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  1. jodieb

    July 2012 Bandits

    For those of you with gas pain, I am sure you have been told to move, but incase you haven't the more you get about the quicker it will go and don't hold your farts to be polite, it's your body getting rid of the gas too!
  2. jodieb

    July 2012 Bandits

    Everyone seems to be doing well congrats to all you newbies :-) I had my fill on Tuesday. I was 98.9 kg. I also discovered that my band still had 7 ml in it! Somewhere over the last 8 yrs I have completely forgotten a few fills obviously. Anyway, dr put in 3 ml as that's what was taken out at pregnancy but I returned a few hours later as it was too tight. I now have 8 ml total and have great restriction. I am learning to eat with a band again after having no restriction for 10 mths. I am only going to weigh myself once a week. Look forward to your success everyone :-) Thanks sunflower, I am on hols at moment and don't have regular Internet access to update my blog properly but will be home in a week so stay tuned!
  3. jodieb

    Weighing in the corner-10days Post OP

    Awesome, so glad everything is going well :-)
  4. jodieb

    July 2012 Bandits

    Hi and congrats to everyone! Although already banded I restart my journey to morrow with first fill after near complete unfill for pregnancy. I am not sure of my weight but suspect its real close to 100 kg. I was at 58 - 60 before unfill and feel as excited about tomorrow as I did on the eve of my banding in 2004! Baby is 11 weeks now
  5. jodieb

    Top Up 13/6/12 - Dr Tracey's rooms

    i wnated to get a fill this week before hols but told nothing till august....off to vic and will have one there
  6. jodieb

    40 and NOT lovin it!

    It will be the best thing you ever do
  7. jodieb

    Opinons on this dress??

    looks great, if you wanted a different idea a scarfy wrappy thingo would look lovely too have fun!
  8. jodieb

    Opinons on this dress??

    I am new here so not sure if i am missing something but i cant see your dress....
  9. Wow,i was banded in quite a while ago now (2004) and received a photocopied handout that was about 3 pages long from memory. Follow up was exceptional considering the distances but gee whizz is this video GREAT! I learned quite a few things and cant wait to show it to my partner so he has a better understanding of it all. Thanks for posting it
  10. After seeing a collegue for the first time in years (initially i was a size 26 then squeezing comfortably into a 14)he proceded to say 'bl---y h--l Greg will talk to you now!' referring to the fact that my ex boss was fatphobic and couldnt stand to be near me. It would have been much nicer to hear Hi Jode what you been up to? Another was not directed at me but my mum who also struggles with weight. I am sure that if I was there it would have been said about me. The unfortunate thing is that it was said by a member of our own family... As an introduction to a friend my mum was introduced in the following way... and this is 'Mary' and she has put on even MORE weight since I saw her last. My mum and all who were with her were devastated, as was I when she told me.
  11. jodieb

    Not able to eat before lunch time

    Hi Lauren, Prior to my pregnancy unfill I didnt care much for brekky either. I often would remember to consume something at about 1pm but that was mostly because I am a teacher and was trying to set a good example to my students. I always kept up my fluids though and got through about half cuppa in morning before work. My body was happy with that. I was never malnourished because of it (blood tests were ok pre pregnancy) always had good iron stores etc. I think you would be wise to have your bloods checked at some point in the future just to make sure you arent missing anything to keep you going strong I dont know about you but I really love the feeling of not feeling hungry! I really miss that Have a great day Jode
  12. jodieb

    Alice Springs

    Hey there, more than happy with my band and go to Mr treacy in Darwin for fills, or if that is not convenient then I see Mr Dumbrell in Bendigo when down that way for hols.
  13. jodieb

    Hi There

    Just thought I would pop in and say hello. I am not a new bandster, but am almost starting again after having a baby. I was banded in June 2004 at 136kg and had been beyond goal (by 22kg at 58kg!) for approximately 3 years until choosing pregnancy last July. Due to having a small baby (2.2kg) in 2006 I was convinced it was because of my band as my first three bubs were all over and above the 'average' (although I was at a prepregnancy weight of 95kg and my band was not yet at a sweet spot) so opted to have most of my fill removed at 8weeks pregnant. My body thought this was very exciting and proceded VERY quickly to store away every morsel I placed in my mouth. I gave birth 6 weeks ago to a very healthy, though smallish (probably would have been smaller if not for bedrest for final 6weeks)baby boy. My stuggle is now a mental one as I have to readjust to being big again. I currently weigh in at 92kg and have GAINED 1kg over past week and am keeping a healthy and sensible diet. As I am breastfeeding I have to wait for my first fill, and have booked it for mid July. (that can not come soon enough!!!) Hope to get to know you, I have been a participant on a couple of american boards but found them to be very quiet as far as Aussie conversation goes, so hoping to find this place a comfort Seeyou Jode