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  1. Hi was reading on here that ahm covers sleeve surgery on its lower levels of cover .  Which cover might that be as they are refusing to cover my friend on the black and white deluxe 

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  2. Ness84

    Sleeve wait post c section

    I'm not 100% sure but would think at least 3 months. I have heard of other women having a sleeve 3 months post delivery but unsure if they were vaginal or c section. Meanwhile how exciting on your little bundle. You must be so excited will be so amazing. As long as you have heaps of support for after surgery (both sleeve and section) you should be right. A section is major surgery so definitely you need time to heal and also when you sleeve will also depend if you plan on breast feeding as you may not be able to after sleeve and definitely can't while on opti as it isn't safe for breast feeding. Good luck on your journey though. Sounds like very exciting times ahead for you. All the best x
  3. Ness84

    One Advantage to Gastric Sleeve

    omg yes! since i've been sleeved, probably because i don't drink as much and obviously a lot less fat, i pee hardly at all. i use to have to wee all the time. not even diabetic but always needed to pee like a pregnant woman. only exception to that is a nervous wee
  4. i had this and really struggled. I was sleeved in september 2016. I just yesterday had to have a procedure done which has actually relieved my vomiting. i just updated my blog on it if you want to have a read. i ended up in hospital for 6 days post op as i couldn't get fluids to stay down and my relfux and heart burn got worse. i started on 20mg of nexium, i now take 40mg twice a day. The gaviscon dual action is helpful at bed time in particular and for relief in general. definietly keep the pillows up in the meantime but please speak to your surgeon and don't listen if they tell you it is normal. I had a liquid barium contrast after surgery and had no leaks. but it doesn't check for anything else. I had scar tissue form at the bottom of my stomach which kinked and twisted mine and so basically for 9 months i haven't kept any meal down even when i had puree or thin soups. i hope yours isn't as bad as mine was though. lots of support on here too. hopefully yours subsides but ask about maybe if you need to change or increase you medication for the reflux. All the best, Ness
  5. Been a while since I have updated in here. Seems diet isn't the only thing i get slack on. LONG WINDED BACK STORY and then some other faffing in there, so bare with me. So as some may know i had many problems with my sleeve, namely it being kinked and everything coming up. Basically it was similar to having a stuck moment with a band but there was no way to push things down as the usual techniques a bandit would use just let to more vomiting. in about April/May this year I had a solid barium contrast which showed that the bottom of my stomach was twisted around etc and so was pushing everything up. This lead to bad reflux(40mg Nexium twice a day and even then I often needed some gaviscon or quickeze to help in between) I have felt faint, though BP is fine, don't even have a postural drop which i suspected. i pretty much have lived off coffee(yes i know that doesn't help reflux but i also have a toddler and was finishing nursing studies). Pretty much two bites in no matter how well chewed and things came up. and it would hurt. Even puree soup and that came up. my surgeon told me he had only had one patient have similar symptoms to me about 8 years ago and that she had scar tissue attach to her liver when healing which caused her kink. she was an original sleever not a redo like me(band to sleeve). i gotta say i'm a tad pissy as I even waited 9 months after my band out to convert to sleeve to give my stomach extra time to heal. Anywho, i had a gastroscopy start of June for my surgeon to check what the issue was causing the kink and see if we can work the best option to fix it. Best case was dilation. Worst case full gastric bypass, and then a few options in between them. So after the gastroscopy the good news was I just needed a dilation. Problem being my surgeon hasn't done this type before so referred me to a colleague of is. This colleague has done this procedure a few times and is familiar with the technique. This dilation process is called Achalasia Balloon Dilation. Basically with the procedure they put the gastroscope down my throat(while i'm asleep obviously) then place another instrument down along side the gastroscope(this instrument is too big to go down the gastroscope). It goes down to the part of my stomach where the kink is. for me mine is caused by the stomach scar tissue being healed on each other, so there is a balloon at the end of this instrument which they slowly blow up to