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  1. beckyboo

    It's just not working!!! :'(

    It's not that I don't eat well I try as hard as I can to eat healthily and yes I do eat slowly but for some reason when I eat even two or 3 mouth fulls I spew I don't want to and I don't make myself do it, it just happens and i feel no restriction for the rest of the day until I wake up and it happens all over again I am over it big time it honestly feels like nothing I know it's a tool but I feel like I don't even have the band in I am wondering if it might be leaking or something has happend to it I don't think it has slipped or I am sure I would have felt it, I am defiantly going back to the doctors but it is going to take me awhile to get an appointment has I am on the public system Thanks for all you advice
  2. Hi everyone I haven't been on in a while due to lots of family things happening but I am back and not for the reason i was hoping for....... In the past 2 months maybe more I have managed to put on all the weight I had lost due to my depression and boredom were I live is a very small place there is nothing to do no groups to join and no gym or anything like that the nearest town is 15mins away and I don't have my license or a car and we only have 4 buses a day so it makes it a lot harder to do things so I depend on my mum a lot to go out and do things I was at school studying but getting to where I had to be 3 times a week was costing a lot in fuel and time ( I don't have much money has I am on disability pension for other reasons) I feel as though now the band isn't for me and isn't working for me more so lately then ever! At the moment all I have to do is spew of a morning and I can eat what ever I want for the rest if the day I do not over it I spew on maybe the 2 or 3rd mouth full of whatever I am eating and then no restriction for the rest of the day I am sure that is not normal I have seen my doctor about it but all he says is that it is a habit I don't get it I can't help it, it just happens I have 8ml in my 10ml band and I feel like it is doing nothing :'( so I am going to go back and ask about the sleeve I have been think about it for awhile and I think it is the best option for me if I had of know what I knew now I would have defiantly got the sleeve instead Does anyone have any advise on how to go though the public stem with this op as that's how I got my band done ? Has anyone had the sleeve done because the band didn't work for them ? Do you find it better ? And anyone that could give me advise on my situation that would be really helpful thank you !
  3. beckyboo

    just not happy :(

    Hey all I am a bit down in the dumps lately I was banded on the 7th of Aug last year I have lost 35kg since then but I am just not happy with it I suffer from depression and I am a big emotional eater I have a 10ml band and my fill is about 6ml at the moment I am pretty much feeling no restrictions at all I am able to eat how much I want which isn't really helping me lose weight I just feel like I am back at the start it is making me extremely upset which equals no motivation i am really scared to go the the doctors on Monday because I feel like a failure and haven't lost enough weight:(. am sorry for the rant but I don't have many people I can talk to.
  4. Hey everyone , i know i have had some pretty depressing post lately but i am trying to get out of the slump i am in, i suffer from depression and i have my bad days and my good just like everyone else but i am finally starting to see the good in my life it may not always be good but that's the apart of life and it makes us who we are anyways................. well i wanted to write this post to ask a couple of questions A) how do you stay motivated? what sort of things can i do to help me lose more weight? C) is walking 3 or 4 times a week enough exerciser ? D) and is 15 to 20 kg in 5 months a good goal? if anyone can help me that would be great and thank you to everyone and anyone who has ever helped me and given me advice you guys are awesome!!!
  5. beckyboo

    Waiting 12 months... torture or what

    i know how you feel i had to wait 5 years on the public system it sucks big time but now i am nearly 12 months post op and have lost 30 kg, i think it was defiantly worth the wait
  6. beckyboo


    thanks for all the help guys i am waiting to hear back for an earlier appointment as i am on the public system and i don't really get to chose when i see my doctor because i have a different one nearly every time.
  7. beckyboo


    hey everyone i need some advice if anyone can help me that would be great or if they have gone though the same thing, it has been about 1 or 2 months since my last docs appointment and dont have another for a few weeks yet but i have been in a little spot of bother with my band lately. last time i went to the doctors they didn't do a fill because i was losing weight at a good rate so i have been at 7 and a half ml for about 4ish months everything was going fine until the last couple of weeks i cant really get much food down and when i do 95% of the time i have to have a little spew i am starting to think there is something wrong i am not in any pain but i just dont think i should be spewing nearly every time i eat something. if anyone can give me advice that would be great thanks all
  8. beckyboo

    9 months post op! 28kg down :)

    thank you all i have lost another 2kg since putting this up i am so happy i have now lost 30kg all up !! hi ricki, i am a bander
  9. Hi all, in my family there is my mum and me and my two sisters one is 21 and the other is nearly 18 i am in the middle at nearly 20 i have always been the biggest out of my sisters by alot and a few years ago when i was at my heaviest my younger sister told me she was embarrassed to been seen with me in some places eg. going to her school for performances and also going out to dinner either takeaway or restaurants, i was really really upset for along time but i kinda understood were she was coming from i also feel that my older sister feels this way to so i have sort of kept my distance from them and become way more close with my mum she has been my best friend and some times only friend and we have a strong bond because i had some medical issues when i was younger. now that i am nearly 20 and i am starting to lose weight i thought things might have changed but they have gotten worse i have tried talking to them but it starts a blame game and i am the one being blamed last night i was up in my room on my laptop and they snuck out, and they are always going some were with out me i dont want to go every time but it would be nice if i could spend sometime with my sisters i just dont know what to do :'( i was in tears last night and have just felt crappy all day. i am trying to not let it get to me but it really does. and also i know that they blame me for them not having a better relationship with our mum because of me being in hospital and taking up alot of our mums time with docs appointments and her having a heart attack made me clingy for a long time when i was younger, my older sister has told me straight out and i haven't dealt with that either i know i need to go and see someone but i just dont have the money and i dont have a car. thanks for listening to my problems any advice or anything i would be greatly thankful
  10. beckyboo

    Ok i now know what a pb is!!!!!

    rice and coke zero is pretty bad lol that happened to me on the way home from my fill and i live nearly 2 hours away from were i get my fill worst drive home ever!!!
  11. on the 7th of August 2012 i weighed in at 180kg now today's date 21/4/2013 i am 152kg i have lost 28kg in 9 months. the after pic was of me at my sister 21st in Feb haven't taken a new one i have now lost 4kgs since feb
  12. wow thats an awsome weight loss good job!
  13. And i am starting my own biggest loser challenge:)
  14. Hi everyone, i just wanted to share some of my good news that is happening in my life, i have suffered from depression for most of my teen years because of weight issue and family problems but as of 2013 i have promised myself i will fight this and become a better person and things have finally started to move in the right direction i have lost 30kg all together since aug last year i have job landed my first job at a fruit shop and and looking at moving out of home at the start of next year and at the end of the year i will be heading to Queensland to see my family on my dads side which i haven't seen in 5 or 6 years i am so excited about it just cant wait for it to all come together life for me is pretty good at the moment
  15. beckyboo

    I've gained?

    if it makes you feel any better i was band on the 7th of aug and i went to go get a fill and i had put on 8kg in 7 weeks i was so upset with my myself but it just made be think i have to do better, everyone gains some sometimes you just have to pull though it. please don't beat your self up about it, it could just be muscle