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  1. Officially on the cusp of obese/overweight.. BMI of 30, down from 43. BRING ON BEING "OVERWEIGHT".

    1. denzel


      That is a remarkable and inspiring achievement!

      Congratulations, and well done!


    2. JouJou


      Thanks Denzel. I actually got a shock. I think I'll be happy when I lose another kg and officially become "overweight" lol. 

  2. Can someone give me a kick up the backside? I need to get my lazy butt back to gym. A week off the wagon for my wedding has turned in 8! HELP!

  3. JouJou

    Changes to Medibank!

    Thanks for this. I always found it strange Medibank covered banding on basic (though I was de-banded and sleeved on basic cover). I upgraded to top cover a year ago to be covered for plastics and pregnancy I'm a firm believer in checking in with my insurer every few months, particularly if you're planning a procedure, because so many people have been caught out with these sneaky changes.
  4. JouJou

    Band to Gastric bypass

    Dr Michael Talbot. He works at Ashfield and Kogarah and is well worth the drive. He has a fabulous reputation, and speaking from experience, his hands are magic when it comes to surgery. He removed my band and sleeved me 6 months later and both surgeries under him were the easiest and pain-free I've had. I'm almost 12 months post sleeve now and couldn't be happier.
  5. JouJou

    Feedback on new site

    Mine isn't so much an issue, rather a question. Is there a way to open up the comments on people's statuses without having to click on their profile? Not major, it was just handy being able to read and comment on the latest statuses without navigating away from the one page.
  6. 90% to goal! Only 5kg to go :)

  7. JouJou

    Carbs and the Sleeve...........

    Personally, I can eat so little so I want to eat more tasty things than just carbs! They fill me up too quick, and it's not good sustenance. I'll occasionally have something with rice, but overall, I prefer not to. I generally avoid (as in can't remember the last time I had) pizza, bread, pasta etc. Rice goes okay in a saucy dish.
  8. JouJou

    Wedding Chatter

    Hi all, long time no post! I'm officially all married off. Overall, the day went pretty perfectly. We had a few hiccups, but nothing that I couldn't handle - and in the scheme of things it didn't matter! I'm so thrilled everything turned out just the way we wanted - including the stunning 22 degree winters day!!!! Good to see all your planning coming along. My best advice is to enjoy every moment, as it will be over before you know it!
  9. JouJou

    Horse riding + the band

    I'm an ex-bandit now a sleever and I ride. Touching wood, no falls yet but I don't see that having WLS would be an issue. Falling off can hurt regardless of something in your tummy!
  10. JouJou

    issues with changing clinics

    That doesn't sound right. Take Scoots' advise. It's not rocket science for them to share information if you've signed the forms.
  11. JouJou

    Wedding Chatter

    30 DAYS! I had no stress until recently - now I'm FREAKING OUT. Any previous brides on here have a check list? How's the plans coming along Kalalan?
  12. Glad I'm not the only one with this issue! I'm going to check out the stuff posted above. On another note, good to see you back Kazbo. How's things?
  13. seems like the 80s are where my body feels comfortable. Relatively stable in the mid 80s for the past month with only minor losses. Not complaining, I'm 90% to goal, and happy to work slowly towards my final goal of 79kg.

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    2. dondon


      well done you!!

    3. JouJou


      I think that's what's happening Duckie. I think this is where my body feels comfortable. I'm not complaining. I've lost 53kg.

    4. scoots


      Awesome! Yeah I'm moving very slowly now I'm in the low 80s, started at the gym this week though I've come down with gastro so can't go again till next week, but hoping that'll help me get to the 70s, though maybe the gastro will help with that lol

  14. Denzel, early on for me I had no dramas either, and definitely never trusted a fart! Now I'm more long-term (about 9/10 post op) I'm really struggling. Skeeter, I feel like I'm very much in your shoes. I'll have the runs so I give it a rest for a few days and then next thing I know, I'm so backed up! It's very frustrating.
  15. JouJou

    Would you do it again?

    I would absolutely do it again - but MUCH SOONER. I personally, would also have opted for the sleeve the first time around as the band really gave me a hard time and was not an effective tool for me.