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  1. feeling groovy.....

    wow here I am looking back at my profile 5 years down the track...... today  I am day 6 post op Fleur de lis tummy tuck/ brachioplasty  What a ride this has been. 

    I am proud and sore haha... Every part of this journey has been a massive learning and growing experience and I wouldn't change it for the world.

    for those just starting this journey ...... good for you and hang in there because it is a bumpy ride that will challenge and test you but you have made this decision, so know you are strong enough to get through it ...

    All the best :)

    1. denzel


      Fantastic, and well done!


  2. leese

    June 2012 Bandits

    Wow it has been a long time since I have been on this website, can't believe how the time has flown. 90 % to goal, the last bit seems to be the hardest to shift. Band fairly tight right now, eating well and exercising every day. It has been a lot of hard work and worth every bit of it. How are things for you working mum?
  3. leese

    June 2012 Bandits

    I had another small fill. I can just manage to get small amounts of solid food in. Have pushed harder with the exercise, watched sugar intake and it seems to have started things moving again.... Thank goodness! My doctor told me to keep trying to eat solid food even though it is more difficult than having soups etc.... It is hard and takes a while to eat but it is filling me very quickly and this way and I am not drinking too many calories. It is a roller coaster ride and definitely not the easy way out. Hang in there everyone, little by little we will get there
  4. leese

    June 2012 Bandits

    hi. have not been here for awhile. After a long plateau in my weight loss, things have started moving again. Thank goodness! I have really stepped up the exercise and cut down the sugar. Life is good
  5. leese

    June 2012 Bandits

    I am back to see how everyone is doing. What a ride this is lol. Still learning, making mistakes finding out what works and what doesn't. Still have half way to go, feel like I am not moving either way for the moment, looking for tips to kick start the movement again. No regrets and know I will get there with patience haha. Hope everyone is well good luck and enjoy the ride x
  6. leese

    June 2012 Bandits

    i have hit a wall too, my leg still in the boot so just starting to rehab now. eating less but moving less i have not been using my fitness pal for a while but add me and i will haha leeesal is my name on there...
  7. I have had a couple of these moments in the last couple of days .... scares the life out of me not to mention it hurts. I just cant bring myself to throw up so I lean over the sink spitting out all the saliva hoping that i will just throw up. I cant burp on demand either so I have to ride it out. Out would definitely give relief but can't do it.
  8. leese

    June 2012 Bandits

    Hey Judy8888 I hear you pain, i had two stuck moments myself in 3 days... omg it was horrible and I too wished I could have thrown up to get it out but I just cant bring myself to do it. It was a very harsh lesson and painful. Both times were with a white hamburger roll and muffin, no more white bread for me. I have a tennis injury and am on crutches and a moon boot for 6 weeks (torn ligaments) can't swim can't walk can't do any of my sport that I have been doing so a little frustrated here... could be worse though right! I will try to start doing some upper body training this week and sit ups i guess till my foot heals. Hope everyone is doing great x
  9. leese

    June 2012 Bandits

    Hey everyone, so last night I had shoulder pain like the day after I had surgery... was really painful for quite a few hours and I wasn't eating just drinking water. I don't know what is going on. Every time I eat at the moment I am getting a stitch on my port side... Too fast, too much? I have not felt too much restriction since my last fill and due for my next in 9 days. My weight has stayed the same since my last fill and fluctuates a kilo or so from day to day. Everyone sounds like they are doing wonderfully. Hope I can get this all moving again...... xx
  10. leese

    June 2012 Bandits

    Had my second fill, he found the port first go. No bruises no blood very accurate, I was impressed! Still think it is not enough though I am at 8ml. I can feel restriction and funnily I feel it is less than my last fill ( not possible I know ). I am heading to the USA on Thursday for 17 days and wont see him for my 3rd fill until the12th of October...My weight loss has also really slowed and I am exercising regularly. SO FRUSTRATING... One morning I weighed myself and I had put on 2 kilos in a matter of days.. (I did have my period and assuming it was fluid retention) The scales went down again but not all of it. Keep looking forward and acknowledging how far we have already come. Hope everyone is well
  11. leese

    June 2012 Bandits

    Hey everyone, it really is quiet on here. i went for my second fill on the 26th july but he wouldn't do it. I was having trouble with a stuck feeling and he said if he put in another fill i would start vomiting, i had irritated the stomach around the band. i was really disappointed but from that I am now remebering to eat slower and chew more. My next fill is on the 13th aug. I am feeling restriction but am wanting more. Keep warm everyone... omg it is so cold!
  12. leese

    June 2012 Bandits

    oh wow... thanks working mum will give that a go...
  13. leese

    June 2012 Bandits

    So, last night i had some fried rice and mince and a bite of a dim sim (inside only) and felt ok, but this morning had a few sips of a smoothie and feel like the food I ate last night is kind of stuck.... this is the second time this has happened to me now.. too fast or too much I am not really sure???? cant bring it up but cant get it down, i keep swallowing to move it ...ahhhhhhh is everyone going on about 1 cup per meal???? Is everyone's head in line with their restriction??? I am having my second fill tomorrow (6ml now) so that will be interesting... scales not moving right now, not sure why. I am eating ok and exercising. SO frustrating............. Lumley 11kg is brilliant... well done!
  14. leese

    June 2012 Bandits

    Everyone is talking about things they cant eat and things getting stuck.. I haven't found this at all... had some chips too and they were fine. How is everyone going assessing that full feeling? I feel like I am eating and waiting for that sign trying to guess how much is enough... I wish there was a buzzer saying "OK YOUR POUCH IS FULL, STEP AWAY FROM THE PLATE"... I made my appointment for my next fill 4 days early and only 4 days cause thats the earliest i could get in. haha.. LILbDUC what do you mean cold foods??? oh I see, cause it takes so long to eat...haha
  15. leese

    June 2012 Bandits

    Sorry you feel like crap Carislb.....That is a great loss though and I hear you with the wanting more. it's never enough is it.. It is a tough road and a learning curve to find the happy medium, but we will absolutely get there. I will be interested to see how you are feeling in a few days...keep me updated and take care