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  1. Hi there The surgery team I went to would have preferred me to have a bypass ( pretty common in nz) They see better results on average in the more generous sized patients Their concern was if I was to lose about 50% of my excess weight ( ie go from 155 to about 120-125) which is about the average for a band then I may not get the health benefits that would be more likely if I was to lose more. As a result we discussed it and I went with a band but understood that a lot of this journey would be up to me. Compared to a band - the initial and really rapid large weight loss often seen with bypass is quite incredible and often seems to happen without the need for much head stuff BUT i know now that the end result is because of the head work. So some surgery teams may feel the band may not be the best for the population of very generous sized patients but each of us are individuals Their advice is based on their experience and in the case of my team - options and likely results were honestly discussed and as a team we made a decision and they have been really supportive Best thing I ever did
  2. Sandym

    Which bicycles do you ride

    Hi 2nd chance My fixed wheeler is new ( they are pretty reasonable $) and has got both front and back brakes , (the couriers usually take em both off - crazy) , a fixed wheel bike really gets the legs and ticker working because there is no coasting - ever. Certainly helps to get better smoother riding and improves leg strength and fitness because here isn't an easier gear. It's just work hard or fall off . Jablue Riding on the roads is pretty good where I live admittedly but i use lots of flouro and lights ( two back and usually 1front even during the day) -i may have become a MAMIL-middle aged man in Lycra-yuck Most of the bike shops have groups that will go cycling -lots of differing levels and speeds , on the weekend or summer evenings There are also organised road rides in most areas of nz , and presumably oz , about every 3 weeks where you can ride some interesting routes and as there are a lot of riders ,there are marshalls and the cars become really aware that there are tons of us around and seem to be a lot more careful I'm doing a ride in Waikato nz this weekend called the rev 100 - it will be over roads I have never even driven over it even goes past hobbiton I've bought mostly second hand bikes but really unless you like tinkering ask a shop and get a good new one , perhaps a new 29 er with a flat bar and get 2 sets of wheels - one with good knobblies for the off road and a really nice set with some slicks for good road rides Then you will get suspension disc brakes and almost the best of both worlds Good luck Neil
  3. Sandym

    Which bicycles do you ride

    Hi Beth Really just an ironic observation about how I ( and I think lots of WLS patients I know) are all or nothing people So for years I do bugger all exercise and eat as if its a national 'winner takes all 'contest and now 18 months later I am an exercise junky I seem to be stuck with a roller coaster type of approach to all things that certainly does not make for an easy and controlled life Obesity and Weight loss included So my obesity battle continues daily and will endure for the foreseeable future And the ups and downs seem to appear apparently at random to my continuing surprise ! So no offence meant to anyone and hopefully none taken Neil
  4. Sandym

    Which bicycles do you ride

    Since my surgery I've also gone a bit bike mad I bought an aluminium scott road bike for $300 and have spent about $2500 on it , we have a recumbent tandem tricycle , I got a fixed wheel road bike about 8 months ago , have done up an old 1999 trek carbon , now have a trek madone 2007 and I bought a steel single speed by mistake -thank goodness I've got none of that weird obsessive kind of behaviour sometimes glimpsed on this forum I've also resurrected my old mountain bike and got some nice road wheels for it for gravelly stuff I weigh in the mid 90s now and still hate the skinny buggers on the hills But I've been getting out and have done round Lake taupo by myself 160k and quite a few 100- 140 k rides Im having a lot of fun with my bikes and credit them with an important part in the current journey As the notice board at the gym said ' exercise- the best and most under used anti depressant' Neil
  5. Sandym

    DRY JULY - whos ready to give something up?

    Done Off beer tasting tonight Alcohol August begins Actually was a really good boost to drop a bit more weight and focus on habits like drinking water How did everyone else get on
  6. Sandym

    DRY JULY - whos ready to give something up?

    How is everyone doing with dry July challenges so far I'm doing the alcohol free July And donate my usual intake in $$$ to the local chemo ward So far going ok I will look forward to alcohol August tho Only 6 days 14 hours and 22 minutes left Not that I'm counting ( or desparate) you realise Neil
  7. Hi jaxy Have a look at the 8 golden rules DVD or YouTube links Good descriptions and animated videos of the food s passage through the band Cheers Neil
  8. Sandym

    bmi clinic testimonials

    Great job dingo You are an inspiration to me Neil
  9. Sandym

    July 2012 Bandits

    Hi guys It took me 48 years to get to my pre banding weight so far I'm 6weeks out quite a mismatch of time to expect miracles It needs to be a slow steady and sustainable permanent weight loss to be successful Take some time enjoy the journey We all want it now but remember the old tortoise and the hare story Be really proud you have taken such a positive health step and cut yourselves some slack Congratulations to All of us Neil
  10. Sandym

    Different Types of Bands

    Hi there I have a French band . It is a Cousin Bioring A 10 ml band, I had 1ml in at surgery and was pretty tight and 1 ml at 4 weeks and 0.5 ml 4days later Not tight but not too hungry I asked why he chose that band and was told they fit through a 12 mm trocar vs a 15 mm for the lap band ( less risk of herniation) and the access port more robust and easier implant and secure without sutures-just has tissue glue and a goretex type mesh on the back of the port. Also the port is a bit more robust and the tubing not so exposed and prone to inadvertant needle damage during fills/ adjustments The bellows type inflation apparently has had less erosions than other bands(according to he package insert -but they would say that) All in all I guess it is surgeons choice and the best band is most likely the band he/she has the most experience and confidence in Like the oil in your car I guess- its all good while it's in there- seems bad things happen when it's not Neil
  11. Sandym

    Have I done the wrong thing?

    Hi Juststarting My husband was banded 3.5weeks ago and so far so good. He was up and about the afternoon of his surgery, walked 6km around the block when we got home the next day. Although laying on the hospital guernsey going down to surgery did wonder if he was doing the right thing, but after many years of weight loss / gain he has to do something and I am so pleased he came to that decision on his own. We went out to lunch today - both of us had a small Iskender - he left half of his and I almost ate all of mine -I felt quite guilty so am having to rethink my eating habits! I am sure we will run into some problems at some stage but a positive attitude is the away to go, after all you have reached this decision and now jjust need to make it work. Neil finds this site very helpful - albeit it is me who has signed up but he makes the occasional sneaky post! Good luck and post often for support, also whoever y surgeon is will offer support as well so take them up on it. :-) good luck
  12. Sandym

    Hubby to become a bandit.

    Hi All My hubby was banded a week ago, am feeling slightly guilty when eating but he is having his soup with me at dinner time. He has made me breakfast every day this week and claims he isn't hungry. So we have just embarked on this mission and looking forward to some support for both him and me. Well done to all you lapbanders.