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  1. shazwayne

    "I Lost What?" - Just for Fun!

    I've lost an Emperor Penguin. lol
  2. shazwayne

    Feeling the port...

    Mines just below and slight right from my scar, I have been able to feel it from day 1. But there is no need for you to feel it. Sometimes it gets caught if I carry something on my hip.
  3. shazwayne

    Can you Vomit? (not PB)

    I was really sick last Christmas in Bali, (Bali Belly) vomiting was really hard, all that I managed to bring up was water and bile, so it took longer for the bug to get out of my body, (running to the loo) it was quite painful when I tried to vomit though.
  4. shazwayne

    Costs for a fill - Perth

    I was banded by Dr Dolan also, yes he is a fantastic Dr, but I changed to BMI 12 months ago because of his cost of fills. During this time, I have never received a call from his rooms asking if I am all right, is there a problem, why haven't I been to see him for a check up, WE are all just a number he doesn't care if we go to him or not for our fills or check ups, all we are are $$$$$$. Bulk Bill for me, more money for new clothes.
  5. shazwayne

    Thermomix recipes please!!!!

    The danger of a Thermomix (I have one) is ALL of the cakes and deserts that you can make so easily. I don't use as much as my daughter, but here are quite alot of healthy recipes if you look.
  6. shazwayne

    Cause of my Reflux found

    Specialized29er, they think it is a pouch, will find out more Friday, but NO reflux since 2ml was removed, could of been to tight.
  7. shazwayne

    Cause of my Reflux found

    Yes, eggzy82. Day 1 was ok, but I don't know if it is normal, but my stomach has been aching since the fluid was removed.
  8. shazwayne

    Cause of my Reflux found

    Well, after suffering for 3 months with really bad reflux at night, saw the Doctor yesterday and she decided that I must have a pouch, so she removed 2ml and told me to stay on a liquid diet for 6 weeks, I have to go back next Friday for either an ultrasound or barium swallow to confirm. Hopefully the 6 weeks on a liquid diet will fix it, if not I don't know what will happen. My biggest fear is that I will start to put weight back on. On the upside, NO reflux last night.
  9. shazwayne

    why no alchahol

    1 glass of wine and 1 glass of champas at a wedding on Saturday and I was on my way, I drink alcohol very rarely now.
  10. shazwayne

    The Wait Plate

    I have the bowl, but hardly use it now, I just stick to the bread and butter plate all the time.It makes the meal look alot but really isnt.
  11. shazwayne

    Headaches and Reflux

    Sounds like you are hungry, I forget to eat myself. the burning sensation is most probably reflux, try some gaviscon or chewable quickeze, I find these two the best, I always have a packet of quickeze in my bag. good luck
  12. shazwayne


    Not sure about being documented, but my doctor told me that it's got something in it that damages the band and I should never have been on it, strange as I have been taking it the past 2 years for my Lupus pain in my joints. Since I have stopped taking it daily my reflux has eased.
  13. shazwayne


    I have the same problem, mine is mainly at night, mine was cause by medication, (Voltaren) apparently your not supposed to take this type of medication with the band, I have stopped taking it and it has improved, but I still need to take Pariet for another 6 weeks to fix any damage I may have done to my stomach. I always try not to eat or drink at least 2 hours before bed, this seems to help, I have bought a foam wedge fro Clark Rubber to lift my pillow up on mor of an angle as well. My reflux was more of fluid coming back up my throat and the sensation of drowning, since coming of the voltaren it is a lot better. Good Luck, I know how you feel. Sharon
  14. shazwayne

    Suggestions Please

    thanks everyone, I have appointment next Friday, Ill talk to her then.
  15. shazwayne

    Suggestions Please

    In the past couple of weeks, I have been suffering from really bad reflux (well I think it is reflux) at night. I take medication for it every day, but it doesn't seem to be working. Every night I wake up with a feeling of drowning, fluid in my throat and in my mouth and it burns the back of my throat. I have tried propping myself up with extra pillows and I am taking quite a bit of gaviscon trying to stop it. I try not to eat/drink anything for at least 2 hours before bed. My fill hasn't changed. Anyone had this and has anyone got any other suggestions.