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  1. Hi, I was banded in early June, and yay, feels great to be losing weight with a little more control in my life!! BUT- I was wondering if anyone else has had a quite a large lump underneath the port site (looks like a fat roll when I wear a tight top)?? or whether it is just scar tissue that will reduce with time. I'm starting to stress and not booked in to see surgeon until July 19th for first fill, should I be concerned? Thank you for your help. Kate xo
  2. kate2loseweight

    new and being banded on Thursday eeek!

    All banded yay! in a bit of discomfort but I guess that's to be expected. Haven't felt like food since having the band, and only still having a few tiny sips here and there when needed. I've had a bit of salty regurgitation/spurting during the night, but all seems to have settled. Looking fwd to seeing some great results.
  3. kate2loseweight

    June 2012 Bandits

    Hi, I'm being banded tomorrow!!! 7th of June, in Hobart Private with Doctor Wilkinson, yaay. Cannot wait. Good luck to all the other June 2012 Bandits! Look fwd to hearing your success stories. xo
  4. kate2loseweight

    new and being banded on Thursday eeek!

    Thanks JemJem, that's an amazing loss, well done. You must be so proud!! I'll have to keep you posted how I went and I'll certainly PM you any questions. I've got the heat packs, panadol and SATC box set ready to go for recovery haha. Cameron, best of luck to you too, Thank you for your support. Joondalup was our local hospital too when we lived in Perth. It sounds like your surgeon is great, so try not to be too nervous (easier said than done!). Good luck with your weight loss goals.
  5. kate2loseweight

    new and being banded on Thursday eeek!

    ps anyone else having trouble uploading a pic to their profile?? my profile will not allow it after numerous attempts!! grr
  6. kate2loseweight

    new and being banded on Thursday eeek!

    Thanks everyone, can't wait to get it over with, the nerves are setting in big time! Hi JemJem, Dr Wilkinson is doing my surgery... fingers crossed all goes well. Who did yours? How did you go?
  7. kate2loseweight

    new and being banded on Thursday eeek!

    Hi, My name is Kate. I am 27 and have recently moved from Perth to Hobart with my family and now in 2 days I'm being banded. It's come around so quickly and I am so excited (and rather nervous!) I don't know anyone who has had a band, so this forum is fantastic, peoples photos are truly inspirational and it's great to hear about others journeys. I have had a binge eating problem since early childhood (goes along side depression/anxiety), my weight has fluctuated up and down, but since having my gorgeous daughter 18 months ago, it's been OUT OF CONTROL. I am 176cm and 125kg, I am looking at trying to acheive the weight of 70kg (I am determined hehe). I look forward to keeping you all updated and hearing about your journeys also!! Kate xoxo