burst open the scar tissue. They leave it blown up for 2 to 3 mins at a time until they have done enough. That is the procedure I had done yesterday. So I woke in recovery just a tad groggy. Apparently I had fentanyl in theatre so I wouldn't be in pain. I managed to have a coffee and it didn't come up my throat. almost cried. This is something which basically since i got my sleeve I struggled with. yes even fluids struggled to go down and not come up. I have had only occasionally small stomach cramps. haven't had to take anything for it. I really hope this procedure has worked. today i have had nibbles of food here and there and even had a salad. yes even salad didn't go down before. prior to surgery the surgeon did advise me this may not be a permanent fix and I may still need to switch to a bypass later. He told me has has a patient who was sleeved and had same symptoms as me and stomach was almost identical to mine. He did the dilation last year and slowly the symptoms have come back and he needs to dilate again. If this ends up being the case he said I'll get to a point where I am sick of it and want the bypass so I no longer suffer. i really don't want a bypass. That will be the 3rd weight loss surgery in an attempt to be "normal" and "healthy". i'm aware the risks increase each time we have surgery and am so worried i will actually die from it. Surgeon did a whole bunch of bloods as well as he thinks i would be deficient in a few things such as thiamin due to not eating but also I have been experiencing what i can only describe as feeling like i caught dementia. have had trouble getting words out, like on the tip of my tongue but can't say them, pins and needles in fingers, extreme exhaustion, forgetful etc. it's worse than mummy brain. Anyways was tested for many many things (8 tubes of blood taken) and i'm deficient in nothing. even my vitamin d is higher than the norm for summer time and I have barely taken my multivitamins because i forget. though this last week i've been good. So no idea what is causing my extreme brain farts but seems pathologically i am healthy as an ox so to speak. So really at this stage i guess we wait and see how it goes and hope for the best. Although I love the weight loss i've had, emotionally the sleeve has taken a toll on me especially with all the vomiting. never being able to eat just a small amount while out, without needing the loo very quickly after because food is sitting in my throat or in my mouth. i hope now I can eat and get back on track. I'm not far off goal weight. I don't even know what that is but i guess maybe another 10kg and i should be done. Will be nice to maybe workout too if i feel like it. again lazy i am good at but i literally have not had the energy to when not eating so yea. let's hope it works. i don't want the bypass but if i had to vomit every day, after every meal and have discomfort even from drinking I don't know how long i would tolerate that for. Hopefully this will be the last such surgery i have to have and can get on with my life. Just want to feel normal and get on with things instead of always having my body and my attempt to be normal and healthy get in the way. Onwards and upwards hopefully. Ness
  6. Thought i would post my update in here especially for anyone who may be following. had my Gastroscopy today. Surgeon had said he thinks we have an easy fix, meaning i can have a dilation done. It's called if i recall correctly an abalation balloon dilation. Basically he thinks it is all scar tissue that caused the sleeve to heal the way it did. so basically it is similar to a gastroscopy in that a camera goes down and i have no incisions.. they will then also insert a balloon in the part of my stomach which is kinked and slowly blow the balloon up and hope that breaks the scar tissue. he spoke with a colleague and my surgeon said he thinks his colleague is best to do the procedure as he has more experience but also because the tool they use he only has 18mm and his colleague has 30mm and apparently that is what i need. he did explain it all to me but was a bit overwhelming. I'm so happy I don't need a bypass done. So the colleague I'll be seeing is Dr Patrick Moore. I see him the end of next week for a consult and we will then see about when i can get the dilation done and at which hospital. i really hope this solves my reflux and stops my vomiting. would be nice to eat something without feeling like things did when my band was misbehaving and I kept getting stuck. Oh and the other day I officially reached 50kg lost from preop diet and surgery. I never lost this much with the band and never got to be this small with the band either so although i have some issue i am rather stoked with that. Anywho hope everyone is well and this can help someone if they encounter the same problems as me Ness
  7. Ness84

    Chewable multivitamins??

