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  1. I have only told my partner my best friend and my nanna as i cant be botherd with the *easy way out* comments i just dont need that negativity around me when im changing my life so drastically people may ask what im doing and maybe ill tell them but until then i wont :) feel free to add me to Facebook any of you but please dont say anything on my wall :) its Brooke Bond the picture is of me and a friend i am also getting banded on the 24th of this month at Joondalup Kimbo where are you getting done ? we may end up in the waiting room together ?? im going through Dr Yong

  2. had my appointment this after noon wow thats alot to take in got my diet pre and 4 weeks post op !! not as bad as i thought scared im going to get hungry and binge tho :/ its hard because i want this to work so bad and i know i can make it work its just all these doubts clogging my mind !! :(

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  3. Thankyou both im nervouse as iv done so much research but still feel like im going into it blindfolded !! i hope my appointment today with the dieticion and anethasist will help clear it up for me a bit i think the biggest thing is not knowing what i can and cant eat not physically having a list you know :) x

  4. i will be starting optifast this friday 3 weeks before surgery as advised by Dr Yong he never mentioned anything about eating just shakes ?? i wonder if i can eat tho ? which ones are nicer ? im not a choclate person so was thinking vanilla ? are you allowed to add to it eg banana's berry's milo ??? i used to do Herbalife *waste of time* and i found it was nicer when i added stuff to it

  5. Hi everyone my names brooke im 21 years old have 2 children a 3year old girl and 1 year old boy im finnally getting my surgery done on the 24th of this month at joondalup hospital iv been on the wait list for 3 years now as im public patiant i cannot wait to get this next chapter of my life started iv been overweight now for roughly 5 years but scince having my 2nd child it spiralled beyond my control ! ii need to lose 60 kilos to be in a healthy weight range for my height *im 6ft* and im so excited and nervouse at the same time im hoping to make some new friends and share experiances through here as i dont really know anyone who has this done that i can turn to :) hope im welcome here and thankyou for taking the itme to read my short story :D once i feel more comfortable ill reveal my weight and goal but not just yet :) :)

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