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  1. Jimmy86

    July 2012 Bandits

    Hi guys, I haven't been on here in a long time, mainly because I'm embarrassed at my lack of progress, compared to everyone else! I think to date I'm a whole 2kgs down from pre-surgery. Kimberly, I'm the same, for most of my banding time I've felt like I don't even have a band in & I can really notice this as I have had a different band before this one. My stomach rumbles with hunger by 10am every morning and by 5 pm again! I think i might seriously have issues! I'm going to see my dr on Monday for my 4th fill. I currently have 4.5mls in. I have not been stuck once! Only very slightly when I was testing that it was even there by swallowing a chunk of bread not properly chewed. Momentary tightness before she slid right on down! I told my dr I'm anxious and disappointed in myself that its not going to work and he said, "it'll work!" Which was reassuring! I'll admit that I've been very slack on the exercise so its not all the bands fault. Hopefully I'm close to having the right fill balance and can shed some of this weight!
  2. Jimmy86

    July 2012 Bandits

    It's not bad, helpful to get some ideasmon what and how much to eat. it's all picture based so it's very visual and easy to understand. I bought pack A from the link below, the plates & bowls are good. I would buy the porcelain instead of melamine, cos you can't reheat the melamine. I think the book is on eBay for a bit cheaper too. In one of my earlier posts I said that alcohol hits you 'quicker & faster'!! I meant quicker & harder!!! Yes I'd had a wine while writing that.... I really need to control my wine drinking. 1st time banded I didn't crave wine or chocolate, this time round I am just as much as ever.... http://www.greatideas.net.au/index.php?cPath=2&osCsid=
  3. Hi Kitty, The band will definitely help with the bread addiction, in that you probably won't be able to even eat it at all. Some times on a good day I can eat fresh crusty bread but only a tiny bit! Being slim and happy is better than a slab of bread any day I say I was banded in Heidelberg private hospital by dr Paul Dumbell of VOSC - http://www.vosc.com.au/ I always thought it was exteme, but my friend who had it done rationalised she could either be an unhappy size 22 or get surgery and be a happy size 16. Good luck with journey, its one that I definelty don't regret!
  4. Jimmy86

    July 2012 Bandits

    I'm so bad, just over a week in... Went out for work drinks and got smmaasshed off 2 glasses of wine! Be careful, all this no eating makes the alcohol hit quicker and faster! Surprisingly I didn't get a hang over!
  5. Jimmy86

    July 2012 Bandits

    Wow everyone is doing so well! I'm almost at my month anniversary and only lost 4 kg, but I'm very happy with that, I'm feeling great. As for not losing much on such low calorie restriction, I agree that you may need to up the anti. Your body is probably going into starvation mode & clinging onto the calories that it can. I've bought the book Portion Perfection for Bands & Sleeve and it states that there is no benefit from eating less than 800 calories per days as no additional body fat is lost by eating 400 or 600 calories per day. I like this so I'm sticking with it lol!
  6. Jimmy86

    What to tell people

    I've also decided not to tell, for most of the reasons above. Although I did tell 1 person at my work who has the mouth from the south, so I'm sure the close few at work know. I feel like a liar not telling them and making up excuses. But there is no reason they should know, I just can't think of a reason that they need to. I don't want my failures to be pointed out and ppl to think I should drop it super quickly because of the band. It does make me super uncomfortable when ppl compliment my weight loss and ask how I did it. I hate lying. Although on some level I do feel that my secrecy may have contributed to my 1 st attempt to be unsuccessful (I've had pouch dilation & just had it replaced). But that is just something in my head that I need to come to grips with. It is my body and I'll eat as little & slowly as I need to from now on.
  7. Jimmy86

    July 2012 Bandits

    Im not 100% sure... in my case I was 'blocked' (not sure if you've had that experience yet). So I was trying to push the food through with water, but the way me n a friend describe it, it's its like a blocked drain, so you try to flush it out, but it just overflows (vomit/regurgitation) or actually works and flushes down into the stomach. I got blocked so many times and did this to relieve the pain of beling blocked, so I figure the pouch was backed up with food plus the water I was pushing down into it, which probably stretched it. I'm not sure how else to relieve blockage pain once it's happened. I think as long as your liquid is flowing through properly there should be no problem in how much you drink, probably don't try and skull it down tho. Don't let me scare you into dehydration either
  8. Jimmy86

