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  1. Luce587

    November 2012

    Hello all, How are you all? Are any of us still here? After a very long hiatus, I am back... Weight loss has stalled big time. I'm sitting at a total loss of 32kg, but haven't lost a damn kilo since early 2015. Got married, had a wonderful honeymoon and gained 5kg which I've lost again, but I am stuck. I'm back here at my husband's urging that I reconnect, and I am contemplating my options. Honestly, I am thrilled with my loss to date, but I am desperate to lose the final 30kg, and am so over the restriction the band gives. One day I can eat bread, the next (usually around people who don't know my secret banding status) I can't! I had 6.2ml which was reduced to 5.7ml after a few weeks of awful port pain and stuck moments at every meal. My business is booming, which is great, but the stress involved doesn't work with my band. Sorry for the ramblings... I've been quite emotional today thinking about everything...
  2. Luce587

    Wedding Chatter

    You both looked so beautiful and you can see how happy and in love you are! my wedding is now 7 months away... everything is pretty much organised, really! I took a gamble and ordered my dress a size smaller than I was at the time of the appointment. I hope I did the right thing. The dress is due to arrive in the next few weeks, and I'll have 6 more months to slim into it.
  3. Luce587

    November 2012

    I find I'm reading to catch up with everyone's news but rarely post. Life is so busy now...! I finally am back in the Green Zone after close to a year of getting back to where I was pre- gall bladder disaster. Weight is now coming off steadily again, thank heavens! Leanne, we want to see photos!
  4. Luce587

    Very tight band last few days

    This happened to me a few weeks ago... I'd had some fairly bad news about a dear friend and nothing would go down for 48 hours after that. Even tiny sips of water were giving me strife. I called to book an unfill first thing on the Monday morning but canceled it as I was finally able to get a cup of coffee down and keep it down. I stuck to fluids for the rest of the day and haven't had any problems since. Try and take things very slow, even with fluids. If you're noticing that fluids are causing you problems I would call your Dr and get some out. It's not good to go without fluids for very long. Best of luck.
  5. Luce587

    Easter Eggs...why are you so tempting?

    I think they are such a huge temptation for me because they are so pretty with their colourful tinfoil and they taste great. I've managed to avoid them entirely this year, which is a first! Usually I make a table display of them in a lovely bowl, but I'm prone to dipping my hand in there a couple of times a day. Not this year! Stay strong!
  6. Luce587

    November 2012

    Congratulations, Carolyn!! That's absolutely fantastic news!
  7. Luce587

    Wedding Chatter

    So pleased you had a wonderful day. Congratulations, Leanne!
  8. Luce587

    November 2012

    So exciting, Leanne! Have a wonderful day!
  9. Luce587

    Wedding Chatter

    Everyone keeps telling me I'm super organised... I guess that's why I'm feeling so relaxed about it all! We are around 11 months out from the wedding and we've booked a celebrant and started the formalities, a venue, a florist, a dj and a string trio, and have started meeting caterers and photographers. My sister's dress arrived and is gorgeous (Thank you, Etsy!) and my $25 ebay veil is perfect. The guest list is the only thing giving me a headache at the moment. Our venue has a maximum capacity of 80 and we've got 122 invited. Now, a good 35-50 of those are guests based in the UK, and not expected to come, but still... stressful! I wanted a small wedding, 50-65 guests, and it looks more like 75 at the moment. Did anyone else have guest list woes?
  10. Luce587

    November 2012

    Oh congratulations, Ness! Gorgeous name! I was wondering how you'd been. I have a full month to get my crap sorted before I gave the music with an appt at Dr Dolan's rooms... This level of fill is good, and my portions are small, but the sliders are getting me! It's the business's fault... I created a new line of gourmet brittles and I can't stop nibbling! I have 11 months until our wedding, and I want to look beautiful and close to my goal. I have about 25kg to go... I'm with you, Carolyn, starting Optifast again once a day. Have you seen they now do a caramel flavour?! I'm intrigued, but also cautious. How is everyone else going?
  11. Luce587

    Wedding Chatter

    How exciting, Leanne! Hope everything comes together and you're stress free for your big day! Xox
  12. Luce587

    Wedding Chatter

    I have bought my sister, my maid of honor, a set of Pearl drop earrings to wear on the day and will look into a matching chain and pendant if the dress we pick is right for it. I love the idea of the satin robe, leeanne! The best man is a non-drinker and can be very fussy... I'm really not sure about what to get him!
  13. Luce587

    November 2012

    no, me either... I'm not beating myself up about it though as I can see where I have come from. I'm now a bride-to-be so have a long term goal to work towards. I'm aiming to be down another 15kg by June so I can go try on some wedding dresses in preparation for our May 2015 wedding.
  14. Luce587

    Wedding Chatter

    Oh Merrynda, you look stunning and so happy! Congratulations! I've been on holidays for a week, enjoying the sunshine in lombok. Now I'm back I'm seriously in planning mode for the engagement party... Did you lovely ladies have one?
  15. Luce587

    Wedding Chatter

    So excited for you, merrynda!! You are going to be a stunning bride! Have a fantastic time in Fiji. No date set yet, but we will have to get on it as our extended family is all in the UK and will need notice... For now I am just enjoying our engagement and anxiously awaiting my ring arriving!