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  1. We had a little boy on 14/10 weighing in at a whopping 4.444kgs! Both doing well except have developed pneumonia unfortunately. Thank goodness I have no fill otherwise I wouldn't be able to get the big horse tablets down my throat!!

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    2. Kimmykay


      Congratulations, what name did you choose. Sorry to hear you're not well, hope you feel better soon.

    3. Caughtbetween


      Congratulations! Sorry to hear about the pneumonia though, rest up and look after yourself and bub.

    4. t_elle


      Congratulations on the new arrival how exciting!! Sorry you're sick now though sending quick healing vibes your way :)

  2. Veggo Mumma

    Book- I Quit Sugar!

    Interesting! I've never had a problem with bananas, but for example eating watermelon, apples or grapes will make me starving which I always assumed was due to the sugars. Two bananas with some berries with a little water in a smoothie and I'm chockers. Once I have this baby out I will be going back to my more simple eating plan. I'll have to test out the banana/fructose/fat theory by keeping a food diary and seeing if there is any difference in the weeks where I don't eat them, as when I'm eating the Eat To Live way I would eat at least one a day! Belsie, on 03 Oct 2014 - 2:47 PM, said:
  3. Veggo Mumma

    Book- I Quit Sugar!

    Agree with the frozen banana icecream - I have a fairly vegan diet and this is one the things I live on in summer when trying to keep weight down but wanting a 'sweet treat'. I have several work colleagues who swear by the I Quit Sugar method. I'll be interested to see how you go
  4. Veggo Mumma

    Important info about Early Release of Super

    Absolutely appeal, appeal, appeal. I work for the organisation, although not in that particular area, and you can take it to the SSAT if they don't overturn the decision at either internal appeal stage. You have every right to appeal. Don't let someone tell you to not bother!
  5. Veggo Mumma

    Celebrating reaching 100% goal

    I must say that you carried your weight incredibly well before you lost it! I'm only 164cm so was just curious. Once again, so many congratulations!!
  6. Veggo Mumma

    Celebrating reaching 100% goal

    You look so wonderful tishtish! Out of interest, may I ask how tall you are?
  7. 34 wks pregnant and all fill removed. Funnily enough I feel more full now after eating than when I did with fill in the band!

  8. This fella's story makes me very sad. It seems hard to believe that someone who really loved you would effectively help you to feed yourself to death. My mum took us to the doctor when my sister and I were 9 and 12 respectively due to our weight. The doctor flat out told my mum that it was her fault and told her to put us on a diet, even though she tried to explain that we didn't really have a bad diet as she made virtually all our meals at home and we were a very traditional meat and 3 veg type of family, very little processed food. I was the youngest and biggest of three kids. My brother and sister have been overweight before for periods in their lives but never morbidly obese like I was/am. Mum ended up putting me on Jenny Craig when I was 12/13 which was the worst mistake ever. I was the youngest person ever to go on the program and got no support whatsoever, and mum didn't know what to do about it either as as soon as the 10 week program was finished, bang that was it, back to normal food/no continued support. I ended up putting all the weight back on, double that really, had stretch marks all over my stomach and boobs and just felt worse about myself during a time when you already want to curl up and die in those painful teenage years. Flash forward 15 years later when I was diagnosed with PCOS, and I could slap that doctor who told mum it was all her fault. PCOS was something that was just not really heard of at all when I was growing up! Seems like I have a predisposition to carry extra weight as my body works differently to other people's and there's pretty much bugger all that mum could have done back then to have helped me. I think my mum really hoped that it was 'puppy fat' too as my sister outgrew hers when she turned 18.
  9. Veggo Mumma


    If anyone can tell me where I can find vegan or vegetarian friendly jelly crystals in Launceston, I'd give this a crack myself!
  10. Veggo Mumma

    how on earth can my friend have regained so much weight over 6 months

    I don't believe any WLS will help you if you aren't willing to help yourself andchange your ways, *insert standard quote about definition of insanity here *. I was 138kgs when banded, got up to 142kg at birth of first child 18 months later, lost 39kgs within 1 year afterwards, then 7kgs crept back on in my first year of going back to work, and am now up to 126.4kgs as of this morning while 32wks pregnant with baby two. That means a gain of 16.5kgs of which I can honestly say, probably a good 10-13 of those are solely my fault from eating whatever I want or can get down, including lollies, chips, chocolate milk, you name it. I know it's bad, and I'm not helping myself or the baby, but I keep doing it. Again - Insanity. And I will probably rinse-repeat in the same cycle after this baby is born, although no more babies for me after that, so will I find another way to block my own success? Who knows. And yet, I work with a lady who is also banded, and very tightly at that, who allows herself as little as 600 calories a day and will only drink a large bottle of made-up diet cordial while at work so she will consume the majority of her calories from her evening meal. If she chooses cake or a packet of chips, she won't eat anything else at all. So I'm not sure what lesson is to be learned from that either?
  11. On reading this thread, I think I may be suffering from silent reflux, but also have actual acidic reflux too. The acidic part has gotten much worse during pregnancy, and am due to have fill removed but can't get in to see my Dr until 30/8 The other day I had a big salad sandwich for lunch, nothing overly acidic in it, and that type of sandwich should have filled me up for at least a couple of hours. I was STARVING within about 45 minutes and I thought to myself at the time, that just isn't right. If I think about it, it's a pattern that has happened for a long time. I was just reading this link about it, maybe it will be helpful to others: http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/silent-reflux-epidemic?page=4
  12. Veggo Mumma

    Banded. Baby. Start over.

    Craving chocolate normally means you are deficient in Magnesium. You can get Magnesium from chocie but the good, dark, 70% stuff, not the diluted milk stuff unfortunately I'm veggo with a mostly vegan diet, and my body was obviously was telling me something about my calcium levels when I fell pregnant. I think I made up for two years of low dairy consumption in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy! I developed heart burn with my last fill. My dietitian says if you mostly get it at night, try to have your last meal at least 3 hours before bed as food will only make it worse, particularly those high in fat like milk, chocolate or chips. Ice chips, a glass of water or hot herbal tea should do the trick You may need a tiny unfill too. .1 of a ml normally helps me out! VM
  13. Veggo Mumma

    Banded. Baby. Start over.

    Be careful about the soft drink when either pregnant or BFing! If you are craving soft drink, it normally means you are calcium deficient and need calcium, and the soft drink takes the calcium right from your bones. A glass of low fat milk or calcium substitute would be better for you. Also caffeine (coffee, cola, chocolate) stops the absorption of calcium. I was 124kgs and banded when I fell pregnant, got up to 142. Gave birth, went to 134 immediately after, got down to 103 11 months later. 1 year back at work and up to 110 (work=stress=binge eating) and then fell pregnant. Now sitting at 126 with 12 wks to go and have been chugging milk and yoghurt like cows are about to become extinct! Bring on the BFing and weight loss and time away from work with lovely children, yay!
  14. Veggo Mumma

    Tax time!

    Yep, just did my tax tonight, and as I've claimed for the 12/13 FY (and several before that!), we got a tiny amount back as we crossed the threshold last FY.
  15. Veggo Mumma

    Hello, I'm one week in...

    At the time I was banded, I don't believe there was anyone available in Launnie. It's good there is that choice now!