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  1. Hi Kirsty Handn't thought of the bars - what a good idea. It's almost like a compramise lol. Thanks!!
  2. gunnalose

    my birthday and he proposed to me!

    Happy Birthday for yesterday and CONGRATULATIONS awesome news x
  3. Ok so I have been stuck on the same weight for about 5 weeks and am starting to think that maybe I should switch to shakes for a bit, I know that we are not suppose to do this but I'm just wondering if anyone has dome similar?? I'm at 106kg and really want to be under 100 ASAP!!!! I feel like its never going to happen at the moment
  4. gunnalose

    Has this happen to anyone

    its possible that you may have something stuck and just don't realise........have you tried drinking some fizzy coke to see if that dislodges anything. I had something similar happen
  5. gunnalose

    Ah the simple thing's in life

    I bent over to cut my toe nails the other night and suddenly realise it wasn't a breathtaking uncomfotable struggle
  6. gunnalose

    What am I letting myself in for???

    For me personally it has been about gaining control, getting the old me back and CHEWING lol. you will definately need to chew. If you haven't already check out the golden rules under the FAQ section on this forum. They are a must. Good luck with it.
  7. gunnalose

    band changing "tightness" is this normal???

    I do not regret the band at all but it seems the band can be a little tempremental at times!!!
  8. gunnalose

    Size 22 to size 12

    you look fantastic, well done
  9. gunnalose

    band changing "tightness" is this normal???

    Thanks .Kylie I have just worked out what is going on, although I do notice the band varies at times, I was starting to think I had a slipped band so....I just looked up "slipped band" and some one suggested coke if you have food stuck. I did this and all of a sudden I felt food go down that I didn't even know was there, as I had trying thorwing up not long ago coz it didn't feel right. After 24hrs of worry and pain when I try to eat it has gone. So relieved.
  10. I had an adjustmnet approx 2-3 weeks ago. I have a total of 6.3ml in my band. I thought this last appointment would put me in the green zone, however I found I still wasn't there, and at times would get hungry during the afternoon. BUT all of a sudden as of today when I eat I feel a pain in my chest and really can't eat much at all. Is it possible that my band has suddently got tighter?? Is this normal??
  11. gunnalose

    Meal replacements

    I too have been trying porridge but that doesn't fill me. I've just realised that maybe I need more fill!!
  12. gunnalose

    Meal replacements

    thanks guys, I will take all your suggestions on board. A little scared about liking lap band related pages on facebook though, but i'll see if I can spy on on it. Not many people know about my bad..... I think I'll try a protein bar that is low carb till my next appointmen or a banana (I'm fussy with bananas they have to be slighly green still and if they are not then I tend not to have a back up so protein bar it is). I'm 7kg off being in double digits and I want to get there before my holiday in October!
  13. gunnalose

    Meal replacements

    ok cool, I just remember someone saying you should try have something with a bit of chewing involved, but wasn't sure why! I think my weight has stalled because of my bad decision for my first meal of the day so i will get myself some shakes and see if that helps
  14. gunnalose

    Meal replacements

    Hi all I have been banded for 6months and find I'm not able to eat breakfast. My problem is I get hungry around 10am (breakfast in the past was at 6am) and seem to make bad food choices. I'm thiking about buying Tony Ferguson shakes for my first meal each day, is this ok? Does anyone else do this?
  15. Hi all I have been trying for years to loose weight. I'm finally losing it after being banded but no one but my hubbie seems to notice. I haven't lost heaps as yet, but surley people who I see regularly would notice a loss of 13kg!!! Vent over!! Anyone else find this?