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  1. juststarting

    Post Body Lift, Breast, Arm and Thigh Lifts (71kg Loss)

    Missy belle congrats you look amazing!! I haven't been on the forum for ages but was following your journey prior. U look fabulous and a total inspiration. Tell me what was the pain like?no doubt worth it but horrible or bearable?
  2. juststarting

    July 2012 Bandits

    I have no advise chochick. I've had the same fill for months and within that time gone from green zone to serious red zone to being able to eat a whole pizza to red zone again! Wtf?
  3. juststarting

    July 2012 Bandits

    70cm Jess that's heaps! Well done! I'd be super happy with that!
  4. juststarting

    TT and uplift

    How exciting! Jan isn't far! I dream if getting it done one day but I'm a sooky la la when it comes to pain and not sure if I can overcome the fear!
  5. juststarting

    TT and uplift

    How exciting! Jan isn't far! I dream if getting it done one day but I'm a sooky la la when it comes to pain and not sure if I can overcome the fear!
  6. Mmmm raisin toast with ricotta and banana sounds yum!!! B - skinny late L - a cup of home made chicken soup D - few mouthfuls of lasagne I'm still feeling like something isn't right as I can't keep alot down. Have Dr appoint on Monday so will try to hang out until then
  7. juststarting

    How many times is it normal to PB

    I can go weeks without PB but then if my band is tight due to stress, cold, period I could PB daily for a few days depending what I eat. I've never had to put my fingers down my throat, I just bend over and it tends to come out no problem. I don't think PB daily is a good thing and must be annoying for u?
  8. U and I could never be friends! These are my biggest joys in life and if I knew u in real life I'm positive we would be very bad influences on each other!
  9. juststarting

    July 2012 Bandits

    Kat I'm so glad to just read this, sorry ur having a hard time though! I had my last fill months ago, at first it was perfect then about 7-8 weeks later all of a sudden I could eat giant amounts if food so of course I do! 2 weeks later brings me to the last 3 days - I can't keep anything down, nothing but coffee and a tiny bit of water. I don't feel like anything is stuck or my band is too right but something must be wrong coz nothing and u mean nothing is going down!
  10. juststarting

    July 2012 Bandits

    2 weeks!!! Yay!!! Good luck with the fill
  11. juststarting

    Night time reflux

    See the DR as soon as possible, if u leave it you might do more damage.
  12. juststarting

    Its happening tomorrow :)

    I was banded at Murdoch one year ago exactly but just wanted to say good luck!
  13. I'm not sure what's going on but I can't keep anything down. I don't feel like anything is stuck but for the past 2 days nothing but my morning coffee will stay down. I tried minestrone soup, cup a soup, white fish, steamed veg, salmon, toasted cheese sandwich and all coming up. Hopefully tomorrow ill be able to do B L D
  14. juststarting

    Not able to eat much

    What I can and can't eat varies. Sometimes I can not eat chicken yet other times I have no problems. At the moment I can eat chicken Snitzel, roast chicken and chicken thigh, I can eat chicken breast if in a curry or sauce but not a grilled breast - too dry. I can also eat most things if I eat slowly. Steak is just too much work so I don't bother but red meat slow cooked or in a casserole is ok. For me it's just been trial and error and trying all the time rather than ruling foods out, I find my period, stress levels, how cold it is, time of day etc all are factors in what I can and can't eat.
  15. B - 2 skinny lattes MT - honey lemon tea L - tuna, avo and cheese Turkish bread D - 2 teaspoons of minestrone soup still full from lunch! 1 litre water plus 600ml coke zero