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  1. Beckstimetoshine

    Looking for some info

    I am under Dr Pat , I see him for fills in Launceston. I travel from north west as well he only operates in Hobart and I was out of pocket clost to $5000 and I also had top cover 1/2 this was for the anethasist and Dr Pat has an up from fee of $1500 I think it was and u get $800 back from Medicare & PHI. Fills I'm about $ 80 out of pocket plus travel. I only had 1 night in hospital so hubby stayed at a cheap motel and was discharged and home the next day . Hope this helps
  2. Beckstimetoshine

    PHI not covering band anymore

    I'm with HCF I called them-toady after July I'm no longer covered with my current level of insurance, I have to upgrade yo top cover $105 month for single cover , I'm still happy to pay this amount as the surgeon I'm under does not operate in a public hospital so I need to be sure I have cover for my band . I am currently pay $75 for basic hospital , I don't have extras as I never seam to use them
  3. Beckstimetoshine

    What did you get for Christmas?

    I'm on night shift till Friday morning, seeing the look on my residents faces when u tell them it's almost christmas is priceless , a lot of them aim to have just 1more Christmas . I miss out on lunch with my family but it's a small price to pay.
  4. Beckstimetoshine

    band? sleeve? patient form info

    I'm banded and one of the lucky ones that can eat anything except bread, I think it comes down to personal choice and what will best suit your best.
  5. Beckstimetoshine

    Join me!!

    I'd love to join too , I need to focus on my portion sizes and snacking , I'm never hungry when I snack I just do it . My goal for Christmas is 95kg so I'm need a loss of around 7.9 kg My plan is too ...... Exercise every day Controls picking/ no snacking Watch my portion sizes I look forward to reporting back daily to help keep me honest and accountable
  6. Beckstimetoshine


    I suffer form nausea a bit, my dr has given e maxalon , I just take it when I get that yucky nausea feeling and it settles it right down. I get it more after Iv had a fill than when I eat or drink .
  7. Beckstimetoshine

    Multi Vitamins

    I take mini multi vitamins made by natures own
  8. My drs fee also went up and rebate went down , I pay $150 for a fill and now only get $83 back , thanks to Medicare changing the rebate amount I used to get $119 back out of $126 any way I just pay it and be done with it:)
  9. Beckstimetoshine


    I am with HCF top hospital cover, I was only out of pocket for the anesethiseat and surgeon I think for memory it was around the $3,500 mark! Well worth it as far as I'm concerned Goodluck
  10. Beckstimetoshine

    Vitamin B

    Thanks Claire , I'm going to get the nurse at work to give me my first injection tonight , I am a shift worker who has the worlds crappiest roster lol 1 week nights, 1week day and afternoon so I'm hoping it will give me a bit a boost. I might try mince it's not something we eat a lot of. Home made rissoles tomorrow night now
  11. Beckstimetoshine

    Vitamin B

    I'm just wondering if many other bandits are lacking victim B ? I'm very low and need to have 3 injunctions over the next 3 months the another blood test. I no longer eat a lot of meat mainly fish or chicken. Any ideas how to top it naturally .
  12. Beckstimetoshine

    Aged Care and Medical information necklaces

    My surgeon gave me a card that sates I have a band and the capacity of the band, oh and that I can only eat small amounts, it also has his contact number in case of an medical emergency . Iv never thought to use to try and use it at a restaurant lol
  13. Beckstimetoshine

    Sore butt

    My hips hurt lol after being in bed , I now find I have to sleep on my back as iv got hip bones that sick out .
  14. Beckstimetoshine

    October 2012 bandits

    Good point Jazzy , I have 6.8 mil in my 10 mil band and I can still eat most things I avoid bread and red meats or any food that iv read u will more than likely pb on. I think we have the same surgeon and man he is hard to get in to, I had to cancel my appoiment Friday and am unable to get another appoiment till the 23rd of August, saying that I don't weigh my self at home so like to go to the drs every month to be weighed. I too worry about the maintence phase and am thinking while I'm losing a small amount each month i don't think I'll add any fill. I'm edging closer to double didgets and hope to under that when I see Tony next moth. Good luck with the healthy eating its bloody hard road we are traveling .
  15. Beckstimetoshine

    September 2012.

    Hello September Just dropped in to say hello , I'm travelling along great I love my band its work fantastically a bit slower than what I thought but overall it's been fantastic. My BMI has gone form 43.4 to 35.4 Iv lost 24.5kg (dr scales) and have 6.6 ml in my band. I go to my DR every 4 weeks to help keep me on track, Iv only had 2 PB's since banding so I'm going along ok. My biggest weakness is chocolate and chips I really struggle to give them up, I have good days and bad. I have however given up KFC & McDonald's , my new love is a subway wrap but I don't get very much filling as I can't eat it all. I don't miss the crap one but and my family are loving the new me. My children tell me all the time u look nice today mum lol it's a lovely feeling. Hubby is my best friend and biggest supporter he did not want me to have a band but supported my decision he know sees why I needed it and is my rock. My family however are very non supportive of my band and don't give me any encouragement but that's ok I'm now the skinny sister /daughter :-) How is everyone going with support of friends and family ? One last question do any of u use a fitness app to track walks? I'm started using Lorna Jane Fitness app and loving it. I also use my fitness pal to track my food some days . Anyway I'm sure Iv board you all enough but would love to hear how every one else is finding their band