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  1. Manda_H

    Medical tummy tuck

    Hi, I have lost 33kg's since being banded and am nearly at my ideal weight (6 more kilo's) but I have quite a bit of excess skin mostly because my stomach muscles aren't too good after my 3 kids. It is really getting me down and making me self conscious but I'd never be able to afford $12,000 to pay to get it done. I do have private health cover is there a chance it can be done as medical?
  2. Manda_H

    One month gone!

    Awesome work Lyse! My starting weight was 112kg's and am now down to 87.4kg's. I habe 6.5mls in my 10ml band.
  3. Manda_H

    One month gone!

    My Aunty has the lapband too so we exercise together. It certainly does help. I know how hard it is to juggle time. I am a now single mum to 3 kids under 4 so times are crazy.
  4. Manda_H

    One month gone!

    Well done! You're doing amazing :-) Have you got any restriction yet? I am about 4 months post op and have lost 17kg's. I have 5mls in at the moment with only a little restriction.
  5. Manda_H

    Slipping back

    I am about 3 months post op and after a recent break up with my partner I have slipping back into eating bad. I have 4mls in with no restrictions so I can eat everything still. I have lost 11kg's and only need to lookse 600grams to get under 100 but I am finding it hard to kick myself in the butt again to eat right. Any advice please, I need to get myself back into the right frame of mind.
  6. Manda_H

    Stitches still showing

    I tried pull mine as I had no idea what it was an my incision started opening up again so Inhave left it. I might snip it as well. One is also at skin level so I might razor that one
  7. Hey, I am 4 week post op and my incisions are healed and scarred however I noticed in 3 of my incision sites there is stitches coming from them. Is this normal as I thought the stitches would be dissolvable but these ones are like very thick cotton.
  8. Manda_H

    I just don't think I was ready.

    Thanks so much for the encouragement and support. It's sometimes good to know you're not alone in this. I have had depression since I was 17 so I kind of suspected it would rear its ugly head again, I used food for comfort. My killer is I love sugar so I am really trying to cope with these sugar cravings. I feel like I've lost a best friend lol as silly as that may sound. I weighed myself yesterday and have lost a further 1.4kg's. I am having a good day today and feeling positive but I think that's mainly due to being out and about all day.
  9. Manda_H

    I just don't think I was ready.

    He has me on liquids for 3 weeks. I am looking forward to mushy's so much! I have my first fill on the 30th of this month. Then what goes from then? Mushy's for how long?
  10. I had my lap band done only 2 weeks ago and I am already struggling to stick to the liquid stage. I am feeling really despressed about it. I am hungry all day every day, I wake during the night with bad hunger pains that keep me awake. I basically jumped into getting my lapband done. I went in for my consultation on a Thursday and had the surgery on the following Tuesday. I lost 3.2kg's in the first week and that gave me some motivation for a few days but then I went back to my depressive feelings again. Please tell me it gets a little easier once you have a fill?
  11. Manda_H

    Any Tasmanians out there!?

    I requested my own room but had a shared room however luckily for me no one was in the other bed.
  12. Manda_H

    Any Tasmanians out there!?

    I have been living on soup D: but I am so over it. I have on odd occasions chewed some bread and spat it out (gross, I know) because I just craved chewing on something. I stayed in over night. I had my surgery at 5:00pm and was out at 12:30am the next day. I wish I could have stayed a little longer because I have 3 kids under 3 and as soon as I came home I was so extremely sore but my partner took that as I was well enough to do everything I was doing before the surgery.
  13. Manda_H

    Any Tasmanians out there!?

    Me either!!!. What food would you consider mushy?
  14. Manda_H

    Any Tasmanians out there!?

    3.2kg weight los for the week. Is that good or average? I can start mushy food at the end of next week. I go in for my first fill on the 30th of April.