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  1. Jazzyjane

    October 2012 bandits

    Up your calories for a couple of days Krees - shock your body into loss. If you eat more but with healthy foods for a couple of days then go back to what you have been doing, it might be enough to kick start things again.
  2. Jazzyjane

    October 2012 bandits

    Becks, was I talking to you on a post today about friends not noticing our weight loss on the other page?
  3. Jazzyjane

    October 2012 bandits

    Hi everyone My weight loss has all but stopped at the moment too, but I've had major issues with eating. I had an additional 0.5mls put in on Friday 12/07, and was so restricted that I could barely keep water down, and when I did, it was giving me terrible heart burn. I went back to my surgeon 5 days later and had 1.5mls out. Not being able to eat at all gave me a big wakeup call about how I was eating. I want to be able to eat healthy foods, but at my level of fill - even from 6.5mls, I couldn't. I was seriously restricted. I argued with my surgeon who didn't want to take out as much as I asked for and we settled on 1.5. He told me that in the coming days I'd probably regain most, if not all of the 4kg I'd lost in the 5 days since I'd seen him. So far, that's pretty true, although I'm still about 1kg down. Really, really hoping to keep it that way but not holding my breath. I am actually feeling more 'full' than I ever have since my surgery and I want to try to eat in a more healthy way. I'm hoping to stay true to this and not fall back into old habits. I'm going to give myself to my next appt (now just under 5 weeks away) to even things out and see where I'm at then before I make any decisions about whether to have fill put back in. My general conclusion is that being so full you can barely eat anything but soup is just not worth it! It's all well and good to lose the weight, but what happens when you get to goal? I'd be so scared that I'd fall back into old habits and just regain.
  4. Jazzyjane

    October 2012 bandits

    Hi Daisy Your fill level increases slowly as you go along, but in my experience, the first fill is usually around 3mls. Some surgeons put some fill in when they put in the lapband and they'll let you know afterwards. You usually don't really notice a lot of 'restriction' in terms of what you are eating straight away. I did notice that I didn't have the desire to eat after surgery, but that soon disappeared as I healed. The key is always to chew, chew, chew, and when you think you've chewed enough, chew a heap more! And take about 60 seconds between finishing the last bite and taking your next. An entree sized meal is your key. Good luck!
  5. Jazzyjane

    October 2012 bandits

    Thanks for sharing Matildarose! Glad it's all sorted now and hope you don't have to go through that again!! Just a PS for everyone to think about. I'm struggling with milk drinks and a few fellow bandits have the same difficulty. I had one the other morning at work - a caramel milkshake that I have as a treat every now and again. I took very small sips but felt it sitting low down in my throat. I had to bring it all up and it came up in lumps. Tried again, as I thought it may have been the tablets I took first thing, still stuck but no, each time I tried, the milk would curdle in my throat. I couldn't consume anything, not even water, till I brought up all of the curdled lumps. Sorry if it's too much info but I figure sharing is a good thing. Someone else may find themselves in the same position and remember that I had gone through it so it's not unusual.
  6. Jazzyjane

    "pre wedding shoot" photos, help me decide!!

    I was running with pic no 6 - with neither of you looking at the camera, but then I saw pic 8. It would be one of those two if I had to chose.
  7. Jazzyjane

    October 2012 bandits

    Hi everyone I had a fill almost two weeks ago, and I think it's finally dawned on me that I need to reduce my portion sizes again. I have been using small bowls and side plates to ensure that I don't eat too much, but the quantity needs to be reduced. I'm struggling with the concept of not eating everything on my plate so reducing my portion is the only option. I'm tired of the 'over full' feeling of having food sitting at the top of my throat. How's everyone else going?
  8. Jazzyjane

    October 2012 bandits

    Just an aside, has anyone had their iron and vitamin D levels checked? Someone on the other page mentioned low levels being common to bandits so she went to her GP to get it checked. GP laughed at her then results showed her vitamin D was really low. Just lost the bulk of my post - far out! I do find that immediately after a fill, my weight loss seems to be better, then it seems to plateau. Maybe it's my body getting 'used' to the weight loss perhaps? I think maybe I need to have more regular fills. Couldn't be helped last time with me being sick, but hopefully getting back on track now!
  9. Jazzyjane

