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  1. libby83

    Northern subs and Western Subs catch up

    Hi Jo, I will be there just not sure what time as it all depends if I will be working that day and where. I will let you know after Friday before the dinner. I am looking forward to seeing how everyone is doing as it has been a while and also meeting the newbies. Cheers Libby
  2. libby83

    Northern subs and Western Subs catch up

    Happy New Year everyone sorry I haven't had much time to be on here as I have been busy with work and other things .... I hope you all had a great new years and I hope to catch up with all of you soon. Cheers Libby
  3. libby83

    Northern subs and Western Subs catch up

    Thanks Lauren for sending me a message on FB but as I said I am working and will be at Werribee Plaza till 8pm so I am not coming this time....Please let me know when you all would like to have another one so I can come along to that one.... cheers Libby
  4. libby83

    Melbourne meet up in October in the City

    I don't think so just personal stuff as far as I know.
  5. libby83

    Melbourne meet up in October in the City

    Unfortunately not Eggzy he has taken it down and also his FB group for personal reasons which is a pity . I have not even heard from Paul in month which is a pity as he is a top guy and so caring. I found him very inspirational and have had the pleasure of meeting him person.
  6. just let me know where girls and i will be there
  7. libby83

    Melbourne meet up in October in the City

    That's true it was but if you guys want we could arrange one in the city sometime
  8. Really sorry to hear that you broke a bone in your foot i hope it heals quickly and we will miss you tomorrow night Sasha2000118
  9. Hi apostrophe ...that is ok no problem looking forward to seeing you when you get there my mobile no is 0449 864 684 if you need to call me Hi LMD --so am I looking really forward to tomorrow night cheers girls see you tomorrow
  10. libby83


    Hi, it could be from the anesthetic as it can play havoc to your system ...I think I might have had some bleeding for a while after but cannot really remember.... I had really heavy ones anyway before i had the Mirena put in and now I am Perimenopausal which is changing everything. I hope you get it sorted soon. Cheers Libby
  11. Hi Maddison M you have been added to the dinner looking forward to meeting you...Cheers Libby
  12. Hi cubbachop30 you have been added ... cheers Libby
  13. Of course you can sasha200118 no problem at all.
  14. I have been to the restaurant for dinner tonight and the food is exceptional and the prices were also reasonable and they do not mind us having only entree size meals..... they have BYO or buy there. I am looking forward to seeing everyone that is coming on the night.
  15. All done apostrophe you have been added looking forward to seeing you...... Libby