    I take the BN multivitamin when i remember. They're chewable and kinda taste like vitamun c tablets. Just as well they are chewable as theyre massive. If not just a regular chewable one is fine in the meantime. Well my surgeon said it was anyways.
  8. Ness84

    Pre op opti diet

    Definitely start early. It is hard for sure. I started mine in nursing placement and it was pretty tough but being busy totally helped. The positive of starting early is you'll hopefully lose a bit more before surgery but also your liver will be in better condition making the surgery even better. Good luck
  9. Sounds like you're doing great Bertie! Don't forget your shakes or smoothies are fluid too so count towards it. Some people need flavoured water, or cold water or even some some lemon in it. I really struggled with it at the start. It is quite common to need to change the way you have it. Also sucking on ice blocks especially at home i found useful. It's great you have that burst of energy too. Hopefully your body is burning fat. It really only gets better from here so enjoy the ride. All the best
  10. I'm guessing my situation isn't too common. I saw my surgeon today. He looked at the report from the barium swallow with solids and the films as well. He said that the lower part of my stomach had a kink in it and seems to be turned. He did say he has seen it before in a patient of his from many years ago. The patient had a sleeve and then had post op the same symptoms as me. However that patient hadn't had a band before. What happened is that when the sleeve was healing it had attached itself to part of her liver and caused a kink. He said this could be the caae with mine, or it is kinked due to scar tissue. He doesn't think it is a narrowing causing it but can't be 100%sure at this stage. The plan of action is i will be having a gastroscopy on june 5th. He will be looking inside to see if my problem is caused by narrowing or something else so he can plan the best way to fix it. From there we will look at what surgery may be required. Best case is a dilation to fix the kink. Worst case is a bypass. He seems confident though i shouldn't need a bypass. There are a few other things inbetween which could also be options depending what we are looking at. Positive side note he said once we fix this problem my reflux should resolve as the reflux is as a result of food and fluids all being flicked back up because of the unusual rotation at my lower stomach. He also thinks once i can eat food my weight loss should speed up again although the thought of further surgery scares me, i don't want to be vomiting every meal, every day. That is why i had my band removed. I truwt my surgeon completely and think i am in good hands. Just sometimes things happen. Hopefully no one else goea through this, but if they do please know you aren't alone and there is help. Hoping for a good result come June 5th Ness
  11. For myself due to severe reflux and difficulties getting fluids to stay down i was in hospital from the monday morning for surgery till the saturday afternoon when discharged. I had previously had a band so had a few little hiccups as a result. I went back to school (nursing student) about 8 days post op but was sitting in a class and then had lab class which wasn't strenuous. I had my mum stay with me the first 2 days i was home but i am a single mum to a toddler. The pain was minimal otherwise for me except for the horrid reflux. I premade and froze veggie and chicken soup that i blended so was smooth for post op. But i ended up still having opti shakes as there was more nutrients in it and was easier to manage. Good luck
  12. Ness84

