or something else., Still very tired. I can't wait to go home Tuesday!
  3. Working Mum

    August Sleeve Buddies ???

    Im waiting to go into theatre now. Nervous!
  4. Working Mum

    What a day.

    That's terrible! On the up side, at least you can still eat for the moment??
  5. Working Mum

    4 days post op

    That's great to hear! I'm due to get done Tuesday but am not allowed to return home until a week later (I live 5 hours away as well). So I will be staying in a hotel room until the following Monday when the surgeon clears me to return home.
  6. Working Mum

    Public or private?

    If you have enough Super to cover it then you shouldn't have any problem. Just remember that withdrawing your super early counts as income so it might affect your tax at tax time or any centrelink payments you get.
  7. Working Mum

    Sleevers July 2017

    I'm hoping to be August
  8. Working Mum

    Surgery Tomorrow - Scared

    Good luck. It's only human nature to second guess ourselves. We wonder if we really need to be so drastic. If it were so easy to lose the weight without surgery we would have done it by now. Make sure there is room in your bag to pack the clothing you are wearing to the hospital. Something warm to wear in hospital (a bed coat-does anyone even own one of those anymore?!?! Or a dressing gown. A pair of comfy slippers). Go you good thing! You've got this! Best of luck and let us know how you are doing (when you can).
  9. It's an odd thing isn't it? If we could tolerate a diet of weight loss shakes we would t be seeking weight loss surgery in the first place. Still, think of all that goodness it's doing in preparing you for surgery. Shrinking your liver. Making you surgery ready for your next chapter as a sleeved person. Good luck.
  10. Working Mum

    Public or private?

    It's all getting real now!!!! Super fund has paid out and money in my account!!!! i have to wait around 6 weeks to get back in to see the surgeon and then book the procedure but I have asked that they keep me in mind of a cancellation comes up lol
  11. Working Mum

    Public or private?

    Sorry, I meant to direct that last comment at Daisyinthedesert, not Denzel
  12. Working Mum

    Public or private?

    Denzel just remember that withdrawing super counts as income so if you receive any Centrelink payments then they will be affected by it, reducing your payments.
  13. Working Mum

    Public or private?

    Band is gone!!!!! I can't say that I miss it! I can eat salad and meat and bread and fruit with the skin on! It's amazing! Now I wait for phi to kick in for my sleeve surgery but until then I am loving eating healthier foods and no reflux!
  14. Working Mum

    Surgeons in Perth that will allow payment via superannuation?

    Professor Jeff Hamdorf at Western Surgical Health does surgery with no PHI and super withdrawal I think
  15. Working Mum

    Lapband Removal

    Go to your GP and explain the problems you are having and reasons for wanting it removed and they will send a referral to a surgeon at the public hospital for removal. Not sure what the wait list would be but the more urgent the need to have it removed the quicker it will be taken out.