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  1. Judy 8888

    June 2012 Bandits

    Hey Working Mum, You should be able to eat at least a quarter of a salad sandwich. I recently had fill and this has reduced my intake to half a sandwich for lunch and the other half for dinner. (check MFP diet). Maybe you need to just check it out with your surgeon. You need some vitamin out of your daily intake. By the way you are doing way better than me. It is going so slow for me and I try to eat healthy. Take care and let me know how you go. x
  2. Judy 8888

    How much Fill do people have ??

    I have been Banded 12 months and now have 6.5 in a 10 ml band. Up until a week ago I had 6.25 which was allowing me to eat a little more. I had stopped losing weight so I think the .25 has hit the sweet spot. Just remember all bands are different and some people need more fill than others.
  3. Judy 8888

    Banded 24-Hours Ago

    Welcome Kiwizoo to the wonderful world of "The Bandits" Ahhh your posts brought back memories of the shoulder tip pain, the WTF have I done and the OMG what's happening. That was my first two weeks experience, the rest has been a breeze. I am 12 months post op and very happy. The only embarrassing moment I have had was on a long flight. High altitude = tighter band. Hence I have learnt that it is best to take a couple of ready made protein shakes. Also a couple of reds to help me relax. Congratulations on your new life and new journey. The sky is the limit, but remember the altitude. Cheers.
  4. Judy 8888

    June 2012 Bandits

    Hi Leese, so good to hear from a June Bandit, I was wondering where everyone was. I too have hit a brick wall and am around the 50% target. I am off to see my surgeon next Wednesday may need a fill. But I must say I am feeling good and I am so happy with my band so far. Hope all the other June Bandits are doing well. How quickly the past year has gone. I remember when we were all waiting for "the day".
  5. I agree, Dr Oliver Florico is an excellent surgeon. I was banded by him in June last year and his wife Rebecca is a lovely lady. They are currently on holidays but will be back on Monday. Good luck and hang in there, if anyone can help you he can.
  6. Judy 8888

    'Supportive' friends...

    Look how far you have come. Be VERY proud of yourself. Your friend should be happy for you too. Don't let her sabotage your positive feelings about yourself. x
  7. Judy 8888


    I really think my band needs more fill as I can eat scrambled egg for breakfast. I do get hungry in the afternoon which I didn't expect with banding. I have requested to see a Surgeon who has a practice closer to my home, however he is currently on holidays. He will be back on the 15th so fingers crossed I can get in to see him. Thanks for your feedback, every little bit helps.
  8. Judy 8888


    Hey Mrs B thanks for that tip. So what would an 800 cal day consist for you. ?
  9. Judy 8888


    Thanks everyone for your feedback it is all very helpful. I walk every day however I haven't been to the gym for a few weeks. I track my food and have about 14 kgs to lose. I was banded last June and haven't lost for the past 3 months. Frustrating.
  10. Judy 8888


    Thanks Jules I am doing MFP. I probably should go back to the surgeon. The problem is she is so far away. I am thinking of asking a surgeon who is closer if they will do my follow ups.
  11. Judy 8888


    Hey Guys, have hit a brick wall with my wight loss. I am eating healthy and am around 50% to my goal. A little bit disheartening. Any suggestions on a kick start.
  12. Judy 8888

    DRY JULY - whos ready to give something up?

    Hi Guys.Giving up Coffee for July.
  13. Judy 8888

    Fill after 2 years

    Hi Thanks for all that info, that is really helpfull. Sometimes I think I eat under my 1200 cals. I feel I have hit a brick wall. I also need to go check in with my surgeon. Thanks again. Cheers
  14. Judy 8888

    Fill after 2 years

    Missy Belle, I remember reading that you were on a protein eating plan. Could you please tell me if this has been effective and what would your daily eating regime consist of. Cheers.
  15. Judy 8888

    June 2012 Bandits

    Hi Everyone. Well my weight has remained the same for a couple of months feel disheartened at times. I haven't seen my surgeon for a while so I probably should pull my finger out. I am happy with my weight loss but still have another 50% to loose. It could be worse I probably would have gained what I have lost. It sounds like everyone is doing well. How time flies. 12 months ago I was feeling very sorry for myself. Feeling great now. Take care guys and stay in touch. x