    Sleeved 27 April

    sounds like you are doing really well which is awesome. I wasn't able to tolerate the much fluid till around a week post op. Glad things worked out for you. i think a lot of people get emotional a few days post op. I can't remember which day it was for me, possibly day 2 as well. i felt so horrible and the pain and reflux was horrible. my poor nurse was in with me cuddling me and trying to comfort me as i was worried i'd made a massive mistake(only due to the pain etc). But it is still worth it now, and i'd do it again. i'm only 7 months post op from my sleeve, though i had a band years ago. Keeping active is good for shifting that gas for sure, and also helps you recover faster in general. Hop you got to go home and relax. Remember if you have any questions we are all here to help and support you. All the best, Ness
  13. i had a bit of a google search and a search on here and can't seem to find any answers, so hoping someone may have been in a similar position or can shed some light for me. i will state firstly I am seeing my surgeon on Wednesday May 3rd, but curiosity is getting the better of me, and maybe a little worry. So i was originally banded back in 2012. Lost a fair amount of weight and maintained it till i got pregnant in 2014 I had my daughter but put a fair whack of weight back on. We later found my band had moved up at some point, caused a bunch of scar tissue and so was removed as was an outer layer of stomach, to help make way for me converting to a sleeve later. i waited 9 months to give my stomach a really good chance to heal before getting the sleeve. During the surgery apparently my stomach bled a bit along the staple lines so the surgeon did a bit more hand sewing. Have ended up with horrid reflux now and max dose of nexium for the most part keeps it at bay. The problem i am now having is constant regurgitation. I was sleeved in September 2016 and till now have lost 46kg. Speaking with my surgeon he is worried i may actually be slowly starving my body. I have trouble keeping water down at times, and i vomit multiple times a day. Sometimes it is right after a mouthful of food, other times 15 or 20 minutes later. i chew really well, and ever blended soups can come back up. My surgeon was thinking it may be a problem higher up in my stomach and said it it was so we should be able to fix it with minimal effort and shouldn't affect my weight loss. He ordered a barium swallow with solids which i had done this wednesday 26th May. The radiologist when doing it(and he does them often as it was at the preferred hospital as they know what to look for) said, "oh that's interesting". i then asked him what was so interesting. He said he needed to look into it further, but my reflux was coming right from the bottom of my stomach(he also said my esophageal sphincter isn't loose). He also said that at the bottom of the stomach mine seems to be in a curved and somewhat partly looped kind of position. This bottom part being like this is really worrying me. I don't know at this stage if i will need more surgery, can it actually be fixed etc. And i know my surgeon can tell me more about it, but i am so worried about it now. i guess maybe I'm just looking for some reassurance and to see if anyone has any info. i am the smallest i can ever remember being, smaller than i got with the band and I don't want it to stop as I want to lose another 15 or 20kg if possible. i also dont want to lose what stomach I have left and then need TPN to live on. I can't even get two mouthfuls of food in most of the time. Sorry for the long winded bit. But I figure if anyone can understand how I feel etc it would be people on here. Ness
  14. Ness84

    Update so far - post op.

    Hope all is going well and you didn't have to spend that extra night in hospital. I know that feeling. i was meant to be in for 3 nights and stayed 5 with my sleeve. For me I had trouble getting fluids in and staying down and i was vomiting a bit with acid. didn't realise till later i had such bad reflux. Went in on 20mg nexium once a day now on 40mg twice a day. i found in hospital having a "pink lady" helped. It's i think normal mylanta or gaviscon with liquid lignacaine. numbs the burn right down, though it tastes like crap. i struggled with my fluids for a while post op. I found the lemonade icy poles were good for hydrating me and the cold of them helped. i couldn't handle coffee or milk for some time either. i found a bit of cordial in water helped me get it down too. something about the viscosity mildly changing made it a bit easier. as for sleeping i just was very genlt with myself but took about a week to start side sleeping. try a pillow in front of your tummy and behind your back to help you. hope you're healing well
  15. Ness84

    Sleeved 24 April

    I felt rather nauseous for around a month post off and was mostly taking maxalon when at home and alternating between that and ondansetron while in hospital. i also then get super bad reflux which i thing made my nausea worse. i never had any drains so can't comment on that. The dairy intolerance may pass and is quite common. I found for the first month or so it use to sit in my throat and curdle, or i just felt super ill after. bad when i like coffee. Then i couldn't tolerate coffee for a few weeks. that has lucky come good for the most part now. occasionally a tad sensitive with dairy. Don't stress on 2litres of water a day. remember you can have things like lemonade icy poles and they are fluid too. i really struggled a lot and i know i was in hospital a few days longer than expected and on a drip to keep my hydrated due to my inability to get fluids in and to stay down. If you worry you are getting dehydrated though you can go to ED and have then give you a drip to rehydrate you. It really does get easier but the start is hard, especially the first few weeks and when you go through the different food phases(liquid, mush, soft, regular). I am an ex bandit and i think the sleeve has been harder to recover from but dunno if it's just me or because i have a band previously. hope you feel better soon. All the best