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  1. TanzFA

    Contours OR Curves OR ????

    I'm not a gym person either but I do quite a bit of walking. As you lose weight & inches you will have more energy & that will need to be expended somewhere. Believe me, you won't know yourself as you start to lose those suitcases you've been carrying round (I've carrying two of my Mothers suitcases - you know, from when she visits). You will move easier, quicker & will probably end up with your own theme music...& I'm still not a gym person. Just walk & smell the roses, enjoy the outdoors & see how you go. I am never going to love exercise (sorry everyone but it's true) so I have had to find what works for me & only me. But, get moving baby - live long- that's what we're here for!
  2. TanzFA

    opti fast vs others

    I found Optifast to taste better - that's all. They're all the same except for the taste. Good luck!
  3. TanzFA

    Frustrated and disheartened...

    Hi there, Slow & steady wins the race. Exercise builds muscle, poor habits take time to break & life happens. I've been banded for about 15 months & have lost 25 kgs - I'm over half way there - yay!!. The scales are continuing to move in the right direction albeit quite slowly. And I'm ok with that because this was never supposed to be a quick fix, but rather a life long & long life fix. I took years to put on the weight so although its unlikely to take the same number to get it off, at least it's consistently in the right direction. 1/2 a kg a week is good! The scales sometimes take time to catch up with the inches i.e. I sometimes get told I look smaller when the scales are sitting doing nothing (bad scales). Keep going! Don't let it get you down. You've done the right thing & I applaud your courage, knowing how much it takes. Best wishes!!
  4. TanzFA

    Cutting toasties into 16th's...

    I cut the one piece of toast I sometimes have for brekkie into eight. A toastie is too much for me now. My hubby bought me tiny wee dessert forks (not cake forks) & they were very useful when I first got my band.
  5. TanzFA

    700gms. . Bit disappointed.

    I have the philosophy that slower is better. It gives you & your body time to adjust & it did take most of us many years to put the weight on. It's a journey. Enjoy it & talk to your support team I.e. surgeon, dietitician, doctor. They're there to help. Good luck.
  6. TanzFA

    Band Restriction from Flying

    Hi there, I flew back to NZ last Xmas & had problems eating for the first couple of days. It should calm down in a day or so. Just take it easy, drink fluids & eat soft things. Hope that helps.
  7. Hi Krackers, Gee, an arrogant doctor - who'd have thought. You poor thing - it's tough but you know that you've made the right decision. I too had a doctor with little bed-side manner - very reserved. But when I expressed my concern to my friend, who'd also had him as her surgeon too, she pointed out that we went to him because he was a good surgeon, not because he was there to validate our decision or even be nice to us (although it would have been a bonus). Great advice which helped me feel loads better about my surgeon & my decision which was like yours - a long time in the making. The other thing to keep in mind is that loads of people don't listen, may not have done the research you did & actually may see it as an 'easy' option. Perhaps that's why he goes out of his way to outline everything, albeit with a healthy dose of condescension. Go you & your decision. I hope you feel better & I wish you the very best for your journey! ☺
  8. TanzFA

    Foods you cant eat

    I have issues with stringy greens, meat & chicken breast. I can still eat bread but I don't buy crap white bread; I buy good quality grain or artisan sour dough as I don't eat a lot of bread so its a treat. Slow cooked is my friend meat-wise. In general slow chewing & taking my time works - my biggest issue is eatin too quickly. Good luck!
  9. TanzFA

    I'd say a little nervous

    I was banded by Prof Nottle on 28 May 12. I'm a 1/3 of the way to my goal weight. The prof is distant but he's good & frankly I'll judge him on that than his bedside manner. My incisions are neat & I've found the whole thing including my pace of weight loss really positive. I felt a bit bad at times because when others were struggling post-op, I recovered quickly & have been moving forward ever since. It's a journey & I've had my challenges but its the best thing I ever did. My friend also used the same surgeon & she's had a similar experience. Good luck & remember, if in doubt ask & listen to your body í ½í¸‰
  10. TanzFA

    NSV! (non scale victory)

    Well done everyone! I fitted into a pair of jeans I've never been able to wear before & have another pair that are uncomfortably big. Yay!
  11. TanzFA

    First Blog

    So...I've been banded for around 6 or so weeks & 6.5 kg lost so far. Today I've fitted into pair of jeans I bought ages ago but have never worn. Today I saw a friend who'd been overseas for six weeks & who was amazed at my progress. Today I was complimented by people who know of my journey & know the challenges. Today was a great day.
  12. TanzFA

    How long does it all take?

    It was about 6 weeks for me between first seeing A/P Nottle & my op. Yep his bedside manner isn't great but I'm also seeing a cardiologist due to extremely high blood pressure (picked up during the process of getting lap-band) & he spoke very highly of Mr Nottle. I've also heard feedback from someone who worked for him & said he wasn't pleasant to work with but if you want anything done within his specialty then you couldn't ask for better. The thing is, lovely people, if our surgeon is excellent at what he does then do we care if he doesn't have the greatest bedside manner. Just my 2 cents worth. All the best
  13. TanzFA

    Meal replacements advice.

    Hi there, I've been banded a month & had to do 3 weeks of Optifast beforehand. Optifast tastes way better than Optislim in my opinion. I still have some & as they're a full meal replacement have all the right nutrients etc i still use them on occasion. I prefer Up & Go for brekkie for the size & convenience. Also if you happen to be close to a Costco they're less tgan $20 for $24. If you're on a budget then order online. Generally cheaper. I wouldn't call Up & Go a proper meal replacement so I take supplements in liquid form (never been a very good pill taker even before banding); fish oil, multivitamin etc. again cheaper online All the best
  14. TanzFA

    Eating out during pre op phase

    I suggest you be aware of what you're eating, have fun & don't feel guilty. Haven't we had enough of feeling guilty?
  15. TanzFA


    I pretty much went from liquids to soft foods & missed the mushies. Trust your body. I've had no problems & just ensure I chew well. The whole idea of eating puréed meat & veg just doesn't bear thinking about for me. So I'm eating soft, mild vegetarian curries, thick soups & even fish cakes. I'm 13 days post op btw & feel fine. Gonna make fish pie next week - yum! Good luck!