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  1. Kimmykay

    Removal of Band

    I had mine removed after 10 years and was sleeved 2 months after.
  2. Kimmykay

    August 2018 surgeries

    I had my band removed early July and had a sleeve 6th August. 3 weeks PO and just starting sloppy mushies.
  3. Kimmykay

    Starting Over

    Keep us updated on your journey.
  4. Kimmykay

    Had my sleeve surgery on the 4th of April

    Yes, two weeks prior. So around mid July. 3 shakes per day only, no veg. Had my endoscopy today to check for band damage, thankfully all is good. Will have a chat to the doctor in the next couple of weeks, I had a plication done with my last band 5 years ago so I have some questions about that.
  5. Kimmykay

    Had my sleeve surgery on the 4th of April

    I know how you feel, I’m booked for aug 6 and have second thoughts every day.
  6. Kimmykay

    Where to from here for Banding Together?

    Welcome back Dave. I don’t come onto this page very often, I felt that for us banders who didn’t transition to sleeve are the odd ones out now. And I felt that asking for help got responses from some that were very discouraging. Hope that things can change and it can go back to the welcoming forum it used to be.
  7. Kimmykay

    Starting Over

    Hi, I remember you from years gone by. I’m sorry to hear what has happened in your journey but happy to see you are moving forward with determination. I don’t come on this site very often anymore, I don’t think many do. I think many have moved on to Facebook pages and us banders are now outnumbered by many more sleevers. there is a Facebook for aussie banders if you care to join. Australia Gastric Band Group All the best for the future I hope everything works out for you. xxx
  8. I am banded (twice), 9 years now. Not a lot of problems apart from gaining weight....but that is my issue, not the band. I have tossed up having a sleeve done but I see there may be problems coming forth in the future. We all thought that banding was the answer to our weight loss prayers but years on we are seeing many people are having lots of different problems. It’s still relatively early days for the sleeve still, are we set for issues in the future? There are lots who seem to have gallbladder problems after sleeving, many go on to need bypass surgeries, reflux seems to be a massive problem. And as we know neither is a miracle cure, weight can be regained from both types of surgery. I’m not putting down anyone’s choice just thinking out loud. I still haven’t made my own decision as yet. I’m very sorry that any of you are having problems.
  9. Kimmykay

    The good, the bad and the ugly

    Wow, having been a member on here for as long as I've been banded its a sad day if 'people get fed up answering the same old questions' I imagine there aren't too many new questions to be asked these days. Thanks for your reply Ozchick
  10. i am about 9 years banded, then rebanded with a plication done about 3 years ago. Lost 35kg and kept it off for a few years. After band 2 I slowly gained and I am back to pre-banded weight, with currently no fluid in my band (my choice). I would love to hear from folks who have gone band to sleeve. Your experience with the op, done in one or two? Your weight loss. Any complications. I am undecided whether to go and have a sleeve done after 2 bands. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  11. mmm, possibily. I hadnt thought of that! Yes, it is pleating of the stomach and stitching in place. I think my doc thinks it is similar to sleeving without going to the extreme, He explained to me that I would require less fil and get the same results if the plication was done. I find if I overeat I get a pain down the left hand side of my chest, I didnt have that before. I think I am at around 4-5 mils at the moment, I wouldnt want to go any higher than that. Too much is getting stuck already. I have lost 4 1/2kg since having my last fill a few months ago, I am happy just to see the scales going down slowly...I dont care how long it takes anymore.
  12. Hi, I am on my 2nd band. Had number one done 8ish yrs ago. Slip and pouch about 2yrs ago. Replace and plication done at the same time. Yes, it feels totally different this time. Cant say that I like this band, struggling to lose the weight I regained...nearly all of it bar a couple of kg's. Cant get my mojo back. I expected and was told that I would lose 10kg easy because of the plication, I did in the first few weeks of fluids but as soon as I started back on foods the weight came back. So fastforward a couple of years, i am down maybe 5kg....band is tight, food gets stuck if Im not careful. Some days are better than others and some are really shitty. I have come to the conclussion...after thinking about a sleeve...I dont want another surgery! So I need to do this by myself, and if it takes years to get it off again so be it.
  13. Kimmykay

    Back to Basics!

    Feel free to kick my butt also
  14. Since you live so far from medical help I would consider a sleeve instead. Im sure your doctor will take your life history into consideration. Good luck.
  15. Kimmykay

    Life :)

    Congratulations, you have done so well. It is never going to be an easy journey but obviously you have the willpower and drive to make it happen. Well done.