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  1. Ali2012

    *August 2014*

    Congrats to you all Im coming up to my two year bandiversary and its the best thing Ive ever done good luck to you all xxx
  2. Ali2012

    Weightloss and excess skin

    Happy birthday, excess skin all depends on your skin and amount of exercise your doing, im almost 43 and have lost 65kilo in 18 months and just had plastic surgery to feel better about myself, I had a tummy tuck and breast reduction and lift done by Dr Mark Moore all up $7500 for Mark Moore $1400 for anesthetic $155 for initial consultation, about $600 of blood bills after surgery and ill prob get about $2000 back in refunds, My arms and legs bounced back fine and don't need any surgery and I was back at work 10 days after surgery due to lots of exercise there was no need for any muscle reconstruction during surgery which makes the rehab time really fast, "in total I had 1.2 kilo of skin removed from Tummy and 1.4 kilo from breasts. So if you feel like its not bouncing back now i would suggest start saving because the plastic surgery was the third best thing I've ever done after having my son and my lap band Good luck and hope your 21st is amazing
  3. Ali2012

    Loose Skin- To go under the knife or not to?

    well im 12 days post op and feeling fab results are amazing once the bruising goes down ill post photos but Mark Moore is amazing and hos work is the best highly reccomend him i was up walking around 8 hours after surgery xxx woohooo I did it!!!!
  4. Ali2012

    Surgery in Adelaide

    Dr teague at Ashford hospital brilliant unsure about private health but sure they would phone 83269779
  5. Ali2012

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    Hi there it all went amazing its five days since the op breast reduction and tummy tuck and im all dressed up heading out to diner with friends Dr Mark Moore is amazing and i feel fab!!!
  6. Ali2012

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    I did it had my tummy tuck and breast reduction xxx
  7. Ali2012

    Tummy tuck Dr Mark Moore

    Hi i had similar skin to Nessa probably more my surgery went brilliant with no problems at all Mark Moore is wonderful and all the staff at calvary have been fabulous i highly recommend him ill post before and after.photos in the next week i was up walking around 10 hours after surgery best thing ive ever done other than my band xxx
  8. Ali2012

    Tummy tuck Dr Mark Moore

    Hi there I'm booked in with Mark Moore this Friday 16th May for Tummy tuck and breast reduction at Calvary and I'm only having the Horizontal cut he said i didn't need the Vertical all up $3500 for TT $4000 for Breasts so $7500 for Mark which includes the sucky in garment thingies then $1400 for anesthetist and i should get $1000 to $1500 back from medicare ill let you all know how I go
  9. Ali2012

    Loose Skin- To go under the knife or not to?

    I bit the bullet and visited Mark Moore, he was lovely and Im having Lipectomy (tummy tuck $3000) and breast reduction($4000) this Friday at Calvary Hospital Mark Moore is doing both at once for me and his out of pocket expense for me was $7500 then the anesthetist cost was $1400 i expect to get around $1500 back from medicare, Ill update you after surgery!!! Oh yeah and the gap for the consultation was $155
  10. Ali2012

    May 2014

    Hi there new and almost new bandits, just do your best I just wanted to share with u all, banding is the best thing i have ever done for myself in my entire life (almost 43 years) I was obese for most of my life and defiantly since i was about 12 years old my only regret was not getting banded sooner. Good uck to you all and good on you all for making this decision, just remember it is just a tool, i have found the best part of my new best friend(the band) is i never feel hunger any more and i now enjoy quality foods over quantity of food love hugs and fabulous results to you all Ali
  11. Still crying after watching Beth on the voice xxx beautiful xxx

  12. Ali2012

    The Voice 2014.

    Beautiful xxxx I now own shares in kleenex xxx
  13. Ali2012

    The Voice 2014.

    wow here she goes!!!!!
  14. Ali2012

    The Voice 2014.

    Shared in FB u go girl xxx