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  1. rose bud2

    I am the one.!! :(

    Stalled again Blood test relieved Hyperthyroidism So dealing with the symptoms of that So far I have not got the poppy eyes or the weight loss symptom. No lumps or nasty bumps but have to weight until after Easter to catch up with the doc. Hopefully the weight loss will kick in by then.
  2. rose bud2

    Its agoing down!

    Just a little excited weighed my self and scales have migrated down 110kg to 107kg . now it cant all be fluid can it? now if only I can get the ticker tape thingy to work.
  3. rose bud2

    for women- TMI

    Having your period is not an issue (nothing surgical happening down there) , in fact a lot of females not on the pill or hormone device seam to get a period before or just after surgery regardless of the stage cycle. Just let the nurses know and no tampons , easier to change a pad then the other if your unable to manage/sleepy,or infection risk if forgotten. Having your hair permed or curled before surgery seams to be a wast of money as many patients complain that it had relaxed . Don't know the science of why weather it was the gasses used or not but they weren't happy.
  4. rose bud2

    A question if you dont mind?

    For those of you that calorie count what is your target amount?
  5. rose bud2

    I am the one.!! :(

    Thanks Duckie (your name makes me smile Spent the morning checking out the site and came across the 8 rules and some other videos that were enlightening and provided more information then my surgeon did. I even organised a chart to mark down my foods ( some thing that I Am not consistent at doing besides exercise) Its rather confronting when you start adding it up .
  6. rose bud2

    Husband BIG problem

    My hubby was and is not happy that I have the gastric band. Working in a hospital setting he only comes across bands that have slippage and erosion problems that can be life threatening. With more people having the op the more he is seeing. He would be happy if it came out but then there is the stress of having the op to remove it. I too am concerned about long term. It sucks because after 8yrs iam back at my start weight with the band in..
  7. rose bud2

    I am the one.!! :(

    I am the one, that one that puts all the weight back on. I was banded in march 2007 at 105kg Oh my god thats coming up to 8 yrs, where has the time gone?? I lost about 15kg That weight came off without really trying, then it stoped and I got caught up in the fill and more fill madness. I ended up unable to eat most foods and started on the sliders, not lot in quantity but they tended to be high cal. Then I went to America and Europe so had the fill out as at that stage I was worried about travel sickness vomiting slippage and blockages I couldn't find an insurance company that would cover the band and any complications in america. I had some fill put in and tried to juggle it so that I could have restriction but still eat salads and not get reflux/heart burn. Hubby works at a hospital and in his job he comes across bandits that have slipped and eroded and worries about me, he would be happy if it was gone, I too worry about the long term effects of the band but am fearful of ballooning out if I didn't have the band and i am not keen to have further gastric surgery especially especially with the risks and my lack of ability to work with the band. So 2015 I am 50yrs old, 110 kg developing some inflammation / arthritis in both my ankles and hands and desperately need to get back to a healthier and lighter me. So I guess I am asking for some support towards that goal.