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  1. Tisme

    3 day liquid diet after fill

    My Doctor says liquids for first 24 hours.
  2. Tisme

    Day 3 of optifast

    I was the same, your body is detoxing and going through withdrawl. Hang in there, it gets better and worth it in the end. xx
  3. Tisme

    Mobile Phones

    NO it is not a joke. He is an IT expert and there was a problem with their systems, no one could fix. Perth being isolated wouldn't have the IT expertise on hand asap like they would in the US. ;-)
  4. Tisme

    Mobile Phones

    I'm a Samsung fan, got the S4 a and on my second tablet. Everything an Iphone can do so can an Android, the difference is you can use and transfer your music to any other device easily if it is on an Android, something that isn't so easy if you use an Apple product. They like to lock you into using only their products. My daughters boyfriend is a tech consultant and will only use Samsung products. He has was once called to the Apple store in Perth to work on issues they were having with their systems. He won't use or buy an Apple product. ;-)
  5. Tisme

    Restaurant fear

    I tend to order the 'sloppy' type foods when I go out. If you know before hand where you are going, check out the menu online, it gives you more time to make a better choice.
  6. Tisme


    One hell of a way to loose weight, dislocate your jaw. Hope your all good now.
  7. Unfortunately you are not unique. There are thousands of people exactly the same as you waiting for surgery. Our medical system is a shambles. All you can really do is get onto your Doctor. The problem they have too is they are allocated a certain amount of time to use an operating theatre, they are shared with other Doctors. Good luck but it is a waiting game.
  8. ANY exercise is better than no exercise, but as your fitness levels increase then so does you activity levels needs to increase also. Doing the same thing day in day out will eventually have little effect on your body, try mixing up cardio one day and weights the next, changing your routine often is also important.
  9. Try a warm glass of water before eating to clear the mucus prior to eating, it could just be a build up that needs clearing first.
  10. Tisme

    Have I gone too far?

    Once you have had a stuck moment then be careful what you eat after. Like mentioned stick to sloppy foods, I have soups in the freezer just in case. I sometimes forget myself sometimes and eat too fast and have a stuck moment, then kick my own arse for forgetting, lol
  11. Tisme

    Jacob's Ladder @ King's Park

    I now live 2 minutes from there and occasionally do the ladder and Kakoda, there is one man that does the ladder with 50kg weights in his backpack, keen. lol
  12. Tisme

    Pre-op diet confusion

    You will get conflicting advice as everyone's Doctor has a slightly different way of doing things, hence the differing advice. Sounds like your on the right track though loosing 3.2 kilo's in just 6 days, stick with it, This is copied from the Optifast website, you will be on the intensive phase, This is the same as what my Doctor told me to do. This Phase is designed for rapid, initial, effective weight loss. The only sources of nutrition during this Phase are Optifast® VLCD™ Products, at least two cups of low starch vegetables, plus one teaspoon of oil, providing less than 800 calories per day. Two litres of water should also be consumed each day.
  13. Tisme

    Calorie counting

    Very achievable to stick to 1200 a day, you can have a cup of chocolate or a cup of vegetables, obviously the vege's will contain way less calories, it's all about healthy food choices. I stick to 300 calories each meal and 300 for snacks.
  14. Tisme

    how long did you have to wait for your op?

    I think all Doctors wait times are different, it depends on the amount of patients they have and how often they can get into an operating theater, Doctors are allocated an amount of time they can use a theater. I saw Mr Ahmed at Waikiki and from initial consult to surgery was 3 months.
  15. I don't have enough self control to say alright just one Tim Tam or just one spoon of ice cream, :lol: So I try to keep away from all naughty food.