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  1. OK, my weight loss was stagnant - in fact, due to having my band emptied, I gained a few kilos! Then I changed jobs. I went from admin, which meant sitting on my backside all day, to sales, which meant being on my feet all day and walking around a massive store. I didn't do an aerobic workout or anything of that nature - I was just more subtly active than I used to be, and I lost 10kg without a change in diet. I think any form of activity that's out of your norm helps
  2. Some radiology depts in hospitals bulk bill them too Mine was fully covered by Medicare.
  3. Mookie

    Plexus Slim

    Hi everyone Has anyone ever tried or know anyone that has tried the Plexus Slim drink and if so, what was their experience with it?
  4. Mookie

    Phase 1 complete, bring on Phase 2!

    I wish you all the best, kazbo I'll be keeping an eye out for your posts as I believe I'll be going down the same road that you're on. I have an appt with my surgeon in a couple of weeks to "discuss my options"... and I am SO hoping that one of those options will be to remove the band and perform a sleeve. I am just SO over the band! Although, I've been told that he likes to do 3 revisions of the band before considering a sleeve. I don't have the time or the money for 3 revisions, nor can I continue to take so much time off work for medical appts, x-rays and gastroscopies and surgeries. Enough is enough!
  5. Mookie

    Medicare rebate after surgery

    You need a tax invoice and a receipt from the surgeon and the anaesthetist to claim your Medicare rebate.
  6. Mookie

    2nd Time Banders

    I think she's had 3 revisions, kazbo? I could be wrong though. Hopefully the 3rd one was/is successful long term!
  7. You know what this leads me to believe? There are no promises with ANY weight loss surgery! We can go to any extreme and the chance of regaining is always there
  8. Mookie

    Fresh start to the band

    I think in most cases where the band is drained, they do need to go very slow because as JouJou pointed out, for some reason when the fluid is put back in, we seem to have more restriction with less fluid. I'm not exactly sure why this happens. Perhaps the oesophagus is dilated or a pouch has formed and the band sits a bit tighter with these conditions?
  9. Hi everyone :-) So I've been doing some reading and I note that it's been said that for people that are switching from band to sleeve, reflux is highly likely. My question is, has anyone actually had this happen? Did you experience reflux that could not be helped by meds after being sleeved? I experience reflux when I have more than 4ml of fluid in my band and I want to have it removed and get a sleeve, as 4ml does not offer me any assistance with weight loss. Thanks
  10. Mookie

    Fresh start to the band

    Yes, I think so. If anything, this time around he'll be even more careful. Been there, done that. Good Luck. Mine's been drained a few times now and after the next Gastroscopy, it's time for a review. I'm hoping he'll consider me for a sleeve. I'm SO over the band!
  11. Mookie

    Telltale signs of a pouch?

    It's difficult to tell exactly when it develops if you've never had a barium swallow or gastroscopy. These investigations are usually done once we start experiencing problems and that's when the pouch or the dilatation is discovered. Rachy001, the usual procedure is to have the band drained of all fluid and leave it that way for a couple of months. Usually it corrects itself. If it doesn't, then revision surgery is usually the next step.
  12. Hi everyone I'm more than 2 yrs post banding and have gained 10kg over the past few months due to having had my band drained and stopping smoking. In the last couple of weeks I've experienced a pinching feeling around the port area every now and then. Has anyone had this and it has not been due to just having had surgery? Could the weight gain impact the port area in some way? Has my stomach expanded because I can eat more and hence placing pressure to the area? I will mention it to my doctor next time I see him, but unless this "pinch" becomes worrying, I won't rush to see him about it.
  13. Mookie

    thyroid slowing weight loss

    I've been taking thyroxine for an underactive thyroid for the past 4 or 5 months and it hasn't assisted in my weight loss so far.
  14. Mookie

    Amino Acid Supplements

    Kylie87, how does it increase weight loss?
  15. Mookie

    Feeling good size 14

    If there's any advice I can give anyone, it's to hang on to a few of your larger size clothes. I got to a size 12/14 and got rid of all my "fat clothes" only to need them again due to weight gain because my band has had to be emptied due to problems. Who knew?!!