    October 2012 bandits

    Great sounding holiday Julesy! Hope you have a fabulous time! Look forward to hearing all about it. x
  10. Jazzyjane

    October 2012 bandits

    I went back on Friday for another weigh in and fill. It's been about 10 weeks as I had the flu really badly when my last appointment was scheduled and I cancelled. I've lost about 1.5kg by his books and as I said, I'd be happy with that in 5 weeks, not so happy with that in 10 weeks. It's been very up and down on the scales, and I know the last few weeks have been more up than down. Can't really pinpoint why but I'm so bloody hungry! Fill up quickly then hungry again quickly too. So he put in another 0.5ml, and strangely enough, my body is tolerating it really well. After my last fill taking a full 2 weeks to settle I expected this to be a really tricky one but it's been fine right from the outset. I'm still hungry though, but finding that I can probably eat more things than at a lower level of fill. Strange isn't it! I think the key for me maybe is that I'm not eating enough throughout the day, so I'm then hungry at night time and can't stop eating! I'm honestly wondering if I'll ever get to that illusive 'green zone'!!
  11. Jazzyjane

    First Fill and nervous

    Totally agree with what the others have said - hard not to stress, but you'll find it wasn't worth stressing about. The bandaid mark is worse than the needle for me!
  12. Jazzyjane

    Too much fill?????

    My last fill was a full 1.0ml to take me up to 6.0ml so I'm nowhere near where you are - I also have a 10-12ml band (bio-ring). I really struggled with that fill. It took a full two weeks to settle. My surgeon is only available once a fortnight, or I have to drive 2.5 hours to see him, so I made an appointment after a week of struggling to have some out. That was the day it settled. I still went to the appt and discussed it with him - only 0.1ml fills from here on.
  13. Jazzyjane


    I've had a couple of weeks of things being okay apart from little instances, and then today after the day beginning with -2degrees, I can hardly eat a thing. Managed some yoghurt for brekky and just now at almost 2pm tried some mushy mince and veg for lunch and barely managed to get half of it down. Now I'm feeling super uncomfortable. I think the only thing we can rely on with our bands is that every day can and most likely will be different!
  14. Jazzyjane

    In big trouble - getting bigger!

    I was the same. The honest truth, though, is that your eating won't be restricted in the way you imagine after banding. I thought I'd immediately not be able to eat the bad things, and those people that told me they could still eat chips, chocolate and stuff - well what did they know? Of course they weren't being honest with themselves or their banding experience! Unfortunately, though, the only thing that can stop you eating tim tams is you! Your band is a tool and it will help but you will still be able to eat some of those things. I know I gained weight before I was banded. I had so many binges it wasn't funny, concluding the night before my op. Went out for dinner, and had a very indulgent meal then went back to my hotel and ate chips and chocolate. Have faith, we are all very similar in that regard and don't beat yourself up about it!
  15. Jazzyjane


    I currently have 6.0ml in a band that will take around 10-12ml. My last fill was 1.0ml and boy, did I feel it! My surgeon visits my town once a fortnight, and I made an appt to have some out, but it settled that very day! I'm glad I went in to talk to him though - from his perspective, he needs to know how I'm feeling and we've decided that fills will now only be in 0.1ml increments. What you are describing sounds more like regurgitation to me, rather than vomiting. I get it a reasonable amount now but I've concluded that it's my sign that I'm doing the wrong thing - either eating too fast or eating something that disagrees with my band, or consuming past that 'full' point. Despite having the band, I still dish up too much food and really, really want to finish it when it's something yummy. It's been hard to learn to recognise that point where I'm beginning to get uncomfortable and really should stop eating. I still (at 7 mths banded) eat beyond it and then end up in the loo regurgitating the food that won't go down. Talk with your surgeon. Stress can change the way our band acts, also the weather. I've noticed a distinct change in my band and what I can (or rather can't) eat with the cool change in our Tassie weather of late, and on our Tassie Bandits page, many people are saying the same thing. It's a long, hard journey. Hope some of this is of help to you.