    July 2012 Bandits

    Hi Danni, I doubt you wrecked it in one go. I often wonder if I caused my pouch dilation the first time, although dr says its probably just unlucky. I used to get blocked a LOT so i used to try to flush it out with heaps of water, I think that was the wrong thing to do. Maybe just go easy on your tummy for the next few days and try to be a bit more conscious in future. It doesn't sound like you ate too much any way. The only way to tell is if you have bad symptoms or not losing weight, then they give you another barium swallow X-ray and can tell from that. But don't stress, it's early days and natural to feel worried and unsure. All the best
  9. Jimmy86

    Cost of surgery ?without insurance

    Hi all, I paid for mine by myself in 2009 at Heidelberg in Melbourne, cost me $13,000. Had to have it redone in 2012 so I got private health insurance & waited it out. Bupa costs me about $80 / month.
  10. Jimmy86

    2nd time banded

    Oh and yes I had reflux, that's how I knew something was up. I don't think reflux is the word, more like agonizing torture. It was almost 8 kgs that I put on also, from having an empty band for 9 months...
  11. Jimmy86

    2nd time banded

    Thanks for the input guys! I'm 4 days post op & going to give it my all. I put on ALL the weight I lost from the first band when I had it emptied and was heading to keep getting bigger at the rate I was going. the hunger and appetite came back with a vengeance! Chantily you sound just like me! I try to keep up in social settings and try and disguise that I have a band to throw ppl off my scent! I have a phobia of ppl knowing and I do try to push more down than I should... Going to try and be extra careful now.
  12. Jimmy86

    July 2012 Bandits

    Becstar, I got left in my surgery gown for most of my stay. Wasn't until they took my drip out that I got the chance to put my pj's on! Thats a long time in paper undies! Although first go at the op at dif hospital they let me put my pj's on early on. I just made chicken broth from scratch, had that a few days after, I blended some chicken into it also. Tonight I steamed and puréed broccoli, cauliflour and potato and mixed it with the broth, with a sprinkle of parimsean cheese, was filling & warm. It's only like 4 days on and I'm over liquids, I'm so darned tired, no energy at all.
  13. Jimmy86

    July 2012 Bandits

    Hello everyone! July is almost over! I'm 4 days banded now, feeling alright. My tummy is churning & gassy & a bit uncomfy, I've also got a touch of diarrhea... (ew). My anesthesiologist said to stay off the pill for a week & now I have my period, which is unusual. I feel about the same as when I first had it done, still hungry & tired. I can't remember if the shoulder tip pain was instant, as it hasn't started yet, hopefully it doesn't. I was secretly smug when I found out I didn't have to do preop diet, but I'm a bit annoyed that I have to do liquids for a month. Surgery was fine, dr put a breathing tube in to prevent any reflux choking me, but gave me a different mix of anastethic which made me very sleepy & hard to wake up. Also had some muscular pain. But I'm hoping this time round I'll be successful & lose some weight. This time round doc used a midband which has less chance of slippage. Wishing everyone all the best on their journey!
  14. people can be so rude. I remember a jerk at school was walking slowy behind me calling out things about how fat I was and that I was so fat I was "jenny craigs dog"...Whatever that means. Still hate the jerk to this day. But I havent experienced that much since i've been out of school. Ive been told as an adult that if I "wasnt so fat I could get past you" on a crowded escalator, by some some junkie in a hurry. But I feel that I have been discriminated against at work by my sexist perfectionist (EX) boss. Ive since read that overweight female employees do get treated worse than their slimmer co-workers. Have always been told that I have "such a pretty face" and "you'd be so beautiful if you lost some weight". Its all true I guess, the truth hurts...
  15. Jimmy86

    throwing up

    Hi puffin Get to the dr ASAP, could be a bit tight. I woke up choking on saliva & the worst relux - all day & night - so bad... In my case, I had a slippage. I had to get a barium swallow done to find this out. Note: if you need to do the Barium test, ask for the chalky paste, rather than the liquid if possible, the liquid gave me the worst, most urgent diahrea. Its ok if you go straight home, and have the comfort of your house, don't go shopping straight after.