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  1. kristy84

    September 2012.

    Hi Everyone So Xmas/New Years was terrible on the weight loss....put on 2kgs! BUT managed to drop it pretty quickly once I got back to work. I am off in an hour to my next fill (i think iv had about 4 or 5!) I dont even know what ml im at at the moment!! Havent been in since the start of December so well due for it now..... Weight loss hasnt really changed in the past two months and I shouldnt really complain because iv lost over 20kgs but hopefully after today's fill ill be able to say goodbye to at least a few more!! Hope everyone else is doing well x
  2. kristy84

    September 2012.

    Thanks TeeBee! Yeah lots of my weight has gone from my face.....I still think i would have preferred it to start on every other inch of me, but hey, I aint complaining!!! How are things with you?? xx
  3. kristy84

    September 2012.

    Just wanted to pop in and say hi! Glad to see everyone is doing so well I have been doing really great....I had my 4th fill on 7th November of .5ml which took me up to 6ml......6ml isnt right for me! couldnt keep ANYTHING down.....so went back and he took out 1ml and im due back soon to have another .5ml to get me back to where i seemed OK (5.5ml) Other than that little hiccup, life is great! Best decision i ever made.....
  4. kristy84

    Shoe sizes

    Iv gone from a size 10 to 9 and i am really excited to start buying new ones
  5. when something gets stuck for me I find sitting up straight and taking deep breaths helps it go through.... I have twice now had to go throw up because the breathing didnt work but only a little bit comes out and its usually if i have tried to "push" it through with water. you'll soon learn what u can and cant have.
  6. kristy84

    And so it begins.....

    I felt the same way as you...you will be suprised how easy it is!
  7. kristy84

    Just started Optifast...

    Hi Celeste...I am from Adelaide too I had my band done on the 5th September so im nearly 8 weeks! (time sure does fly) When I was doing Optifast (Dr Anderson) I was told I could either do 3 shakes a day or i could do 2 shakes and a piece of lean chicken or fish (grilled or steamed) and steamed Veg. Being able to have that made it alot easier. The thing that is hard is cutting out all sugar and if you have a coffee or tea, no milk. I drank white tea and water and had a couple of coke zeros. Dont beat yourself up if you slip up on the optifast stage...just try your best! Message me anytime if you have any questions at all....like you, i havent told friends....only close family and my partner so I come on here alot and read for advice!
  8. kristy84

    September 2012.

    i have my third fill next wednesday and he also booked me in two weeks later....i look forward to the restriction
  9. kristy84

    September 2012.

    Hey, after my first fill of 4ml I could eat anything!! And was fairly hungry....I had my second fill yesterday of 1ml and can barely eat a few spoons of food
  10. kristy84

    September 2012.

    Hi Everyone....So im back home and feeling a bit better after my "mini melt down" over the weekend about eating too much food. When I actually sat down and thought about it, I didnt really eat much crap, it was just that I was eating more food in general. Thankfully....I didnt put on any weight so thats the main thing!! Had my second fill today....so im now up to 5ml and he has made an appt for me in 2 weeks (if i need it) and another in 4 weeks. I feel restricted right now and funnily enough its a really good feeling! I have had half a cup of skim milk and i feel so full...I have really missed that feeling!!!! Hope everyone is doing well xx
  11. kristy84

    September 2012.

    Hi all :-) wanted to drop in just for a bit of support I suppose....I'm on holidays in the gold coast at the moment and have been eating way too much but I feel no restriction at all. I feel so bad inside but I have my second fill on Wednesday so I'm hoping that will get me back on track! Weight has stayed the same for the past three weeks :-(
  12. kristy84

    September 2012.

    Oh thanks so much Bex...I just had some runny scrambled eggs and feel a bit better. I know it will take some getting used to....im just so used to not feeling hungry lol
  13. kristy84

    September 2012.

    Hi Bex, Thanks for your response.....The only reason I am worried is because he told me to go back to liquids for 2 days and gradually back up to food after 4 days. I am having liquids but they arent even touching the sides and I still feel hungry. Do you think its safe to just go to mushies?
  14. kristy84

    August 2012 Bandits

    Hi Everyone....Im from the September bandits and wanted to pop over and ask a question as I was the first banded from my group so no one is really able to help me there....I had my first fill of 4ml yesterday and was ok yesterday afternoon...but late last night and this morning, I AM STARVING!!! is this meant to happen??
  15. kristy84

    September 2012.

    Ok...so I had my first fill yesterday and i was fine in the afternoon....BUT now im STARVING!!! is this meant to happen?