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  1. BekCanDoIt

    Lil' bit Suss...

    Yeah true that Libby - I must get something this week!! must!! In the past i've had a vitamin D deficiency, but the last time i got tested i was within 'normal' I dont take a multi atm - which is probably (well at least i'm hoping) the underlying issue here. hmmm i might just have to go back to the Doc and see if he can do some investigating!! Yeah thats why i'm so suss on it - because before the band, i was pretty 'tough' - it would take me a lot to get sick, these days i feel like someone might have a cold three houses down and i'm still at risk of getting it!! lol.
  2. BekCanDoIt

    Surgeons in Rockhampton

    I was banded by Dr Andrews in March last year - she is amazing!! honestly!! If i had to do it all over again, id choose her everytime!! what would you like to know??
  3. BekCanDoIt

    Lil' bit Suss...

    Hey all - long time no post!! Just a question, I got the lap band almost 12months ago now - woot woot!! And i've noticed within the last six months my immunity for things has gone down - things that usually wouldn't bother me are now becoming annoying issues... Eg: got my eye brows waxed about a month ago (have been getting them done since i was a teen with no problems) I ended up getting a painful abscess, had to go to the docs to get it drained etc etc, Or getting ingrown hairs alot that get infected frequently... Or just the other day i got ring worm, but no one else in the house has it... About 4months ago i got fulll bloods done, and everything was in 'normal' range... I don't know if i'm just being paranoid, or if it may have something to do with me eating less or something??? >>>>admittedly i don't take a multi >>>which i'm assuming may be the issue here, but again - all my tests came back normal... Would love any feedback!! Hope you all had awesome xmas's and new-years!
  4. Mum has just decided to get the band done!! woot woot!! Healthy changes for 2013!!

    1. Karin


      Great to have a band buddy in the family!

    2. BekCanDoIt


      So true Karin, and also i'll be able to help and support her every step of the way because i'll know exactly what shes going through! :)

    3. kellyjb66


      Yes I am . Woo hoo. so excited.

  5. Keen as beans for the weekend!!! I have a love affair with 6pm Friday!! hahaha

  6. BekCanDoIt

    Moved to Sydney!!

    Thanks Shorty!! - its is absolutely beautiful around here!!! I love Curl Curl beaches as-well!! - and thanks for the tip!!! =D
  7. BekCanDoIt

    Moved to Sydney!!

    Just added you on FB Kylie!! would love to catch up with you!! - its a lovely area around here!!
  8. Have totally gone off the rails this past month :( can anyone offer any advice?? I need to stay away from chocolate, OJ, and all the good stuff, but can't seem to control my thoughts...Help!!

    1. Nicolalia


      Bek - I've been exactly the same!! Gained 5.5kgs!!!! Was in bad headspace!

      Have been to GP, shrink and had a top up and feeling much better and being much better.... but it took me a bit to get out of the funk! Good luck

    2. BekCanDoIt


      Oh thankyou! glad to hear you have gotten back on track, ive eaten abit better today... still managed to buy a piece of chocolate cake though.. 0_o.... haha

  9. BekCanDoIt

    Moved to Sydney!!

    Hello Everyone!! Last weekend i moved to Freshwater (near Manly) as a 'live in' Nanny. I don't know anyone down here, nor do i really know where anything is etc etc. Sooo, i was wondering do any of you lovely people live around this area, and if you do would you like to catch up for coffee, a walk - something like that??!! I've been abit off the rails the last month, and i really want to get back into a healthy lifestyle - that's the whole reason for the band right!!??!! And being in a new place without any friends can get very boring!!! - also what are cool area's to go see, and things to do with children around here?? The kids i work with have ENDLESS amounts of energy, that i'd like to harness in a positive way! Love to hear from anyone!! :) :) :) Bek xo
  10. BekCanDoIt

    Position when eating

    I find no matter what i do i cannot eat in cars - which makes roads trips kinda difficult!!! - My band gets so angry and everything gets stuck - then for the rest of the day my band is sensitive... and standing up is the easiest way for me to get food down without feeling anything
  11. Car Troules - can't make it to the Lunchen... Whattt a B*@$!!!!!!

    1. BekCanDoIt


      Troubles** - clearly i'm having spelling ones today too... humphh

  12. BekCanDoIt

    Sydney Lunch- Early July 2012

    I am having car issues!!! and i live on the central Coast!! - I won't be able to make it today My car has been losing water - but it looks like the thing that you hold the water/coolent in has cracked and its one that needs pressure (clearly i'm no car person) So when i drive, because of the crack water squirts out - and my car over heats - I'm going in to get it fixed ASAP - But i won't be able to make it today..... Nawwww Sorry peeps - I was really looking forward to this lunch hangout!! #BadTimingCar Ill be at the next one!!!
  13. I seem to go fine throughout the day, but after dinner my cravings monster comes out and its horrid!! :( Help...

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    2. bellasmum


      I found sugarfree lollies helped me :)

    3. BekCanDoIt


      Ahhh that's good to know Kip!! - thanks!! hmmmmm hot chocolate!!! Ohhhh Bellasmum - i was on Tony Ferguson once, and i ate too many sugarfree lollies - BIG MISTAKE!!! i had the worst stomach pains for hours, i was literally crippled. hahahaha taught me not to eat the hand fulls!! - But ever since them i've been abit scared!! lol THANK-YOU both for your advice!!! much appreciated and that's why i like popping on he...

    4. MissA


      Jarrah Chocolait is my night time treat. Warms me up in this freezing cold weather too!

  14. BekCanDoIt

    My engagement shoot

    That photo at the boat house or where ever that is is F**KING AMAZING!!!! seriously a beautiful shot and you look so happy and stunning! ohhhh and ii want that red jacket!! haha - can't believe how great that shot is!!! - i'd put that on canvas!!
  15. BekCanDoIt

    What a difference nine months can make

    What a stunner!!! - you are looking fab!!