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  1. Hi everyone ! I don't know how to do the thing that everyone has showing how they are going ? It looks cool a d would like one ! Haven't done my weight since pre admission appt... I was sitting at 177, will weigh first time at first fill, just can't find a scale cheap enough to weigh my weight .. Thought ill wait until I am under 150 to get a scale !! Anyways if someone could let me know would be great
  2. bekah08

    How long does it take to feel 100% post lap band?

    I was a lucky one, i felt normal after 7 days, but i couldnt do things like lift heavy things, and run, but now i don't feel the band, the 1st week i remember feeling to port moving around, and it was so painful... but now i am ok, but i do forget the band when i am not eating, but once i start eating it comes to mind that i have a band!
  3. bekah08

    Alcohol and the band

    On the weekend i had a cc dry, well 3 of them, that took me like 6 hours to drink them, the only thing is would get warm so i couldnt stomach it, so i think next time, something with a lot of ice, and juice(light one) ... but i love to have my drinks with everyone as well, i am going to a bar tomorrow since having the band, scared but ill be as slow and it doesnt feel right, i wont go on..
  4. bekah08

    Soft drink

    shake the bottle, i have drunk some 3 weeks after aswell! lol
  5. bekah08

    Do you tell people about the band?

    yes i fee you there! i have told nearly everyone that is in my circle, and its on repeat of how my eating is going, that i am fine... and then one of my aunty's that is a big lady as well reacts dramatically everytime i see her, and its a lil embarrassing as i haven't lost tones yet... you know what i mean? and then comes the advice of what to eat, even though the have no idea whats it like to have a band! lol
  6. bekah08

    Good intake

    Hi everyone !! I have kinda slowed myself in. To munchies as I am getting hungry... I did a silly thing yesturday and ate KFC pot and gravy. ! It was at my mums house ! But I thought to myself there is no point in getting upset about it ! So I let it go and continued to eat the way I have been... Anyways I can't understand I can't stomach pears purée, any fruit one, a s also with thicken juice I get bad gas shoulder tip! Think I am slowly finding what I won't be able to eat! Anyways as I am healed pretty much, does anyone feel weird in terms with getting use to the band and what you can take .. I am not sure if he filled my band as now feeling hungry all the time .. Is this normal after 1wk and 3 days ??
  7. bekah08

    Help :)

    Hey love, I know someone with band a d also with sleeve, a d it is all about the person, some can't tolerate bread, and the other doesn't.. It has pretty much the same effect as a sleeve (the band). But the lady that had the sleeve got it as she has no desire to have children, where as the other friend wants children that's why she went with tr band it's up to you both work great!!! :)
  8. bekah08

    private thing

    hey everyone! its post day 5 for me!! and i am having real bad trouble with bowel movement... it hurts done all the things like fibre and that.. any suggestions?? and what did you use? are we allowed to get medication for it? i am unsure .. thanks bekah
  9. bekah08

    private thing

    That's for sure !! Water water water :)
  10. bekah08

    private thing

    Thanks everyone! I feel human today ! Was able to not once but twice I more sustgen and it helped! And just like that my stomach has less swelling ! It doesn't feel heavy! Thanks again so good to know I am not the only one that had jobs through this ! Yesturday I felt do unhuman ! Xx
  11. Thanks everyone ill have Mine up and running once I have done my first weigh in
  12. I am so use to doing something every weekend, and so it's unlike me to be sitting around.. And tv is so crap at the moment ! How's those who have had surgery this week! Whats everyone up too??
  13. bekah08

    Tomorrow is The day!

    Good luck !! Pack lip balm for sure ! And get excited for the new beginnings ! I was so nervous as well!! But I turned my nervous feeling into excitement, and it got me through! See you on the other side ! Post op day 3 for me oh and enjoy chewing !!
  14. Feeling human today, post op day 3 :) happy to be back... Still feeling sore but good and excited ;:)

  15. bekah08

    Saturday.. Recovering blues

    Yes I should for sure enjoy the time ! As I am always doing something ! Just more time to myself lol;)
  16. bekah08

    Day one !

    I have got banded yesturday. ! I feel sore but so excited about this:) I am starting my journey. Any tips on liquid foods? I can't really eat anything I get so full:) but mind is hungry for sure !
  17. bekah08

    Day one !

    Oh wow ! I don't have any dressings, I have this new thing it's like glue to your wounds, and it's amazing, it just looks like sores, apparently it's just come out, so was shocked to see no blood or dressing on my wounds ! Sorry to hear about yours
  18. bekah08

    how to withdraw super for lapband

    Thanks everyone I managed to pay the surgery in full! Had live off nothing for a couple of weeks but happy it was all done but now have to pay a excess of 450 to my insurer which sucks ! Oh well it's done :)
  19. Hey everyone! its been a while since being on here, I am getting banded on 28th march with BMI surgeon Dr Yong. I had to wait because i took out private health last year in march.. so I have waited the year, and due to certain money downfalls I haven't been able to save for it... and now it's fast approaching i need to get it sorted. So I was wondering if anyone knew what you have to do to be able to access your super? and what chanels you have to go through?? Cheers bekah
  20. Banded by dr yong! He is awesome wouldn't say anything bad about him, can't wait to see him for 1st full at the end of the month;)
  21. bekah08

    Day one !

    I know ! But it's weird my dietian said go for it, I have the papers she gave me to follow to have jelly! I love jelly but by goodness did that make me feel ill! Thank goodness I didn't have to Bring it up! Only had one teaspoon of it! Feeling a lot better after letting it pass!!
  22. bekah08

    facebook group

    Awesome kait89:)
  23. bekah08

    Saturday.. Recovering blues

    Yes. !! It's being homebound that sucks. !! So use to being out and about. ! But I need it, cuz sometimes I feel well enough, then in just a sec I am not feeling to well! Have my mum comin over tomorrow ! Never been so excited lol! Oh well at least I am well rested on a Saturday night :)
  24. bekah08

    facebook group

    It's a private group kait89, it will only be shown to those in the group, not to anyone else unless added! So you have nothing to worry about .. No fb friends will know about it
  25. bekah08

    Day one !

    Yes like me ! I am excited to get back in the kitchen and cook good meals ! It motivates me to cool healthy and well! That sounds nice with the soups ! Yes I am living on v8 juice only thing I can stomach at the moment ! Made some jelly up thinking it would be nice .. So disagreed with me. Felt so unwell after eating it ! Oh well here's to the adventures !